DC HeroClix Monthly OP

DC HeroClix 2014 Gen13 Monthly OP Kit: Sarah Rainmaker!



Greetings HeroClix fans!

Thanks for joining us for the next preview in the DC HeroClix: Gen13 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit!

This figure from the Organized Play kit can be used with the Gen13 team base found in the DC HeroClix: The Teen Titans set. Today’s figure is Sarah Rainmaker, let’s find out whether or not she can weather the storm.


Sarah Rainmaker is an inexpensive 80 points that has the Flight combat symbol and a 6 range with 3 targets. This will work great with her top 3 clicks of Energy Explosion! In addition, her top 2 clicks have the same powers. Running Shot, Energy Shield/Deflection, and Perplex. The Perplex really gives her some great options for attacking your opponents force.

Sarah Rainmaker has the trait Psionically Controlled Water that states if Sarah Rainmaker is occupying water terrain, she can use Barrier as a free action. When she does she may place the blocking terrain markers in water terrain. Map choice to be able use her trait can really be important so you may want to have a theme team. Her only keyword is Gen13 and choices to make a theme team, while limited, are great. Used with a team base

Click 3 of Sarah Rainmaker’s dial changes her Running Shot to Force Blast and she loses Perplex. She also changes her Energy Shield/Deflection to the special power Sheets of Rain that says Sarah Rainmaker can use Willpower. Sarah Rainmaker and adjacent friendly characters can’t be targeted by opposing characters 5 or more squares away. Willpower is great for pushing, but the other part of this power can be used really strategically as well. A map with water terrain will give her free use of Barrier and this special power can force your opponent to come closer to you. Characters with higher range values or close combat bricks would be great to pair up with her. Her last 2 clicks have Penetrating/Psychic Blast, so if your opponent wants to target her, they have to be in her range as well.

Overall Sarah Rainmaker is a very strong secondary attacker and with her powers can offer herself as a strong support character as well. Lastly, while Sarah Rainmaker is attached to the team base, instead of (the DC HeroClix: Teen Titan’s version of) Sarah Rainmaker’s Asset power it uses the following one: T004 Gen13 This team character can use Running Shot.

Thanks for weathering this preview and be sure to stay close by for the next reveal from the DC HeroClix: 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit!


DC HeroClix Monthly OP Preview

DC HeroClix Gen13 2014 Monthly OP Kit: John Lynch!




Greetings HeroClix fans!

We kick off our series of previews for the DC HeroClix: Gen13 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit! The DC HeroClix: Gen13 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit includes 4 copies of 3 Limited Edition figures not found anywhere else. Additionally, all three figures in the Organized Play kit can be used with either the Gen13 or Villains for Hire team bases from DC HeroClix: The Teen Titans.

Today, we’ll focus on the Gen13 team base. Making his HeroClix debut, please welcome Gen13’s mentor and the leader of Team 7, John Lynch!


John Lynch comes into play at 93 points and has a range of six squares. He initially works best as a support piece behind the scenes. John Lynch hits the battlefield with an Improved Movement ability called Working in the Shadows, which allows him to ignore hindering terrain when he moves. John Lynch also has a trio of traits.

The first trait, Double Agent, gives John Lynch and friendly characters with the Gen13 or Team 7 keywords access to either the Police or Underworld team abilities. Choose one of the team abilities at the beginning of the game.

John Lynch’s second trait, Field Leader, allows him to be played on the #T-004 Gen13 team base from the DC HeroClix: The Teen Titans set. Field Leader lets John Lynch replace #034 Grunge on the Gen13 team base. Additionally, while John Lynch is attached to the team base, instead of Grunge’s Asset power it uses the following one below:

Gen13 TB Asset

John Lynch’s third trait is called Secret Spymaster, which lets friendly characters use Mastermind, but only to transfer damage to higher point friendly characters with the Gen13 or Spy keywords.

John Lynch starts his first click with Telekinesis to place the rest of his team into position while Sidestep lets him stay out of the way until he’s needed. In John Lynch’s damage slot is a special power called Decades of Tradecraft, which lets him use Leadership, Outwit and Stealth. In the defense slot, Toughness represents John Lynch’s body armor.

