Redemption Update 09/13/10

We’re in the process of switching to our backup mailer. The following fix is about to go out:

If you signed up for an account but received no email: You should be receiving a confirmation email shortly that your account has been created, but not yet activated. If you forgot your password, use the link at the top of the Wizkids website to reset it.

If you paid for a Redemption via paypal but did not receive an email: A copy of your pre-filled form should be sent to you shortly as a pdf via email.

For both of the above, you might receive our emails in your spam folder. This can be fixed by adding the sender to your contacts.

If you were previously unable to reset your password, you should now be able to do so.

Again we apologize for the inconvenience, and would like to emphasize that a Wizkids account is not required for normal redemption methods (other than paypal).

The normal redemption form can be downloaded freely at

Manual Paypal Payments

You also have the option of downloading the “non-Paypal” form and initiating paypal payment  of $6.99 for US or $8.99 for International orders from your account.  All you need to do is include you Paypal receipt, the redemption form,  your store receipt and 10 UPCs from the boosters in your mailing to Alliance games.

You can send your Paypal payment to:

By Lee

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