DC HeroClix: Batman Preview

The Vehicles of DC HeroClix: Batman – The Bug!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we conclude our Blue & Gold week with the transport of choice for the Blue Beetle (as well as the largest vehicle in the DC HeroClix: Batman set, resting on a 3 x 6 base), The Bug!

As with all of the vehicles found in DC HeroClix: Batman, The Bug can be played as an Autopilot (at 99 points) or Piloted  (at 139 points) addition to your force.   Either way, it can be included on a couple of different theme teams as it has the Justice League, Justice League International and Vehicle keywords.   The Bug is designated with a unique ring, and possesses the Flight and Giant combat abilities, so the Carry ability will always be an option.   In addition to the normal two dials, The Bug has two other dials called Hazardous Environment Dial and The Beetle Dial, which we will get into in a bit.   But first, the Autopilot dial.

The Bug begins play as a solid attack piece utilizing its Hypersonic Speed, while Invulnerability will protect it from counter attack.  A printed 6 range will also allow The Bug to make range attacks.    The Bug also can be a solid support piece for your force, as Telekinesis will allow it reposition figures and objects.  Having the ability to carry 6 figures is a benefit for your entire force, but The Bug goes a step further, with a special power called Skywire, allowing it to pick up friendly characters in squares The Bug passes adjacent to or through when given a move action, even if they weren’t adjacent at the beginning of that move action!

After the opening couple of clicks, The Bug moves into a more close combat orientated section of its dial, as it now has Charge, where it can use its printed 3 damage or use Quake, with its damage value locked at 2, but able to attack figures in up to 22 adjacent squares.  Invulnerability will continue to protect The Bug in this section of its dial.   The next section of dial on The Bug sees the return of both Telekinesis and the Skywire special power, this time with Toughness to provide damage reduction.  The Bug also sees the last click of move and attack on its dial as Charge sees its final click. 

The back end of The Bug’s dial on sees its powers shift again as Quake makes one last appearance before giving way for the rest of the dial to Poison.  Overlapping with these two attack powers are the last clicks of damage reduction, as Toughness makes its last showing on the dial.  Aside from Poison, the Skywire special power reappears for two more clicks at near the end of The Bug’s dial.

On the he Piloted version, nothing much changes on the first third of the dial of The Bug other than combat values.  This version also begins play with Hypersonic Speed, and it will appear on every odd number click of The Bug’s 12 click dial.  Impervious will provide damage reduction, if not allow The Bug to avoid damage altogether.   The Skyline special power is also available on the Piloted version of the Bug, but now it can carry only 5 friendly figures An 8 range with some solid damage potential makes for some great range attacks, or Energy Explosion can be used to try to break up those clusters of opposing figures.

We some new powers appear on the next third of The Bug’s dial; one last click of Impervious gives way to Invulnerability while Poison shows up for two clicks, before switching back for two more clicks of Energy Explosion.  This particular of The Bug’s dial has Perplex to modify a combat value where it will do the most good for your force.  The last section of dial on The Bug has both Poison and Skyline on it, and a final click of Invulnerability gives way to Toughness for the rest of the dial. 

As solid as the Piloted Version of The Bug is, its real value comes from using one or both of its Pilot Abilities and these will bring into play the extra two dials on The Bug.  These two dials will allow a bit of customizing what The Bug can do, allowing you adapt it to suit your needs.  First up is Beetle Built Some Nice Tricks into This Thing.   This ability has the prerequisites of either the Justice League team ability or the Scientist keyword.   “The Bug can use all powers and abilities on the Hazardous Environment dial.  When The Bug would take damage, you may click the Hazardous Environment dial instead.  The Bug is only wrecked when its Piloted dial is knocked out.”   Let’s take a look at what the Hazardous Environment dial adds to The Bug. 

First off, the 6 click Hazardous Environment dial has the Dolphin combat symbol, allowing The Bug to use the Swim ability.   Running Shot is on all the odd number clicks.  The front half of this dial has Willpower, allowing The Bug to act without fear of pushing damage.  The back half has Combat Reflexes, coming in very handy as The Bug has a lot of powers requiring adjacency to an opposing figure.    The attack slot has a special power for its entire length called Hazardous Environment Support, which says, “Give The Bug a move action and after actions resolve, if The Bug carried at least one friendly character, The Bug can use Support as a free action, modifying the result of the attack roll by +1 for each character carried.”  If the Skyline special power is showing on the regular dial of The Bug, the modifier should be easy to get.

The second Pilot ability is called I Know How to Keep this Baby Flying, and has the prerequisites of using either Blue Beetle or Booster Gold as your pilot.  The text of this ability is “The Bug can use all powers and abilities indicated on the Hazardous Environment dial and The Beetle dial.  When The Bug would take damage, you may click either the Hazardous Environment dial or The Beetle dial instead.  The Bug is only wrecked when its Piloted dial is knocked out.”

The defensive slot has a special power for the entire length of the 5 click The Beetle dial called Keep It Together…, that allows you to heal one click of damage on one of the other dials on The Bug immediately after the resolution of a move action.   This, in addition to the Hazardous Environment Support special power can provide a lot of healing for your force.   Beyond this special power, The Beetle dial brings two standard powers that were on the Autopilot dial, but not the Piloted dial, to The Bug.  Charge and Quake bring their uses to The Bug through this Pilot ability.

The Bug concludes our Blue and Gold week here on  Thank you so much for joining us and be sure to check back next week as we take a look at a Gotham City heroine who has donned three different identities in her short career!  Until then, have a great weekend and play some HeroClix!