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EpicCon 2011

EpicCon: Philadelphia  is less than two weeks away and excitement here  at WizKids Tournament HQ is growing. Army Sheets are being printed, palettes of product are getting ready to be shipped, hotel reservations are being made, and so on. For more information on the convention itself, click here

Players will have lots of opportunities to win some of the convention exclusives at this event. Each four-player Battle Royal will award an exclusive to the winner. In addition, each grinder will be award an exclusive to both the winner and the runner up. Grinders will be run in both the sealed format (2-boosters of Captain America) and the constructed format (300 point Modern Age). Grinder winners also qualify to play in Sunday’s Main Event. While attendance at EpicCon is free, the events are not:

Battle Royal$12.00
Grinder (Sealed)$25.00
Grinder (Constructed)$15.00
Sunday’s Main Event$25.00


Sunday’s Main Event is an interesting format as the 2-booster sealed portion (with shiny new Superman boosters) will run for a few rounds until a “Top 8” can be identified. The Top 8 will have all undefeated people and players with one loss that have the highest number of victory points. These Top 8 will switch to their Modern Age 300 point constructed teams for a single elimination event to identify the EpicCon Champion. This winner gets to go home with an armful of prizes including a Captain America Factory Set and a complete set of the convention LEs (that’s all 3 Horsemen, Moonstone, and Wonder Woman)!

In addition to all of this, on Saturday afternoon, HeroClix players have another opportunity to win a ton of prizes but they can help save a life at the same time! The 2011 World Champin, Daniel Joynes, has put his prizes from GenCon 2011 up to benefit DKMS Americas. This organization helps find bone marrow donors for leukemia patients. This event will kick off at 5:00 PM on Saturday, but as seats are limited, you will want to contact Daniel about signing up. For details on this event, click here.

So the countdown has started, the prizes are piling up, are you ready to CLIX?