John Lynch’s second click is nearly identical to his first, with the exception of Combat Reflexes in place of Toughness. On John Lynch’s third click he switches out Telekinesis for Pulse Wave. Defensively, he picks up Energy Shield/Deflection.

Energy Shield/Deflection sticks around for John Lynch’s last two clicks but Sidestep moves over for Stealth and Decades of Tradecraft disappears in favor of Enhancement. Telekinesis returns for a click before John Lynch closes out his dial with Pulse Wave.

John Lynch has the Gen13, Soldier, Spy and Team 7 keywords to help you when including him on a themed team. If you want to ditch the team base, you can pair John Lynch with his son, #072 Burnout. Together, both characters come to 169 points. Add #074 Freefall and #034 Grunge to bring your force to 298 points.

Thanks for reading! Join us again soon for our next look at the DC HeroClix: Gen13 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit as we visit another member of Gen13, and be sure to come back later this week for more previews from other upcoming HeroClix releases!

DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Preview

DC HeroClix Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Mr. Majestic!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we go to Metropolis and there is a new man in town. In the upcoming DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes set we will be visited by a true prince. Mr. Majestic is believed to be one of the most powerful of all the Kherubim Lords and has been known to aid the WildC.A.T.s in their ongoing battle with the Daemonites.


Mr. Majestic has Improved Targeting and can ignore hindering terrain when drawing line of fire. Mr. Majestic has the Transporter Flier combat symbol which will allow him to use the Carry, Flight and Move and Attack combat abilities. The Move and Attack ability will allow Mr. Majestic to use Hypersonic Speed if he is not adjacent to an opposing character when given the power action but his attack value is modified by -2.

Mr. Majestic has a trait called Molecular Sight this will allow him to ignore other characters Shape Change. The Daemonites rely heavily on Shape Change to foil their enemy’s attacks but Mr. Majestic is no one’s fool. When Mr. Majestic uses the Move and Attack ability, he would modify his attack value by -1 instead of the standard -2. Mr. Majestic has a 7 range with duel targets and the Indomitable combat symbol which will allow him to use Willpower.

Mr. Majestic starts with Running Shot, Energy Explosion, an 11 attack and a 5 printed damage value. This guy will be bringing the pain. He has Impervious and Leadership and at 220 points it would be easy to pair Mr. Majestic up with friendly characters of a lower point value. On click 2 he shows us just how much he has learned over the years by gaining Perplex.

Mr. Majestic eventually gains some Super Strength and even Change in his mid-dial and will trade Impervious for Invulnerability only to regain Impervious on click 5 which is where Mr. Majestic can now use Close Combat Expert.

At the end of the dial Mr. Majestic can use a little more Running Shot with Penetrating/Psychic Blast, and ends his dial with Toughness and Perplex.

Mr. Majestic has the Cosmic, Metropolis, Past, Ruler, Soldier, and WildC.A.T.s keywords. Mr. Majestic will be a welcomed addition to the already great WildC.A.T.s that we got in DC HeroClix: Batman and DC HeroClix: Batman: Streets of Gotham.

For 1 additional point you could also add the WildC.A.T.s Additional Team Ability (ATA) to Mr. Majestic; “Once per turn, when a character using this team ability makes an attack roll and one of the dice is a 1, you may reroll that die. This team ability is Uncopyable.

Thanks for reading and be sure to continue to check back as we look at more figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes set. Until then, Shape Change for the Win!!

DC HeroClix: Teen Titans Preview SwitchClix Team Bases

DC HeroClix Teen Titans: Gen 13’s Fairchild and Grunge!

Greetings, HeroClix fans!

Today we continue our look at the Gen-13 Team Base from the DC HeroClix: Teen Titans set!  In our last article, we previewed the three figures that are packaged with the team base:  #072 Burnout, #073 Sarah Rainmaker, and #74 Freefall.  Now, the spotlight turns toward the last two members of the team, both of whom come in the standard five-figure booster packs.

First up, let’s check out Gen-13’s team leader, Fairchild!


