Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-Men Preview SwitchClix Team Bases

Marvel HeroClix Wolverine & the X-Men: X-Men Blue Strike Force!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we offer another preview from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-Men setIn this set, the exiting new SwitchClix and Team Dial mechanics make their way into Marvel HeroClix sets.  What better team base to start with than Wolverine’s own team, X-Men: Blue Strike Force! 

Before we check out the X-Men: Blue Strike Force, a brief review of what a Team Base is.   Team Bases are available as either a 2×4 base or a 2×2 base, and will come with 1 or 2 bases to get you started, with the rest of the team packed in regular 5-figure boosters.   The team dials bases have an Asset Dial that grants additional, bonus abilities to your team base, and all Team Dials have the new Team combat icon in the attack slot.   The team member figures will all be SwitchClix, allowing them to be removed from their standard Clix dial and attached to the Team Dial.

Blue Force

As before, when constructing a force with a team base, you pay the point level of the of the dial you wish to use, and add 5 points per figure you wish to add, with a minimum of 3 figures (unless the Team Dial says otherwise).  Each chosen team member must have an asset ability listed on their character card that matches an icon on the Asset Dial, and will begin the game attached to the base.  Also keep in mind, if you choose to build a force with a SwitchClix figure that could be a team member, and choose to not include it in the Team dial point cost, it can’t be attached during the game.  And remember, Teams and team members can’t be assigned resources, can’t roll to pick up relics, or become the pilot of a vehicle, unless a game effect says otherwise.

The Team combat icon Team Combat Icon  grants five abilities, none of which can be countered, even if this Team Dial gains Earthbound/ Neutralized.  Working Together allows the Team Dial to be given a power action to be granted one free action for every 100 points of the build total.  Using these free actions, you may give up to 1 move action, up to 1 power action, up to 1 close combat action, and up to 1 range combat action, with any number of these free actions being used to make either a close or ranged combat attack.  Practiced Maneuvers allows the Team Dial to use Improved Movement: Elevated and Characters, as well as occupy squares of different elevation.

Blue Solo

Solo Adventure allows the Team Dial to be given a power action to remove a team member, attach it to its SwitchClix dial, and place it adjacent to the Team Dial.  As long as the point value of members off the base is less than the point cost of the base, and the minimum number of members remains on the base, you can remove more.  A Team Reunited allows you to give a power action to the Team Dial to reattach an adjacent, previously removed team member.  And last is Team Coordination, allowing you to count individual team members, instead of the Team Dial, for theme team purposes.  Additionally, at the beginning of the game, you can elect to use Themed Team Probability Control as normal, or, the Team Dial can use Probability Control.

And now, without further ado, we present the X-Men: Blue Strike Force Team dial! (click on picture to enlarge)


Firstly, you’ll notice that the X-Men: Blue Strike Force can be played at three different point costs, 565, 265, or 165, working out to even amounts of 600, 300 and 200 points with all seven team members attached.   This Team Dial has two traits, the first is called More a Family Than a Team.  This trait allows X-Men: Blue Strike Force to be given a power action to modify the attack value of any friendly figures with the X-Men keyword by +1 when attacking a figure without the X-Men keyword.   The second trait is called X-Cutioner’s Song, and it allows you to give X-Men: Blue Strike Force a free action to remove a figure from the base and the game; unless your next attack roll is a critical miss, it becomes an 11 instead!

Blue Combat Dial

At the beginning of its dial, at the 565 point starting line, X-Men: Blue Strike Force begins with some move and attack in the form of Running Shot.  Making sure range combat attacks damage is as painful as possible is a good stretch of Penetrating/Psychic Blast. A 9 range with two targets will give some solid damage potential.   And to help make sure your attacks don’t miss, and your opponents do, is an opening run Probability Control.  The Indomitable combat ability will allow X-Men: Blue Strike Force to act next turn with no fear of pushing damage.   And if your opponent does hit X-Men: Blue Strike Force, damage will be halved due to a run of Invincible. 

