DC HeroClix: Teen Titans Preview

DC HeroClix Teen Titans: Skitter!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s preview from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Teen Titans set, we take a look at a figure from the most recent version of the Teen Titans.  She’s a metahuman insectoid brought unto the team by Red Robin, Skitter!


Skitter  has an Improved Movement combat ability appropriately called Skittering, allowing her to ignore both Elevated and Hindering terrain, as well as characters for movement purposes.  Skitter begins play lashing out at an opposing figure with Charge.  Once in position, she can use her printed damage, or opt to try for more damage with her multiple arms in the form of Blades/Claws/Fangs.  Defensively, Skitter has the opportunity to evade an attack with her scary looks, represented by Shape Change.  If an opposing figure makes a successful attack, her exoskeleton will protect her, as Impervious will allow her to reduce damage or ignore it out right.  Skitter’s next click sees Shape Change and Impervious replaced with Invulnerability, as she now relies on her hard shell for protection.

Mid dial, Skitter gains a special power called Webbing, allowing her to use Plasticity.  Also, characters can’t break away automatically from Skitter, or use Improved Movement: Characters while adjacent to her.   This special power will be on all clicks except her last.  Another click into her dial and Skitter shows her strong arms aren’t just for cutting as she now has Super Strength to grab an object with which to hit a foe.    Skitter has the ability to deliver a piercing blow as Exploit Weakness will make her damage penetrating.   Also at this point, Skitter again changes damage reducers to Toughness, as her shell has been weakened.

On her last click, Skitter goes into a regenerating cocoon.   She has printed 0 for movement, attack and damage, and again uses Impervious, paired with a 19 defense, to defend herself.  She also has a special power called Cocoon Healing, which can’t be countered, allowing her to use Regeneration.

Skitter can be played on theme teams using the Teen Titans and Monster keywords.  She possesses the Teen Titans team ability, which combined with her special power, can make her a useful healing battery for other friendly figures using this team ability.  She also becomes a solid tie up piece with the ability to deal some solid damage through most of her dial.  At 104 points, there will be plenty of room for support for her on your force.

That is all for today.  Come back soon as we continue to preview figures from the upcoming upcoming DC HeroClix: Teen Titans set!

DC HeroClix: Batman Preview

DC HeroClix Batman: Red Robin!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back to another preview from the DC HeroClix: Batman set.  Today we visit a hero who deduced the Caped Crusader’s secret identity and became his sidekick.  Today’s preview then eventually struck out on his own and changed his identity to lead the latest version of the Teen Titans; we are pleased to present Tim Drake, Red Robin!

Red Robin possesses a trait called I Know Bruce’s Tricks, which allows him to use Stealth if he is within 8 squares of another character that possesses the Batman Ally team ability.  (Note that this trait doesn’t specify that a figure must be friendly for this to work!)

On his opening click, Red Robin possesses a click of Toughness to protect him from some damage while Leadership allows Red Robin get his team into position with the potential to add another action to your action pool as well as remove an action token from an adjacent friendly figure.

After than initial click, Red Robin takes himself into battle.  Running Shot with the Flight combat ability will help him work around the Stealth granted by his trait as he rushes into battle.  A 4 range may be on the shorter side, but it will get him close enough to the action to set up the back end of his dial.  Perplex will allow Red Robin modify a combat stat where it will do himself or his team the most good.  Defensively, Red Robin has a special power called My Wings Will Protect Me that allows him to use Energy Shield Deflection, and if targeted by a range combat attack, Toughness as well.

Towards the end of his dial end, Red Robin gains Flurry on every click as he engages his opposition, while some more Toughness helps protect him from damage.  Red Robin also has a couple of clicks of Outwit to deprive an opposing figure of a key power.

Red Robin possesses the Teen Titans team ability to allow him to heal himself or an ally using this team ability.  The Batman Family, Detective, Teen, and Teen Titans keywords will provide plenty of theme team options for Red Robin to be put on.  At only 80 points, Red Robin brings a solid array of support powers, and will make an excellent secondary attack piece as he backs up his team’s heavy hitters!

Thanks for joining us and be sure to come back soon as we preview more figures from  the upcoming DC HeroClix: Batman set!