When Caitlin Fairchild was first introduced to comic book fans, she was a ninety-pound mousy computer whiz.  Fairchild comes into play with a trait called My Clothes Always Rip & Then Everybody Stares that represents her transformation from a shy bookworm to a superhuman beauty.  My Clothes Always Rip & Then Everybody Stares allows Fairchild to use Shape Change but only succeeds on a roll of a 6.

Fairchild can be played at 100 or 75 points.  She begins her dial with two clicks of Leap/Climb in her speed slot to show her agility.  That’s paired with Super Strength on the same clicks as she shows off how strong she’s become.  Fairchild has the Indomitable combat ability, which allows her to use Willpower, and starts her dial defensively with two clicks of Impervious.  As Gen-13’s team leader, Fairchild starts with Leadership on her first two clicks.

Mid-dial, Fairchild changes up most of her power set.  Super Strength remains for her middle two clicks but Leap/Climb is replaced by Charge, and Leadership is dropped in favor of Exploit Weakness.  On those same two clicks, Invulnerability replaces Impervious in Fairchild’s defense slot.

Leap/Climb makes a return on Fairchild’s last two clicks but Toughness becomes her defensive power as she starts to wear down.  Quake appears on Fairchild’s fifth click as she makes a late-dial attempt to knock back and damage any opposing characters.  Finally, when Fairchild is attached to her team base (#T004 Gen-13) and her image is shown on the Asset Dial, you may use Super Strength.

Fairchild only has one keyword (Gen-13) to aid with theme-team building but is a viable choice for teams that need a heavy hitter, thanks to her early mix of Impervious and Leadership and mid-dial combo of Super Strength, Charge and Exploit Weakness.

This brings us to the final member of the Gen-13 Team Base, the slacker known as Grunge!


Grunge comes into play at 63 points and, like the rest of his teammates, only has the Gen-13 keyword for theme-team building.  He begins his dial with Phasing/Teleport on the first two clicks of his speed slot as he melds with his surroundings.  Grunge also has the Transporter combat ability, which allows him to use the Carry and Move and Attack abilities.  Super Strength occupies Grunge’s attack slot on the same two clicks.

In Grunge’s defense slot he starts with a special power called Molecular Absorption that represents his ability to take on the properties of anything he touches.  Molecular Absorption lets Grunge use Toughness.  When Grunge successfully attacks an object or a character holding an object or an assigned relic, remove that object from the game.  If the removed object was a heavy object, Grunge can use Invulnerability instead until your next turn.  If the removed object is a relic, he can use Impervious instead until your next turn.

On Grunge’s third click he loses Phasing/Teleport but retains Super StrengthMolecular Absorption also remains in his defense slot.  In his damage slot, Grunge gains Perplex to represent the photographic memory he tries to hide, lest it make him look like nerd.  As we begin the back half of Grunge’s dial, Perplex and Molecular Absorption remain.  However, Steal Energy replaces Super Strength as he absorbs matter to heal himself.

On Grunge’s last two clicks, Steal Energy remains but defensively he gains Regeneration to give him a secondary means of self-healing.  Phasing/Teleport also returns on those two clicks so that Grunge can escape to safety if needed.  But there are also times when Grunge has to stay and fight – or show off to impress either Freefall or Fairchild.  For those times, Grunge has Close Combat Expert on his last two clicks to represent the martial arts skills he’s gained from watching too many action films.

Finally, when Grunge is attached to the Gen-13 Team Base and his image is shown on the Asset Dial, you may use Move and Attack ability.  Grunge has a steady set of combat values and makes an ideal choice if you need a secondary hitter who can also play a support role.  Front-dial Super Strength and Molecular Absorption make Grunge a hard hitter who can remove objects while Perplex allows him to modify combat abilities where needed.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us next week for our next DC HeroClix: Teen Titans previews as we visit a Colony of people who are going Nowhere! Until then, may your Probability Control rolls always be in your favor!

DC HeroClix: Teen Titans Preview SwitchClix Team Bases

DC HeroClix Teen Titans: Gen 13’s Freefall, Burnout & Rainmaker!

Greetings, Heroclix fans!

For today’s DC HeroClix: Teen Titans preview, we continue our look at the Gen-13 Team Dial with a few of the team members that are packed with the dial! First off we have their youngest member, Freefall!