On its fourth click, X-Men: Blue Strike Force gains an attack special that will pop up from time to time based on the famed “Fastball Special,” Non-Petey Cannonball.  This special power allows you to switch up your Solo Adventure a bit.  When you remove Wolverine from the team base, you may place him in a non adjacent square within 8 squares and line of fire, and give Wolverine one additional free action this turn.  Also showing up on this click is the start of a run of Invulnerability, leading into the next section of his dial.

Click number 5 is the starting point for X-Men: Blue Strike Force’s 265 point starting line.  A bit of move and attack, or attack and cover, can be gained from a run of Sidestep.  Invulnerability will give way to a run of Invincible, and Probability Control again is on the dial for a couple of clicks.  After this area couple more clicks of Non-Petey Cannonball. 

On click number 9 is the last starting line, at 165 points, for X-Men: Blue Strike Force.  A run of Charge is backed up by the last click of Invincible on the dial, before returning to Invulnerability.  A little deeper into this section of the dial is some Close Combat Expert to allow the X-Men: Blue Strike Force to deliver some more punch.  The next area of the dial has Stealth to let them hide in a large patch of hindering terrain.  And back at this point is the longest stretch of the Non-Petey Cannonball special power.  The last section of the dial again allows X-Men: Blue Strike Force to use Charge to move and attack an opposing figure.  This time, you may attempt to do more than the printed damage with Blades/Claws/Fangs.  Another new to the dial power is also here, as Super Senses will let you try to avoid attacks altogether.

X-Men: Blue Strike Force is a unique dial figure.  Like any good figure with “X-Men” in the name, it has the X-Men team ability, allowing it to be healed or heal an adjacent friendly figure with this team ability of one click of damage, and the X-Men keyword to be used in theme team force building.

Before we look at the Asset Dial on the X-Men: Blue Strike Force, let’s take a refresher look at what it does for a Team Dial.

The Asset Dial begins play on its green starting line.  The opening will show one of three things, or a combination of the three.  These things are, an asset icon matching a team member, as shown on their character card, the Team combat icon, or an “I” for a special power.  When an asset icon is showing, if the tem member is attached, that ability can be used, likewise, if the special power is showing, it can be used.  When the Team combat ability icon is showing, you can use the ability of any one attached member.   Any of these abilities may be countered as if they were a combat ability.  At the end of your turn you may choose to roll a d6 and click the Asset dial that many times to the left, unless the Team combat icon is showing.  Then this die roll is mandatory.

Blue Asset Dial

So what do the individual members of the X-Men: Blue Strike Force bring to the asset dial?  Beast allows X-Men: Blue Strike Force to use Combat Reflexes.  When Cyclops is showing and attached, X-Men: Blue Strike Force can use both Precision Strike and the Sharpshooter combat ability.   Gambit brings the ability to give X-Men: Blue Strike Force a power action to remove an object from a square it occupies or is adjacent to, to give them a range combat action as a free action.   Jubilee allows X-Men: Blue Strike Force to modify its defense by+1 against range attacks, while Psylocke brings Mind Control to your force.  And finally, Rogue and Wolverine bring their individual abilities to heal with Steal Energy and Regeneration, respectively.

The “I” special power icon for X-Men: Blue Strike Force is called The X-Men Have Faced Losses Before.  This power says that when a team member that began the game attached to this team baseis KO’d by an opponent’s attack, you may roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled.  On a result of 5 or 6, take an extra turn after this one.

That is all we have for today.  Be sure to check back in on Wednesday and Friday as we preview all the team members from X-Men: Blue Strike Force.

2013 Convention Exclusive Preview

HeroClix on the Road 2013: Old Man Logan!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For our fourth HeroClix prize preview of the 2013 convention season, we decided to bring someone a little older to the convention season this time around.  This figure features the new power Invincible, (which can be found on the 2013 HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card) and is still the best there it is at what he does!  We are pleased to present Old Man Logan


Old Man Logan starts out with an old fashioned activation click because he’s traveled One Mile Down, Three Thousand to Go (Special Power).  This special power lets him use leap/climb and carry but he can’t attack.  Old Man Logan has been out of the game for a while, but once he gets going he then switches to You’re Goin’ Down, Skull (Charge) to bring the fight to his opponent.  If that’s not enough, Old Man Logan decides that there is No More Talking – No More Games (Special Power) and really gets into the fight with Charge, Flurry, Stealth, and Willpower to bring his opponents down!

