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Dark Reign

Hello again!

Our latest addition to your ATA arsenal is none other than the sinister Dark Avengers!


Gathered to be Norman Osborn’s “public” strikeforce, the Dark Avengers battled their opponents without mercy or compassion. Now your Dark Avengers can do the same! With the ability to potentially decrease an opposing figure’s defense values, you increase your likelihood of making that critical attack against your team’s enemies!

Assemble your force, print out your own copy of the Dark Avengers ATA, and establish a “Dark Reign” of your own at your Venue’s next HeroClix game!

Thanks for joining us! Dark Avengers is the last ATA for Web of Spider-Man, but we’ll be back with more PnP materials in the future!

Heroclix Print 'n Play

“Breaking the Law! Breaking the Law!”

Hey there fellow HeroClix Fans!

Do you feel like you need more action in your game?  Well how about something that will help you get more out of your Move actions in your next game?



Wow! For just 1 point for each Outlaws figure, you can potentially modify your figure’s speed value by up to +3! Launch your figures into battle faster, or Leap/Climb away from danger even further than before!

Combine this ATA with last week’s Frogs Legs Feat and you won’t even have to concern yourself with Water Terrain as you move your figures into position!

So assemble your Outlaws, print out your copy of the Outlaws ATA, and dominate the map at your Venues’ next HeroClix event!

Heroclix Print 'n Play

Tastes like Chicken?

Hello Again! 

No, we’re not swapping recipes this week, but we are bringing you an exciting new Feat to print out and play in your next game!



That’s right, for 3 points you can allow your  :m-boot: figures under 151 points (including a certain Frog of Thunder) to use the Swim ability! Your selected figures can then splish-splash to their heart’s content as your opponents have to stop and wade through Water Terrain.

With easy Pre-Requisites and a low cost, Frogs Legs will fit on most any force. Print it out and use it at your local game store’s next event!

Stay tuned next week for even more fun and exciting Print and Play installments! In the meantime, have a great weekend and happy Clix’ing!

Heroclix Print 'n Play

Waiting for the U-Foes

Hello HeroClix’ers!

Here we are again with another installment for your Web of Spider-Man Print and Play collection, and you will love playing this ATA at your local Venue’s next Tournament!


Led by the sinister Vector, the U-Foes (Vapor, X-Ray, and Ironclad) are a dark reflection of the Fantastic Four, having also gained their powers via Cosmic Rays.  Unlike the Fantastic Four, the U-Foes use their powers purely for their own benefit and have clashed with the Hulk, the Avengers, and most recently helped trigger a series of events leading to Norman Osborn’s Siege of Asgard!

As you can see, the U-Foes ATA is designed to help them take down your opponent’s heavy hitters, be they Gamma-irradiated goliaths or Asgardians! At only 3 points per U-Foe, you can play all four members and the ATA for 300 points exactly!

So what are you waiting for? Assemble your U-Foes, print out the ATA and surprise your opponents at your Venue’s next event!

Heroclix Print 'n Play

Out of the Shadows! A Web of Spider-Man PnP Article

Hello HeroClix’ers!

Web of Spider-Man is out, folk are playing with new figures, and tournaments are taking place all over! It’s a good time to be a HeroClix fan.

If you’re like me, you enjoy Tournament play at your local Game or Hobby store.  If so, then have we got something for you! Check out the first in a series of Print and Play releases for Web of Spider-Man:

Led by Wolverine, X-Force battles threats to Mutant safety and security using Black-Ops style methodology and tactics.  As you can see, the ATA allows them to slip in and out of the shadows (Hindering Terrain) without penalty to their movement, and at only 4 points per figure, the ATA can fit on a variety of Team configurations in both Golden and Modern Age formats!

So build your team, print out the ATA, and bring your X-Force to the next Tournament at your local Venue!

Stay tuned for more exciting Print and Play elements in the weeks to come! Have a great weekend everyone, and happy Clix’ing!


Web of Spider-Man Preview 6

Web of Spider-Man previews are burning white-hot.

The response, thus far, has exceeded my lofty expectations, and like you, I am ready to tear open some Web booster packs.  As the previews have been so positively received, I am hesitant to unleash more content. That being said, there is sooo much more to talk about in the set, and today, I have a particular gem to share with you.

