Web of the Spider-Man redemption going live today!

Within a couple of hours, we will activate the redemption page for Web of the Spider-Man.  The process is somewhat different than previous online redemptions so I thought I would walk you through it.  Before I get into details, here are a couple of reminders.

DO NOT SEND YOUR FORMS TO THE NECA OFFICE: Please follow the instructions on the redemption form

PLEASE INCLUDE PAYMENT (OR YOUR PAYPAL RECEIPT): You can use personal check, money order, cheques or Paypal

PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR PROOF OF PURCHASE & RECEIPT: 10 Web of Spider-Man UPCs & a receipt are required, don’t forget!

PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY: If we can’t read your information, we can’t send you stuff!

Here is a brief overview of the process

1:  Create a WK account

2:  Activate the account

3:  Select how you will pay for redemption (Paypal or non-Paypal)

4:  Follow the instructions for each respective method

5:  Mail in your forms and proofs of purchase & proof of payment if using Paypal

6:  Hang tight for a couple of weeks

7:  Enjoy your Brick Figure!

NOTE:  The address we will ship your redemption figure to is pulled from your address on file with PayPal.  Be sure to update your address

You can find the redemption page HERE

Here are some screen shots with call outs

1:  Start by creating a WizKids account – Click Create Account (upper right corner)

2:  Fill in all the relevant information
3:  Once you submit your information, you should get an email within a few minutes.
4:  Check your email and activate your acoount, then login and click Redemptions
5:  Once you click Redemption, you will be taken to your payment options screen.  Select the method you will use for the S&H fees
6:  Pick you payment option and follow the instructions
Non-Paypal redeemers:  Download the form and redeem as usual.
Paypal redeemers:  Select your country, Log into your Paypal account, make payment and then check your email.
You should get 2 emails sent to you within a few minutes
Email 1:  A Paypal receipt from Paypal
Email 2:  A pre-filled redemption form from WizKids
NOTE:  If you don’t get your emails within a few minutes, please check you spam folder.

Print both emails and follow the instructions on the redemption form.

By Lee

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