Freefall starts out with her trait I Don’t Know Why, But I Love Grunge which states “During the beginning of your turn, if a friendly character named Grunge took damage last turn, Freefall may be placed adjacent to Grunge and may make a close combat attack as a free action targeting an opposing character that caused Grunge to take damage last turn.”  This allows Freefall to help protect her love, Grunge.

Freefall’s dial starts out with Force Blast and a speed value of 9, Telekinesis with an attack value of 10, and Energy Shield/Deflection with a defense value of 16.  She also starts with Perplex and a damage value of 2.  This combination of powers allows Freefall to help out her teammates.  Later in her dial, Freefall gets Plasticity, Pulse Wave and Exploit Weakness, which allows her to tie up pieces and put the hurting on them as well.

When Freefall is attached to her Team Base (T004 Gen-13) and her image is shown on the Asset Dial, you can use Force Blast and Telekinesis.  For 66 points, you can have Freefall fly around and help out her team.

Next up is Gen-13’s resident hot head, Burnout!


Burnout flies in with Running Shot and a speed value of 10, Barrier with a defense value of 17, and Ranged Combat Expert with a damage of 2.  He also starts with attack of 10 and a special power called Catch Fire. Catch Fire says that Burnout can use Energy Explosion.  When he does, characters successfully hit are dealt damage equal to the number of times hit by this attack times two.  This allows Burnout to do a lot of damage to multiple figures while taking advantage of his 8 range.  Burnout has this power for his first 4 clicks, giving him plenty of time to put the hurting on the other team.

Burnout also gets Mind Control, Pulse Wave, and Energy Shield DeflectionBurnout is a 76 point damage dealer who doesn’t know how to hold back.  Burnout also attaches to the Gen-13 Team Base and gives Pulse Wave when his picture is shown on the Asset Dial.

Next up, we have Burnout’s closest friend on Gen-13, Sarah Rainmaker!


Sarah Rainmaker has an Improved Movement power called Uninhibited, which allows her to ignore characters for movement purposes.  Sarah Rainmaker has Running Shot with a speed value of 9 on her first click.  She also starts with an attack value of 11 with Smoke Cloud and a damage value of 3 with Ranged Combat ExpertRunning Shot quickly changes to Force Blast on Sarah Rainmaker’s dial.

Sarah Rainmaker also has Energy Shield/Deflection most of her dial but ends it with a click of Willpower.  She also gets Energy Explosion at the end of her dial, which lets her take advantage of her range of 7 squares and two targets.  When she is attached to the Gen-13 Team Base, Sarah Rainmaker gives the team Energy Explosion with 3 targets when her image appears on the Asset Dial.

Thanks for joining us today and please check back again this week as we show you the last two members of the Gen-13 Team Dial from the upcoming DC set.  Until next time, keep those dice rolling!

DC HeroClix: Teen Titans Preview SwitchClix Team Bases

DC HeroClix Teen Titans: Gen 13 Team Base!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we preview another team base from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Teen Titans set!  Today, we go back to the extreme ‘90’s as we check in with a group of teens on the run from a secret government agency, Gen 13!


Gen 13 can be played at three point values, 275, 175, or 75 points.  With all five members attached, each adding 5 points to the total, convenient multiples of 100 points are easy to attain, including a nice 300 point modern age force build.  As with all team bases, Gen 13 has only one keyword, Gen 13.  They also have the Flier ability, granting them the Flight and Carry abilities.  And the Indomitable ability will let them act two turns in a row with no fear of pushing damage.

At their highest point value, Gen 13 begins play taking the fight right to the opposition with Charge.  Once in position, Quake will allow them to attack groups of opposing figure in union with Charge, or as a follow up action as granted by the Working Together ability.  Range Combat Expert used with a printed 8 range will allow Gen 13 to cause a significant bit of damage to one opposing figure.  A couple of opening clicks of Invulnerability will allow Gen 13 to reduce damage.  A couple of clicks into their dial, Gen 13 can maneuver about freely with Leap/Climb.  At the same point, Toughness becomes the damage reducer of choice.  Probability Control will allow Gen 13 to alter dice rolls to their benefit.   On the last click of this section of their dial, Gen 13 picks up a special power called Learning to Fight Back.  This special power says that “If Gen13 was attacked last turn, their damage is locked this turn and any damage dealt by them is penetrating damage.”

