The Brave and The Bold Preview: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

DC HeroClix The Brave and The Bold previews continue with a duo you don’t want to run into on a dark Gotham City night: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy!

After Dr. Harleen Quinzel fled Arkham Asylum, she was found by Poison Ivy, who recognized her as a former doctor there and was intent on killing her. But Harley’s sad tale of her unrequited love for the Joker moved Poison Ivy, and she instead injected Harley with her Toxin Immunity Serum, so her presence wouldn’t poison Harley.Still best friends, and now roommates, Ivy tries to keep Harley out of trouble and away from the Joker, but is always ready to come to her rescue no matter what scrape she’s gotten herself into.

DC HeroClix The Brave and The Bold hits comic and hobby shops nationwide on April 14, 2010! Featuring 55 new figures, including the best team-ups from DC Comics, all-new Alter-Egos and powers that will revolutionize your HeroClix games, DC HeroClix The Brave and The Bold is a must-collect for all DC HeroClix fans. Keep checking back at for more previews!

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