With our set designs, we have tried to incorporate fully playable teams at reasonable point costs, as was mentioned with the U-Foes preview article.  Also, within a set, we try to incorporate a few buildable off-theme “teams” that can entice fans beyond the core theme.

The updated X-Force black ops team from the past few years stood out early on as an interesting, relatively small team that could get some X-Universe characters into a Spidey themed set. It includes three characters that were in need of updated remakes- Wolfsbane, Warpath, and X-23-, and it is led by one of the few characters in the Marvel Universe that rivals Spidey in overall popularity, Wolverine.

Coming up with fresh takes on popular characters in the Marvel Universe always provides a fun challenge, especially as we head into our fourteenth Marvel release. With Web, I think we did a great job coming up with unique Spideys and in this case, a great new look at Wolverine. The dynamic black-and-gray X-Force uniforms provide a look that will make it easy for new fans to aggregate their X-Force characters, and it frames each character in an all-new way. Who doesn’t want a stealthy, covert Wolverine?

Speaking of framing iconic characters in an all-new way, we decided to take your advice. We’ve been doing that a lot, lately. You have some pretty good ideas. Please, keep ’em coming!

With our Wolverine in Web, we have included perhaps the most request HeroClix R&D mechanic of all-time.

Yep. That’s right, we did it.

We finally gave you the Trait that you wanted, Wolverine’s Healing Factor. (Click the picture for a preview.)

Click Me!

Wolverine now has can showcase his astonishing ability to walk away from the most brutal beatdown and keep on fighting. Powerful? Yes. Too powerful? We shall see. From a R&D perspective, we’ve explored this space a little bit in prior sets and with some of our prototype designs. Wolverine  (with his shiny new Healing Factor ability) made it through rounds of playtesting, and was deemed ready for primetime. I’m excited to see how fans will deal with this particular monster.

Going forward, I’m not sure that all Wolverine’s will have this exact Healing Factor ability, but Web’s X-Force Wolverine will be our first test of this powerful new Trait. In addition to his highly iconic Healing Factor, this Wolverine is also unlike many others, in that he serves a leadership role. Unlike many of the lone-wolf Wolvies in past sets, this Wolverine is a Reluctant, but Brutal Leader. He also includes a black ops favorite- Stealth. An intriguing and one-of-a-kind piece, Wolverine can lead in a squad, cloaked in shadows. Then, when the time is right, unleash six Claws of pure hell, giving way to his signature Whirling Attack.

He’s a figure definitely befitting a preview all-to-himself.

As an added spoiler, Web of Spider-Man includes Wolverine’s son, Daken. That means that you also can get a pseudo-family reunion going with a Wolverine, X-23, and Daken team.  Neat!

If you’re at GenCon now, have fun in the events, and let us know how the best four days in gaming went on our WizKids FaceBook page.

Good luck!

Jake Theis

Announcements Heroclix Preview

Web of Spider-Man Previews Are Here!

It’s almost July, and we’re approaching one of those sweet moments that only pops up a few times each year.  Instead of toiling behind the scenes developing and producing HeroClix sets, we get to trot out our new toys and share them with the world.  Today,I’m going to take you into our thought process as we explore Marvel HeroClix: Web of Spider-Man for the first time.

First, I feel compelled to mention that a HeroClix set is quite the undertaking.

Before the first figurative chisel strikes the stone, we spend weeks, sometime months developing our concepts and fire-testing them.  We think, discuss, debate, revise,and iterate a great deal, trying to arrive at the best product that we can.  When we decide on what to release and when, there are lots of potential puzzle pieces in play.

One driver of set’s possible theme is the fanbase.  We listen to what people want and keep track of teams and figs that seem to be gaining in popularity.  We can unlock a good amount of untapped potential by linking the fan’s ideas and concepts together. Our vocal, passionate, active fan-base is a huge asset for market research. Our licensors also give us great tips on upcoming editorial (storylines), and include us in their long-lead planning processes.  This allows us to “ride shotgun” with their marketing efforts, and also, because of the sheer volume of new sculpts we do each year, gives us the ability to dig deeply into hot new comics.  The Blackest Night and Brightest Day storylines jump out as great, current examples of this.  Our Secret Invasion Booster Release stands as perhaps the deepest testament of this styleof release-planning to date.  Doing booster releases alongside our licensing partners is an exciting, frenetic process that lets us do hot, new stuff.

