DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Crime Syndicate Fast Forces Pack Pt 1!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we take a look at the DC Heroclix: Justice League Trinity War Crime Syndicate Fast Forces pack.  First up, the most powerful member Ultraman!


#001 Ultraman possesses an Improved Targeting ability called Ultra-Vision allowing him to ignore hindering terrain for line of fire purposes.  He also has a trait called Syndicate Rules, that says when he is part of a Crime Syndicate theme team you may add one use of theme team Probability Control to your pool when your opponent uses theme team Probability Control.

Ultraman has a 7 range with 1 target, the Flight ability, and the Indomitable combat ability.  At 250 points, Ultraman begins play with a couple clicks of Hypersonic Speed.  He will have Precision Strike alternating on and off over half his dial.  On the first two clicks with Precision Strike, he has a special power calked Ruler of His Earth, allowing him to use Impervious and Mastermind.  Additionally, when he rolls a 4 for Impervious he reduces damage dealt by 3.  On alternating clicks he has Invulnerability.  On clicks 3 and 4, he has.

Click 5 sees his 150 point start line.  As before, Ultraman starts with Hypersonic Speed, Precision Strike and his Ruler of the Earth defensive special power.  The next click sees the return of Charge and Invulnerability.  After this, Ultraman spends a couple clicks changing between Sidestep with Combat Reflexes and Charge with Toughness.

On his last click, Ultraman has Earthbound/ Neutralized, countering his Flight and Indomitable abilities, Toughness  and a new special power called Secret Kryptonite Recharge.  This power says that when this click is revealed due to damage taken from an opposing figure, stop turning the dial.  Ultraman may be given a free action to destroy an unheld object within 4 squares to use Regeneration as a free action.

Ultraman possesses the Brute, Crime Syndicate, and Ruler keywords.

Next up we’ll take a look at the woman he has claimed as his own, though she has her own opinion on the matter, #003 Superwoman!


Superwoman has a trait called Choose Your Loyalty: Ultraman or Owlman?  This trait tells you to pick Ultraman or Owlman at the beginning of the game.  If you choose Ultraman, any friendly Ultraman and Superwoman can use Super Strength.  If you choose Owlman, he modifies his defense by +1, and Superwoman can use Combat Reflexes.

Starting on her 150 point line, Superwoman takes the fight to your opponent with a couple of clicks of ChargeInvulnerability will provide her damage reduction on these clicks.  She also has a special power on these clicks called Lasso of Inhabitations Released.  This power reads “When Superwoman hits a character with a close combat attack, place an Unfettered Inhibitions token on that character’s card if it doesn’t have one already. Characters with an Unfettered Inhibitions token on their card can’t ignore pushing damage and can’t be targeted by a friendly character’s Perplex. A character with an Unfettered Inhibition token on its card may be given a double power action to remove the token.“  On click #2, Superwoman has a click of Close Combat Expert.  Her next click sees the addition of Flurry, with Toughness to reduce damage.

Click #4 is Superwoman’s 100 point starting line, and it starts as before with Charge, Invulnerability and her L Lasso of Inhabitations Released  special power.  She also has Close Combat Expert on this click.  On her next click she goes back to Flurry with Toughness to protect her for a couple of clicks.   On her last click of this section, Superwoman regains Close Combat Expert for a couple of clicks.  She also has Quake on these clicks.  On her last click, Superwoman may be able to heal back up to her 100 point starting line with Regeneration.

Superwoman can be played in theme using her Amazon and Crime Syndicate keywords.

So we’ve seen the Ultraman figure from this fast forces pack that Superwoman’s trait can effect, let’s see the other man she manipulates, Owlman!


Owlman has a trait called All My Father’s Men Belong to Me.  This trait allows Owlman to use Stealth and, when building your force, friendly characters with the Gotham City or Police keyword also have the Gotham City Underworld keyword.  He also has an Improved Targeting ability that lets him ignore hindering and an Improved Movement ability that ignores hindering and elevated terrain called I Own the Night.

On his 150 point starting line, Owlman starts with a special power called Into The Shadows, which lets him use Charge, and lets you give him a free action to place him in a square of hindering terrain within 4 squares and line of fire.  He also has a defensive special power called All Crime Profits Me in the End.  This power lets Owlman use Mastermind and Toughness, and when he uses Mastermind.   Over his first three clicks, Exploit Weakness will swap with Outwit.  On his third click, he gains a click of Sidestep.

Click #4 is Owlman’s 100 point starting line.  He starts with the same special powers in his movement and defense slots, and now he has another in his damage slot called Secretly *I* Run the World, allowing him to use Empower, Enhancement, and Outwit.  Next up on his dial is a click of Sidestep and Combat Reflexes.  On his last two clicks Owlman has Flurry and Precision Strike, as well as Outwit an Exploit Weakness.

Owlman has the Crime Syndicate and Gotham City Underworld keywords.

That’s all we have for now.  Be sure to check back soon as we show off the other figures in the upcoming DC Heroclix: Justice League Trinity War Crime Syndicate Fast Forces pack.

DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Superman & Ultraman!



Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today, we’re excited to introduce our series of previews for the DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War! Of course, there’s no finer way to introduce the set than by featuring a pair of powerhouses starting with the face of the DC Universe, the Man of Steel, Superman!