Just because he’s older doesn’t mean this version of Wolverine can’t take a punch as he brings the new pink power in Avengers Security Code Bravo Two Forty (Invincible) to the table to cut the damage that he takes in half.  After picking up Captain America’s Shield (Impervious) to still keep him in the fight, he finishes up with You Gotta Be Kiddin’ (Special Power).  If Old Man Logan takes a big hit, he stops on this click and can then make an immediate close combat attack with Blades/Claws/Fangs.  If this attack deals less than 3 damage, then Old Man Logan is KO’d but at least he went down fighting.  If this all isn’t enough, Old Man Logan has a Healing Factor Might Not Be What It Used to Be (Trait) that allows you to heal him of 1 damage at the beginning of your turn if he’s on an odd-numbered click.

During his fight with President Skull, Old Man Logan found his way into the President Skull’s Trophy Room (Trait).  With this trait, you can bring a relic from outside the game and place it on his character card as long as it is equal or lower points than the relic that he currently possesses.  Once you have a relic on Old Man Logan that you like, you can then cause the Death of a President (Exploit Weakness) to finish the fight.

Gen Con Indy is the first convention that this figure will be available at as a prize. Tune in next week as we reveal the figures for Origins Game Fair.  Do you have what it takes to BAttle your way to the top or might you fall before your opponents?

For questions on any of the conventions, please email us at:

Preview Special TabApp

Marvel HeroClix TabApp: Wolverine and the X-Men!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Since we first announced the existence of HeroClix TabApp, there’s been a great deal of speculation and questions.  “What is HeroClix TabApp?” folk have been asking.  Well, if you were fortunate enough to attend Gen Con Indy 2012, you may have taken the opportunity to examine and play this innovative and fun offering from WizKids Games/NECA; a real-time super hero application aimed at a younger audience for the iPad (and soon for the Android platform as well!).  Utilizing HeroClix powers and abilities based upon HeroClix and physical figures to unlock content, HeroClix TabApp bridges the tabletop and digital HeroClix experience!

Check it Out

HeroClix TabApp provides a fast, fun solo play experience based upon the widely popular HeroClix game engine.  HeroClix TabApp demonstrates the most basic HeroClix game concepts to younger players and over time, these new players will eventually unlock the full depth and glory of the full HeroClix platform through continued play and exposure to the larger HeroClix world through our website.

To begin play with HeroClix TabApp, simply download the app from the iTunes App Store and place your figure on it’s corresponding graphic on the screen.  The contact points on the bottom of the HeroClix TabApp base relay to the game which figure you are using and begins play in a character-specific storyline and game.  Cut scenes introduce each level, and when you’re ready enemies begin swarming in to defeat you! Simply touch the enemies on the screen you wish to attack, unlock power-ups with a swipe, and unleash special attacks (like Thor’s lightning below) all with the tip of your fingers! (click on image below to enlarge)


HeroClix TabApp is a real-time super hero adventure game intended for ages 8 and up.  The big bonus is that each HeroClix TabApp figure is 100% compatible with the HeroClix game engine and comes with its own character card, and today we continue our in-depth look at the figures that comprise our first two Marvel HeroClix TabApp sets with the Wolverine and the X-Men pack.

As deadly as his namesake suggests, Wolverine leaps into the fray with the aptly-named Charge power, maneuvering into position to best put his trademark Adamantium claws (represented by Exploit Weakness) to use! After his initial click Wolverine tears into his enemies with Blades/Claws/Fangs and Flurry while Battle Fury protects him from Mind Control as well as enables him to ignore Shape Change on his targets and Incapacitate!

