Houston. We are go for launch.

Lots of news coming your way over the next few weeks.  I’ll start off with the the top of mind stuff….

DC 75th Release – I am happy to report that DC 75th will be in stores 12/15.  The last container made it to Chicago and is filling the channel as we speak. Enjoy the previews and let us know what you think about the set.

DC 75th Redemption – We will turn on redemption for the set in mid January.  I want to make  sure those who are getting HeroClix DC 75th as a gift will have an equal shot at the brick figure.

DC 75th is moving quick – We’ll be making an announcement in the coming days.  Make sure your venue owner speaks with the Diamond/Alliance sales rep early and often.

Product Replacement – The factory just finished production on the replacement figures.  They are being shipped from China shortly and I will post details on how to request replacements once they are in the warehouses.  I appreciate the patience, this issue has dragged on longer than I find acceptable.  Sorry again.

Beta Invites – The first wave of invites went out today.  Good response rate so far – if we need more players to fill our quota I may send out another small set of emails in a few weeks.  Please check your email and junk mail folders.  Please do not send me status requests.  If you signed up for Beta duties, I have your information.  We will contact you please don’t contact us.  There are several waves of testing, even if you didn’t make the cut this time, you might make it next time.  Thanks in advance for volunteering.

New HeroClix Base Design (the Oreo Base) – A few months ago I shared some photos of a new base design we were considering.  The design was based (no pun intended) on the Mage Knight Champions base.  Well, the prototypes have arrived and we’re gathering opinions.  I am going to see if I can get a few of these bases into your hands.  Check your snail mailboxes over the coming weeks!

That’s it for now.


By Lee

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