Superman possesses a trait called “A New Kind of Justice League,” which will make already effective Justice League teams even more dangerous. Granting any adjacent friendly characters with a lower point value and the Justice League keyword the Superman Ally team ability will allow for strategic positioning options and opens up characters like Booster Gold, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and Guy Gardner to freely take ranged combat shots at opposing characters without having to worry about Stealth getting in the way. Better yet, if you pair Superman with Batman or Wonder Woman, those characters don’t have to be adjacent or have a lower point value to take advantage of this spectacular trait.

The Special Powers that Superman has run the gamut of his abilities. In the middle of his dial on his attack, he has a Special Power called “Freeze Breath” which grants Superman Incapacitate. On top of that, if he uses it as a close combat action, he’s able to target all adjacent opposing characters! Additionally, when using it as a ranged combat action, if his target is hit, all untargeted characters adjacent to the target are hit. That’s some serious board control! To go along with that on his attack he has the standard power Super Strength at the top and near the close of his dial.

Defensively, Superman starts off with a 19 defense and a click of Invincible, before transitioning into his Defense Special Power called “True Invulnerability Comes From Within,” which grants Clark the use of Impervious. As a bonus, if Superman was damaged by an opposing character’s attack since your last turn, Superman is healed of one damage. Later on down the dial, Superman has Invulnerability, and then closes out his dial with super senses. Not to be overlooked is the fact that he is Indomitable, so don’t be afraid to push the Kryptonian hero!

Superman has a damage Special Power on his top dial of both his 250 and 115 point starting lines called “Inspiring Hero.” This grants Superman the ability to use Leadership. With that comes a great added effect – if he does use Leadership and succeeds, the attack and defense values of all friendly characters is modified by +1 until your next turn. He closes out his attack with two clicks of Ranged Combat Expert, which play together nicely with both the Superman Ally team ability, and his seven range.

Superman’s dial begins strongly for his movement powers, starting with a 12 with Hypersonic Speed, before moving through Running Shot, Charge, and finally closing out with Sidestep. Superman  never lacks for mobility, and this dial has it in spades – every click leaves options for Superman to get into the mix or out of trouble, and his damage levels will leave your opponent second guessing their positioning against a team featuring the last son of Krypton.

As mentioned earlier, Superman has two point costs for his dial, opening with 250 points for 10 clicks, or 115 points for 5 clicks. He also features the keywords Justice League, Kryptonian, Metropolis, and Trinity, which will allow Kal-El to fit in on many themed teams as the featured attacker. He also qualifies for several significant Additional Team Abilities (ATAs), including Justice League: Silver Age, Justice League Dark, and Kryptonian. With all those strong ATAs, don’t overlook Justice League: New 52, which will make use of his “Inspiring Hero” special power.

And now we have one of the members of the twisted alternate version of the Justice League on Earth 3 known as the Crime Syndicate!


Ultraman possesses a long dormant team ability representing his corrupt alliance of evil.  To recap, you can find a description of the Crime Syndicate team ability (as well as all other DC HeroClix team abilities) here.

That use of Probability Control (even at the potential expense of his allies) as well as the Improved symbol granting him the ability to ignore hindering terrain for line of fire means that opposing characters will have a hard time avoiding the deadly attacks of Ultraman.

Being a mirror opposite of Superman, Ultraman is weaker when exposed to the sun.  This is represented on his dial by the trait Hiding From the Sun, which prevents his powers from being countered when Ultraman occupies hindering terrain.  And seeing as the Wing symbol allows him to move in and out of hindering terrain at will, Ultraman should have no problem staying in the shade.

When selecting to start Ultraman on his larger point value of 225, he starts off with 2 clicks of Hypersonic Speed, Super Strength, and Invincible.  But don’t let this focus on up close brawling powers cause you to miss his 8 range and the Ranged Combat Expert present on his second as well as his fourth click which doubles as the starting line of his 125 point value.

It’s still damage reducers all the way down Ultraman’s dial even once the first two clicks of Invincible wear off with Impervious, Invulnerability, and Toughness for two clicks each.  And to burn through your opponents damage reducers, the ever-popular combination of Running Shot and Penetrating/Psychic Blast make an appearance on clicks 3 and 5, letting Ultraman dish out the penetrating damage.  But even when those powers aren’t around on clicks 4 and 6, Charge accompanies the return of Super Strength to keep the big hits coming.

As he is known to fly off the handle quite a bit more easily than Superman, Ultraman ends his dial off with a couple clicks of Battle Fury and brings back Hypersonic Speed.  This rage, coupled with the Indomitable symbol granting him Willpower throughout his dial, means Ultraman will not stop until all of his opponents are no longer capable of interfering with his plans.

Ultraman has the Crime Syndicate and Ruler keywords representing his megalomaniacal tendencies and can either be a tentpole figure at his full 225 point value or a bit more of a (moderately reluctant) team player when fielded at 125 points.

Now that you’ve seen the good and the evil versions of the Man of Steel, please join us next time when we continue the sneak peek at the DC Heroclix: Justice League Trinity War set with a look at the mystical side of the New 52 universe.