Seeking Redemption….

Here is a quick update on the redemption system.  I am going to delay the go-live of the redemption system until I have a chance to a walk through with our fulfillment partners at Alliance games.  Ordinarily, I’d roll the dice and kick the system live but on something as important as redemption, I would prefer to make sure all the stakeholders are comfortable with the system.  A small issue can quickly turn into a large issue when 2000 redemption hit the system at once.

I will confirm the go-live time tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience.

While I have you, I thought I would share a little about the redemption process.

1:  Redeemers using Paypal will need to create a account.  Yes that’s right!  We’re starting to plan out functionality for the system and getting you contact information is important.

It’s doubly important that we have an accurate email as we will use the email address to activate your user account.

Your mailing address will be pulled from your Paypal account.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT HAS THE CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS

2:  Redeemers using a non-Paypal method to pay Shipping and Handling will NOT be required to create a account.  However, I would urge you to create an account regardless.  Periodically, we contact you via email for special announcements (of course we’ll ask for your permission before we do so).

Talk to you tomorrow.


By Lee

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