Preview Star Trek Tactics III

Star Trek HeroClix Tactics Series III: I.R.W. Avatar of Tomed!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

For today’s Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics III preview, we take a look at a Romulan warbird that engaged in an alliance with the Borg Collective in order to destroy the Federation and gain vengeance on Captain James T. Kirk and the Enterprise.  We are pleased to present IRW Avatar of Tomed!


Utterly consumed by revenge for her grandfather’s defeat by Kirk, the Romulan known as Salatrel commanded IRW Avatar of Tomed against Federation Captain Jean-Luc PicardIRW Avatar of Tomed comes into play at 125 points and has a trait called From Their Ashes I Will Make Fire.  This trait prevents healing for opposing ships that are within four squares of IRW Avatar of Tomed and are marked with an Assimilation token.

IRW Avatar of Tomed begins its dial with an aggressive mix of Penetrating/Psychic Blast on its first four clicks and Outwit on its top three clicks.  Defensively, IRW Avatar of Tomed opens with a click of Super Senses to evade attacks, then shifts to a pair of Invulnerability clicks.

No standard or special powers appear on IRW Avatar of Tomed’s speed slot but the ship has fairly consistent combat values and a range of seven squares.  IRW Avatar of Tomed also has the Borg and Romulan Star Empire team abilities.  These team abilities respectively lets IRW Avatar of Tomed place Assimilation tokens when it hits opposing ships and prevents opposing ships that possess a chosen keyword from reducing damage to less than 1.

Once IRW Avatar of Tomed has reached the middle of its dial, it replaces Penetrating/Psychic Blast with Pulse Wave and gains Willpower for the remainder of the match.

Reanimating Kirk through Borg technology was part of Salatrel’s plans, and the famous Enterprise captain was convinced into thinking he was a Romulan loyalist whose family was massacred by Captain Picard.  On IRW Avatar of Tomed, this phase of Salatrel’s plan is shown as three clicks of Perplex.

Mobility may be an issue for IRW Avatar of Tomed but its point cost leaves room for other friendly ships that can make up for the deficiency while Salatrel’s vessel chooses when it will strike.  In addition, IRW Avatar of Tomed has a quartet of keywords (Borg, Robot, Romulan, and Soldier) that should be helpful for team building.

Thanks for reading!  Join us next week for our next Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics Series III preview!

Star Trek Tactics II

Star Trek HeroClix Tactics II: The U.S.S. Enterprise-D!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we boldly go where no one has gone before with another preview from the upcoming Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics II.  Today we preview the flagship of the “next generation” of the Federation, the U.S.S. Enterprise-D!


U.S.S. Enterprise-D begins the game taking the fight to your opponent with Running Shot.  Penetrating/ Psychic Blast will make sure your range combat attacks damage will stick.  U.S.S. Enterprise-D is protected from counter attack by Invulnerability.   U.S.S. Enterprise-D has the ability to add an extra action to your action pool with Leadership.

On its second click, U.S.S. Enterprise-D has a few clicks of Perplex added to its dial.  On this click, it also gains a special power called Saucer Separation.   This power says “U.S.S. Enterprise-D can use Hypersonic Speed; when it does, before it moves, place a bystander token as described on this card in an adjacent square. Remove the bystander token at the beginning of your next turn. If the bystander is destroyed, deal U.S.S. Enterprise-D 1 unavoidable damage.”   The Saucer Section possesses Running Shot with a 6 range, and Toughness to give it a bit of damage reduction.

Mid-dial, U.S.S. Enterprise-D gains the ability to deal penetrating damage to multiple targets with Pulse Wave.  Toughness provides a little bit of damage reduction through this part of the dial.  On its middle two clicks, U.S.S. Enterprise-D has the ability to lock opposing vessels in place or give itself a better chance to break away with Plasticity.  At the end of its dial, U.S.S. Enterprise-D regains its Saucer Separation power.  This, along with its 10 range, will help get the most out of Energy Shield Deflection, making it harder to hit from range.

U.S.S. Enterprise-D possesses the uncopyable Federation team ability, allowing it to modify its defense by +1 when it is attacked by a ship with one or more action tokens on it.  U.S.S. Enterprise can be included on theme teams utilizing the Federation, Scientist, and Soldier keywords.   At 150 points, U.S.S. Enterprise will be half of your force, and has the silver unique ring on his dial.

Thank you for joining us for this Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics II preview.  Be sure to come back next week as we take a closer look at the mysterious Breen and their formidable warships! Until then, keep your Clix off their K.O.’s!