DC HeroClix: No Man's Land Preview

DC HeroClix No Man’s Land Grand Prize: The Batcave!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

As we enter the final month of the DC HeroClix: Batman No Man’s Land Organized Play series, we take you below Wayne Manor to The Caped Crusader’s subterranean base of operations The Batcave!  Few know of The Batcave’s existence and even fewer know its location.  However, the winner of your store’s No Man’s Land Month Six OP event will receive The Batcave HeroClix Resource as a grand prize!


The Batcave can be played at two point costs.  When played at 85 points, The Batcave is assigned to a character when you build your force.  The character can be assigned the Utility Belt resource with up to six Utility Belt Items and a Utility Belt Costume at no cost.  For 10 points each, The Batcave can be assigned to additional characters.  Finally, when played at 85 points The Batcave adds Batcave Computer to your force.

In addition, The Batcave can be played at 100 points.  When played at this point cost, Batcave Computer and Alfred Pennyworth are added to your force.  The Batcave can’t be assigned to either Batcave Computer or Alfred Pennyworth.

When playing The Batcave, it must be placed in your starting area.  It can’t otherwise move or be placed by any game effect.  Each square occupied by The Batcave is considered to be clear terrain.  The Batcave Computer and Alfred Pennyworth are considered to occupy all the squares occupied by The BatcaveBatcave Computer and Alfred Pennyworth are separate characters and can be given actions during your turn.  Both characters can make attacks (and be attacked) from any square occupied by The Batcave.  You must defeat Alfred Pennyworth (if he is on your force) and Batcave Computer before you score Victory Points for The Batcave.  When The Batcave is defeated, remove it from the game.


Both the Batcave Computer and Alfred Pennyworth have their own combat dials; we’ll go over those in detail later.  The Batcave also has Offense and Defense dials.  At the beginning of your turn roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled.  Click both Offense and Defense dials that many times to the right.  All characters assigned The Batcave can use the powers and abilities shown on the Offense dial.  Opposing characters, on the other hand, can’t use the powers and abilities shown on the Defense dial if they target a character assigned The Batcave or are targeted by a character assigned The Batcave.  The Defense dial may also show a special power that modifies an opposing character’s combat values if they target an opposing character assigned The Batcave.

So let’s take a look at Alfred Pennyworth’s combat dial!


Alfred Pennyworth begins play with an attack value of 10 and a defense value of 16.  He also has a special power in his damage slot called Fully Stocked ER.  This special power lets Alfred Pennyworth use Support.  When he does, he can heal a friendly character even if he or the friendly character is adjacent to an opposing character.

Once Alfred Pennyworth is off his top click, he retains Fully Stocked ER and gains Willpower for the remainder of his dial.  Support replaces Fully Stocked ER on his last two clicks.  On his last click, Alfred Pennyworth gains another special power in his speed slot called Come Alfred, I Need You.  This power reads, “Give Alfred Pennyworth a power action.  Place a DC 12 Batman FF Set icon-02 #031 or DC 12 Batman FF Set icon-01#005 Alfred Pennyworth from outside the game in a square adjacent to The Batcave on click #3.  The Batcave is assigned to that character at no cost.  After actions resolve, deal this character 1 unavoidable damage.


The Batcave Computer has a range of eight squares and the Sharpshooter combat ability.  It also has a trait called Security Defense System.  With this trait, Batcave Computer can’t be targeted by opposing characters more than four squares away.  Also, Batcave Computer’s combat values can’t be modified or replaced.  When other friendly characters are on the map, the Batcave Computer may only attack adjacent characters and characters that have attacked it since its last turn.  When all other friendly characters have been defeated, Batcave Computer may target opposing characters regardless of range or line of fire.  Finally, Batcave Computer can’t be healed.

Batcave Computer begins its dial with two clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast and a pair of 11 attack values.  It also starts with two clicks of Invulnerability and a pair of 17 defensive values.  In its damage slot Batcave Computer has Shape Change on its first click and a damage value of 4.  Starting on its second click, Batcave Computer gains a short run of Plasticity but loses Shape Change.  A short run of Toughness replaces Invulnerability starting on Batcave Computer’s third click.

Mid-dial, Batcave Computer gains a special power called Controlled Explosion, which lets it use Pulse Wave.  When it does, friendly characters named “Alfred Pennyworth” are not affected by this use of Pulse Wave.  On the back end of Batcave Computer’s dial, it regains Plasticity for two clicks, then picks up Quake on its last two attack slots.

Both Batcave Computer and Alfred Pennyworth have the Batman Ally and Hypertime team abilities.

Again, The Batcave HeroClix Resource is the grand prize for the winner of your store’s No Man’s Land Month Six OP event.  We hope you’ve enjoyed playing in the No Man’s Land Organized Play series!