Normal Distribution – GenCon Update!

I’m the kind of guy who likes a plan. I think I’ve been trying to make GenCon related plans for 4 or 5 months at this point. It always seems to be so far away until BAM it’s “oh-my-god less than 2 weeks to go!” A few days ago I posted the finalized Player’s Guide. Every time I post one of those, in the back of my mind there is the nagging feeling that whatever updates need to happen for the next release are already on the horizon. Nothing is ever final. But the one posted last week, because of the proximity to a major event really needs to be a stake in the ground that doesn’t move so that players can be ready for the big game.

The good news is that the Player’s Guide posted in Tuesday’s article is fine. Nothing has changed. Now, the images that got posted for the ATAs, I have to admit that I used the wrong version. The truth is that during the editing phases, I looked at a lot of different copies and when the time came to post the directory I picked from was simply the wrong one. I am truly sorry for the error and the correct images are below (click on the thumbnails for a larger view of the card).

Also in the category of “things I neglected” was in the list of tournaments. Thursday morning at GenCon, players will also be able to play in our 300 point Golden Age constructed event. I feel really badly about leaving this event out. When we first discussed changing the concept of “retirement” from Restricted/Unrestricted to “Golden/Modern” I personally loved the concept because of how it subtly changes the attitude the company has towards those older figures. They are no longer relegated to the back of the closet to be used on the rare days when a venue decides to hold an unrestricted event. Instead, Golden Age events are just as much a part of the HeroClix tournament. So bring your best 300 point team using any characters, ATAs, feats, battlefield conditions, objects, and/or bystanders you’ve got. The prizes for this event (which I wouldn’t have been able to announce last week because it was just a plan then) are going to sweep across a variety of time periods of HeroClix!

The other event running on Thursday is the Web of Spider-Man pre-release event. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you pre-register for this event at There are 128 seats for this event and the last time I checked, less than 50 of those seats remain. If you’re thinking that you’ll just participate in the Web of Spider-Man Team Up event on Saturday, that event is already sold out, so think again. And when we say that the seats are limited, that’s exactly what it means. After #128 is seated, #129 will be told that we’re really sorry, but that’s the cap. Priority will obviously go to folks with a ticket for the event. Generic tickets will be accepted but only after we’ve made sure that folks who pre-registered have been accounted for.

I’ve also been passed a notice that besides the tournaments, WizKids will have a booth at the show as well. I’ve heard rumors of this booth, but to be honest, it’s been quite a few years since I’ve had the opportunity to work at it. The booth will be one of your first opportunities to see some of the upcoming games that WizKids has coming up and some of them will have demos as well. An important thing to note regarding the items being sold at the booth is that payments must be in cash. When this has happened in the past, folks have asked us why we couldn’t give a little warning, so we are trying to make sure the message is out there. As for what your hard earned dollars will be going towards, you’ll be able to purchase any of the following (while supplies last, natch):

  • Dr. Manhattan
  • Blackest Night Starters
  • The Brave and the Bold boosters
  • Hammer of Thor boosters
  • Iron Man Classics (3-pack and 6-pack)
  • Gremlins
  • Freddy vs. Jason
  • The Hunger Games

Hope to see you at the show!!

By Lee

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