A set like Brave & The Bold was built around a “mechanical” hook.  In addition to the fans or licensors driving a set’s theme, we can look at a game concept or thematic element to build to lay as a set’s foundation.  This style of set allows for a greater freedom in character selection, and with a set like Brave & The Bold, gives us the option to link a lot of iconic, well-known characters together.  There exists a deep resevoir of potential mechanical hooks to explore in Clix. Other potential drivers of product’s theme could include:

  • Big media events (they’ve made a few comic movies and television shows over the past few years…)
  • Thematic hooks (think villains in Arkham Asylum or Sinister or cosmics in Supernova)
  • Promotional opportunity (think City of Heroes figures or our immensely popular FCBD figures)
  • Other (I’m just teasing you here.  We have a few other tricks up our sleeves…)

Earlier this year, we took a different path on a release.  We chose one character, and developed almost an entire set around him.  The lightning crashed and the thunder rolled, and Marvel HeroClix: Hammer of Thor arrived with an impressive bang.  In the past HeroClix has fleshed out sets on larger, team-driven themes, but Hammer was our first gamble at putting all of our chips on one character.  Thor’s universe was largely unmined in Clix form, and we were able to deliver the high-pointed, godly figures of the Thor universe (a subtle mechanical hook).  Thor has done really well (thanks!), and as we saw how well the experiment was going it made us think. Perhaps the “Hammer of…” model would be an interesting set theme to apply to select sets.  In this model, it becomes critical to hit the major characters from the figure’s corner of their universe.  But on top of that constraint, you guys are Clix fans.  You want to see the figures that no other game can deliver.

With Hammer of Thor, I think we did a great job of showcasing the Thors, Lokis, and Warriors Three of the Thor-verse, but we also had great niche characters like Fenris Wolf, Rock Trolls, and Fire Demons that probably wouldn’t appear in a non-Thor-themed set. I have a few whiteboards hanging in my office that have lists of characters that have the ability theme a “Hammer of…” set around.  There are some really interesting options on those whiteboards.  The most striking of the batch centered around one character in particular.  He just happened to be one of the most popular characters in comic history, which helps, too.

Yes, Marvel HeroClix: Web of Spider-Man began its official R&D life as “Hammer of Spider-Man.”  The Spider-Man universe is IMMENSE.  His rogue’s gallery has more members than a gym on January 2nd.  He has a huge collection of friends, associates, rivals, foes, bosses, ex-bosses, family members, and teammates.  Early on in the set development process, it became clear that we had a wealth of great options for characters to put into WoS.  The trick was deciding which ones made the cut. With this set, my two Spider-Man-specific goals were similar to the Thor goals I listed above:

  1. Make sure we hit the nucleus of the Spider-Man universe.  We needed to capture the main stars of the universe or “the needs.”
  2. Include some of the fringe characters that fans want, but specifically make sense only in a Spider-Man-themed set

Today, I have two sneak peaks of figs for you to look at, one from each category.  First up, I have a “need.”  If you’re going to do a Spider-Man set, you got to have representatives on the Symbiote front.  Fans have been bugging (okay, asking) me for a new Carnage since I began working on Clix years ago.  Web of Spider-Man includes a powerhouse version of Cletus Kasady that is sure to guarantee “maximum carnage.”  Equipped with a vicious Special “Symbiote Blade,” Carnage is a worthy adversary.  Next up on my preview board is another fan-demanded piece that conveniently happens to be from the Spider-verse.

Wow, that sculpt is a real shocker!  All bad puns aside, what a breath-taking sculpt and paint for this awesome frie-nemy of Spider-Man.  While Carnage is a top-line Spider enemy with a couple of major cross-over stories under his belt, Cardiac has a slightly longer and more nuanced relationship with our favorite webhead.  He’s a perfect example of the supporting cast that makes Spider-Man’s world so rich and interesting. I can’t wait to show you more figs from the set, and in my next article, we’ll get into one of the meaty mechanics that makes Web truly innovative.

Until next time,