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Product Replacement, HCO, and More!

Happy release week Clix fans!

With everything that is going on, I wanted to take a moment and provide a few updates on projects both near and far

Product replacement

First and foremost (and long over due) – we are ready to begin a low rollout of the product replacement program. We’re going to turn on one set at a time so we can manage the load carefully. The replacement program will require you to create an account and fill out an online request for replacement. The system will generally guide you through the process and only present you with options that are available. We’re going to start with Watchmen Collector set.

Product replacement for a collectible product is challenging in that it is so susceptible to abuse. We had to go back to the drawing board on several plans due to costs, and execution difficulties. We think we have a viable solution but expect to have to tweak the program over time.

Click to register for the Product Replacement program

Tournament Management Tools for Stores

Another project we’ve been working on is a set of online tools that will help stores schedule events, manage events and report events back to WizKids. I’ve used the system myself and we’ll be testing with a small group of stores in the coming days/weeks/months.

HeroClix Online

Plans for HeroClix Online continue to evolve and we’ll start to discuss those plans as they come closer to deployment.  Until then, we’re going to host some bigger tournaments that have both online and real world prizes. Keep an eye out for specifics in the coming days.

If you are going to San Diego Comic Con, stop by the booth, I’ll be there most of the week. If you can’t make SDCC, I hope to see you at GenCon!