At the mid-point of the Gen 13 team base dial is the 175 point starting line.  It begins with Running Shot to allow them to move attack with a range attack.  Gen 13 continues with their Learning to Fight Back special power.  Probability Control will cover most of this section of their dial.  Toughness gives way to a couple of clicks of Invulnerability, before reverting back to Toughness.  A couple clicks in, Leap/Climb returns to the dial to again allow Gen 13 to maneuver about the battle field with ease.  On the next click, Incapacitate replaces the special power on their dial.  And on the last click of this section of Gen 13’s dial sees the addition of Close Combat Expert.

Late-dial, Gen 13 now reaches the 75 point (Rookie) level of their team base.   This section of the dial begins with Phasing/Teleport, to get where they need to be with no hindrance on the map.  Incapacitate, Close Combat Expert and Toughness are all still on the dial.  After a couple of clicks, Toughness will be replaced by one final click of Invulnerability, before becoming Super Senses for the rest of their dial.  Also at this point, Gen 13 trades Close Combat Expert for Outwit, also for the rest of their dial.  Half way through this part of their dial, Gen 13 again has Running Shot, to be able to move and attack.  And the special power Learning to Fight Back is also back for the rest of the dial.

The Asset dial on Gen 13 offers options to deal penetrating damage, additional damage, and battle field manipulation.  As with all Team Bases, Gen 13 has the Team icon, allowing it to use the ability of any figure attached, with the provision that you must roll a d6 at the end of your turn to turn the Asset dial.  Gen 13 has a special power called We’re the Next Generation, which allows Gen 13 can use Perplex twice per turn, and when they do, they may only target themselves once per turn.  Burnout lets Gen 13 use Pulse Wave.  Fairchild allows Gen 13 to use Super Strength, allowing them to use objects in close combat attacks, or carry them with the expectation to place them somewhere else when they lose Super Strength.  Freefall gives Gen 13 the ability to use both Force Blast and Telekinesis.  Grunge allows Gen 13 to use the Move and Attack ability, giving them more mobility while attacking.  Sarah Rainmaker lets Gen 13 use Energy Explosion with three targets.

Thanks for joining us for our extreme ’90’s preview! Later this week we will be back with some members of  Gen 13 as we continue to explore more figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Teen Titans release!

DC HeroClix: Batman Preview

DC HeroClix Batman: Voodoo!

Greetings, HeroClix fans!

Halloween is just a few days away so let’s kick off a week of previews featuring characters with a mystical, macabre or murderous flavor!  For today’s DC HeroClix: Batman preview, we peek in on a woman whose name conjures images of magic, mayhem, and danger.  Please welcome Voodoo of the WildC.A.T.s!

Voodoo comes into play at 91 points and has the Celebrity and WildC.A.T.s keywords to aid in theme team building.  Voodoo begins her dial with a five-click run of a special power in her speed slot, Mind Lock.  This special power lets Voodoo use Mind Control.  When she does, her attack value is modified by +2.  In addition, the target character does not need to be within range or line of fire if Voodoo previously hit it with Mind Control!

The Kherubim warrior Zealot trained Voodoo in the ways of the Coda so her last two clicks respectively feature Charge and Flurry to reflect this training.

Mind Lock isn’t the only special power to start off Voodoo’s dial.  The Sight, Voodoo’s ability to discern whether a person is possessed by a Daemonite, is represented on the first two clicks of her damage slot.  The Sight allows Voodoo and adjacent friendly characters to ignore the use of Shape Change and Super Senses by opposing characters. 

Strangely enough, Voodoo has Daemonite ancestry and this is reflected via Shape Change on the last two clicks of her damage slot.  Mid-dial, Voodoo picks up three clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast in her attack slot, then her Daemonite genes kicks in again as she switches to Blades/Claws/Fangs on her last two clicks.  Voodoo can target a single opposing character up to four squares away with her Penetrating/Psychic Blast attacks.