A full dial of Toughness thanks to his Hard to Take Down Trait combined with Willpower on his opening clicks allows you to move Wolverine right into the thick of the fight with little fear.  And should Wolverine take a few hits, his mid- and end-dial Keep Comin’ At Ya special power stops your from turning the dial further when that power is revealed, and allows you to use Regeneration!

And if Keep Comin’ At Ya doesn’t provide enough healing, pair Wolverine up with another figure with the X-Men team ability and swap a click of health!

At 100 points, Wolverine is a durable pint-sized terror on the battlefield, and the Avengers, Weapon X, X-Force, and X-Men keywords will make for easy team building,  or download HeroClix TabApp and play the Wolverine in the solo game for some real-time heroic action!

Next we take a closer look at long-time X-Men leader, Cyclops!

The quintessential leader of the X-Men, Cyclops is ready to take the fight to the opposing figures! CyclopsConcussive Blasts Trait allows him to use Force Blast as a free action and if that weren’t enough, all of his ranged attack damage deals knockback as well! Combined with his 8 range value and the Sharpshooter ability, Cyclops is very effective with ranged attacks against his enemies!

Early- to mid-dial Running Shot allows Cyclops to get where he’ll do the most good while targeting opposing figures with ranged combat attacks.  Willpower ensures Cyclops won’t take pushing damage as he presses the attack and an initial click of Leadership gives you the opportunity to gain an extra action as well as remove a token from a friendly, adjacent figure!

Perplex replaces Leadership on Cyclops‘ second click, while mid-dial Cyclops deals penetrating damage thanks to Penetrating/Psychic Blast.  Late-dial Energy Shield/Deflection represents Cyclops‘ ability to calculate trajectory and (hopefully) avoid ranged combat attacks himself!

A single penultimate click of Ranged Combat Expert demonstrates Cyclops‘ intense optic blasts while a final click of Pulse Wave represents unleashing the full omni-directional power of his optic energies!

Like many X-Men HeroClix figures, Cyclops is additionally armed with the X-Men team ability allowing for battlefield healing, and the X-Factor and X-Men keywords allow for easy team-building.  At 105 points, Cyclops is an eXcellent second tier ranged attacker and Leadership piece!

Rounding out the Wolverine and the X-Men HeroClix TabApp pack is none other than the incomparable Iceman!

Iceman skates into battle atop his signature Ice Slides (Running Shot) and freezes the opposition in their tracks thanks to his Frozen in Place special power.  Frozen in Place allows Iceman to place a token on any figure that took damage from his attack if it did not already have an action token, sort of a situational Incapacitate power that kicks in once Iceman has also successfully damaged his target.

Early-dial Iceman enjoys protection from both Toughness and Shape Change as he utilizes his ice powers to confuse his enemies and absorb punishment from their attacks.  Mid-dial Iceman takes a more aggressive stance and erects Ice Shields thanks to the Barrier power in an effort to protect his teammates, stymy his foes, or both!

Late-dial Iceman demonstrates his slippery disposition as he gains Plasticity while Poison represents the incredible cold he can generate in close proximity.  A final click of Regeneration allows Iceman to stay in the fight and the X-Men team ability gives Iceman an even greater chance to heal as well!

At 95 points Iceman is a great tactical addition to your force as both a secondary attacker and map-control piece.  Combined with the other HeroClix TabApp figures in the Wolverine and the X-Men pack Iceman compliments an easy 300 point team build, and his Champions, Defenders, X-Factor, and X-Men keywords means he will play nicely with the rest of your HeroClix collection as well!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first look at the HeroClix TabApp and combat dials for the Wolverine and the X-Men HeroClix TabApp pack! HeroClix TabApp packs will be available at Toys ‘R Us, Wal Mart, you friendly local game and comic stores later this month, and you can get the HeroClix TabApp app FOR FREE  in the iTunes App Store!

Thanks for joining us for this exciting look at HeroClix TabApp.  Be sure to take a moment and check out the preview for the Marvel Super Heroes HeroClix TabApp pack as well!