Marvel HeroClix 10th Anniversary Preview

Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary – The Hulk!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

This August fans everywhere will be celebrating 10 years of Marvel HeroClix with (the aptly named) Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary set.  Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary is a standalone set of 24 ALL-NEW, unique sculpts and dial designs for 12 fan-favorite Marvel Comics’ characters.  Each character has early- and modern versions that are connected via a special Battlefield Promotion game mechanic.  This special Battlefield Promotion ability allows the early appearance version of the character to transform into its more modern era counterpart.

We begin our series of previews for the Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary set by shining the spotlight on a character whose appearances in HeroClix have been both popular and controversial.  Please welcome the stronger, angrier side of Bruce Banner, the Hulk!


This version of Hulk is an homage to his first appearance in Marvel Comics’ The Incredible Hulk.  He begins play with a trait … but we’ll get to that soon enough.

Hulk clocks in at 87 points and has the Avengers team ability and keyword.  He also has the Brute, Monster, and Scientist keywords.  Hulk’s opening click essentially represents his Banner persona fleeing from authorities.  Stealth shows that Hulk is living a life on the run while Outwit stands in for Banner’s brilliant scientific mind.  Once Hulk is off his first click, he switches from Outwit and gains Battle Fury and Super Strength for the remainder of his dial.

Starting on his second click, Hulk gains Toughness for damage reduction.  Mid-dial, as Hulk gets angrier he becomes more difficult to damage so he switches from Toughness to InvulnerabilityToughness returns on the back half of his dial for three clicks before Regeneration appears on his last click.  If Hulk is able to make his Regeneration roll, the healing will help him stay in the game longer – and the longer Hulk stays in the game, the better his chances are of upgrading via his Battlefield Promotion trait!

Like other characters in the Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary set, Hulk has a Battlefield Promotion trait which allows him to transform into a Modern Age counterpart.  Hulk’s Battlefield Promotion trait is ominously (and appropriately) titled “Worldbreaker”;

“When Hulk hits one or more opposing characters, a Promotion Token may be placed on his character card after actions resolve.  You may also roll a d6 and add one to the result for each Promotion Token on the character card.  If the result of the roll is 8 or higher, Hulk may be replaced with #013 Worldbreaker a number of clicks from the blue starting line equal to the number of clicks Hulk is from his starting line. However, if the Battlefield Promotion roll is a 6 and Hulk has six or more Promotion Tokens on his card, he can be replaced on the same click number.”

At one point in Hulks adventures he was banished from Earth by a group of heroes and landed on the planet Sakaar.  Hulk eventually returned to Earth as Worldbreaker, who makes his long-awaited debut in HeroClix!

Worldbreaker can be played at 350, 250, and 150 points.  At 250 points, his starting line is on click four.  At 150 points, his dial begins on click seven.  Regardless of his point level, Worldbreaker has the Improved Movement combat ability (more on this next week!), titled Nothing Will Stop Me, which allows him to ignore and destroy blocking terrain as he moves through it!  Worldbreaker also has a trait, He’s Never Been This Angry…, which allows him to use Super StrengthHe’s Never Been This Angry… also deals one penetrating damage after actions resolve to a character that Worldbreaker hits with an attack while using an object!

In the first two clicks of his movement slot Worldbreaker has a special power, … Everything He Sees Makes Him Angrier, which allows him to use Charge and Plasticity.  In addition, Worldbreaker may be placed adjacent to his attacker after actions resolve if he is hit by a ranged combat attack!  Regular uses of Charge and Plasticity are also scattered throughout Worldbreaker’s dial.

Worldbreaker has another special power available to him that represents his hatred for his alter ego, Bruce Banner!  In his attack slots, Worldbreaker alternates between Quake and this special power, You Think You’re Smart Like Banner!  Whenever Worldbreaker is targeted by an opponent’s use of Outwit or Perplex, You Think You’re Smart Like Banner! allows you to roll a d6.  The die roll cannot be rerolled, but on a result of 4-6 Worldbreaker ignores the opponent’s use of Outwit or Perplex!

At each of his point levels, Worldbreaker starts defensively with Impervious to show that he’s the strongest there is.  He also has the Indomitable combat ability, which allows him to use Willpower.  When Worldbreaker begins play at his highest point level, he starts with a four-click run of Impervious.  He then switches to Invulnerability and  Worldbreaker then alternates between two clicks of Impervious and two clicks of Invulnerability before he switches defensively toward the end of his dial to Toughness.  On Worldbreaker’s last click he gains Regeneration to represent his ability to survive.

Worldbreaker possesses the Giant combat symbol, which grants him the use of the Giant Reach and Great Size combat abilities.  Worldbreaker begins his dial with four clicks of Battle Fury to represent his incredible rage, and then switches to Exploit Weakness on his fifth click to show that he is stronger than any armor.  The back half of Worldbreaker’s dial features a return to Battle Fury for two clicks and a final two clicks of Exploit Weakness.

Worldbreaker’s keywords (Brute, Ruler, Warbound, and Warrior) offer options for team building but he’s also a Unique so only one can be used on your force!  His high attack, defense, and damage stats also make Worldbreaker an appealing option for many forces!

That’s all we have for today!  Join us next time when we explore more secrets from the Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary set!  Until then, keep your Clix off their KOs!