Defensively, Voodoo starts with three clicks of Willpower.  That’s followed by two clicks of Regeneration, which represent the durability and near-immortality granted by Voodoo’s Kherubim DNA.  Finally, Voodoo switches to Combat Reflexes on her last two clicks as her Coda training with Zealot has improved her reaction times.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us on Wednesday when we visit with Arkham Asylum’s resident “zombie” killer.  Until then, keep your nightlight on and keep your clix off their KOs!

DC HeroClix: Batman Preview

DC HeroClix Batman: Maul

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s DC HeroClix: Batman preview, we check in with a hero who can grow to the size of a skyscraper but suffers from decreased intelligence the larger he becomes.  Please welcome a member of the WildC.A.T.s, Maul! 

Maul comes into play at 113 points and possesses a trait, Brute Strength, which allows him to use Super Strength.  In addition, when Maul moves through a square occupied by or adjacent to a non-held object, he may choose to destroy that object.

When he’s not battling Daemonites alongside his WildC.A.T.s teammates, Maul is an award-winning biochemist with a genius-level intellect.  This is reflected in his damage slot via two clicks of Perplex at the start of his dial.  Once Maul is off his top click, he gains a four-click run of Flurry in his speed slot.

In Maul’s defense slot, he starts with two clicks of Toughness that represents his increased durability when he grows in size.  That’s followed by three clicks of Invulnerability at the heart of his dial.  On Maul’s last two Invulnerability clicks, he gains a special power in his damage slot, Half-Titanthrope, which represents his ability to increase his size and appears for the remainder of his dial.  With Half-Titanthrope, Maul has the Giant damage symbol (which grants him the Giant Reach and Great Size combat abilities) and he can use Close Combat Expert.

Following Maul’s Invulnerability clicks, he gains a pair of Impervious clicks as he draws perilously close to losing control of his intellect.  His last click features another special power, Getting…Too…Big, which allows him to use Impervious and Regeneration and represents Maul’s struggle to stay in control.

Maul, naturally, has the WildC.A.T.s and Scientist keywords  but  he also possesses the Brute keyword to open up even more team-building options.  Maul makes an ideal choice if you’re looking for a character that gets stronger and tougher to hit as he gets deeper into his dial.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us next time as we preview more figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Batman set!

DC HeroClix: Batman Preview

DC HeroClix Batman: Grifter!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we enjoy a special BONUS preview from the upcoming release of DC HeroClix: Batman! We check in with a former member of the Team 7 special forces unit, master con-man, and all-around rogue.  We are pleased to present the WildC.A.T.s’ resident master shootist, the Grifter!

Trouble often finds its way to Grifter’s doorstep, and when it comes to visit Grifter often responds with both barrels a-blazing! Maneuvering around the battlefield thanks to an opening click of Running Shot, Grifter is able to target opposing figures thanks to his two targets at 8 range.  Penetrating/Psychic Blast demonstrates Grifter’s ability to hit his targets’ weak points with pinpoint accuracy, while the Sharpshooter ability represents Grifter’s mastery of any firearm (including his trademark VAD PP-30’s!) and ensures he is equally deadly at close and ranged attack distances.

After his initial click Grifter gains the Quickfire special power .  When Grifter is given a ranged combat action using Quickfire, he can potentially make a second ranged combat attack as a free action after the first ranged attack resolves! Grifter also gains Perplex for a couple of clicks to represent his fast-talking ways, further enhancing his early-dial capabilities.

Late-dial Grifter gains a single click of Telekinesis to represent his (often unreliable) Gen-Factor mental powers, while he trades Perplex for a couple of end-dial clicks of Ranged Combat Expert.

Initially, Grifter alternates between Willpower and Super Senses throughout most of his dial until his last click where he gains Regeneration, allowing him to potentially return as high up on his dial as his second click!

With consistent and modest damage potential on every click and synergistic power and ability combinations on almost every click, Grifter is a great deal at 88 points.  The Soldier and WildC.A.T.s keywords offer both named and generic theme team options while his combat values, abilities, and powers make Grifter a solid choice as a ranged secondary or tertiary attack piece for many strategies.

That’s all we have for today, but be sure to join us again next week as we continue to explore Gotham City and hopefully avoid a run-in with one of the world’s deadliest warriors! Until then, stay on that top click!