Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself organized play Preview Special

Marvel HeroClix Fear Itself: Kuurth of the Worthy!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we continue to explore the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself storyline Organized Play series! Earlier this week, Figures.Com spotlighted the Blitzkrieg U.S.A. scenario pack in an advanced review where fans got to see the first of the Worthy, Skadi, and her nemesis Captain America.

Next, we brought you a preview of The Book of the Skull resource dial which will be one of two participation prizes from the Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself month one Organized Play kit.  (Stay tuned for details on the second participation prize soon!) The Book of the Skull will fuel your quest for the eight Hammers of the Worthy over six months’ worth of play in Fear Itself, and will become more powerful with each event!

Today, we bring you one of Skadi’s Worthy; an unstoppable warrior empowered by the crimson energies of Cytorrak and now granted one of the eight mystic Hammers of the Worthy by the Serpent.  He is Kuurth, Breaker of Stone!

026 Kuurth

The first thing we notice about Kuurth (Breaker of Stone) is that he has the Improved Movement ability, specifically in regards to hindering and blocking terrain (the latter being destroyed as Kuurth rampages through it).  Plan 4 :Unstoppable ensures that Kuurth will not be stymied by map environment once he’s set his eyes on his prey!

Next up we see that Kuurth (Breaker of Stone) possesses a trait appropriately entitled the Hammer of Kuurth.  Hammer of Kuurth allows him to use Charge for his entire dial, meaning that Kuurth will be able to really take advantage of his Plan 4: Unstoppable trait as he redecorates whatever map he happens to find himself on.  Additionally, Hammer of Kuurth states that if Kuurth is KOed, you may place his Hammer special object  (Fear Itself #s101 Kuurth Hammer) in an adjacent square.  If a friendly figure attempts to pick it up, they get a +1 to their relic roll for it!  Talk about keeping your toys for your team!

Early-dial, we see that Kuurth has Super Strength, allowing him to dish out more damage with objects, which is saying something considering he begins play with an opening 11 attack and 5 damage!  In addition to these already impressive capabilities, Kuurth possesses a special power (first on his opening click, and then sprinkled throughout his dial) called Grab and Smash. Grab and Smash not only allows Kuurth to break away automatically, but he can use the Carry ability to take an opposing character along for the ride! And as if re-positioning an opposing figure wasn’t good enough, if Kuurth happens to carry his enemy through walls or blocking terrain, that figure is going to take damage equal to the number of walls and/or squares of blocking terrain they travelled through! (Maximum of 4 damage) Talk about adding injury to insult!

Grab and Smash alternates throughout Kuurth’s dial with Exploit Weakness, meaning when Kuurth isn’t playing taxi to his foes, he’s rending their defense with penetrating damage!   Mid-dial, we see the first appearance of Kuurth’s Revert: Juggernaut special power, allowing you to give Kuurth a free action and replace him with a figure named Juggernaut of an equal or lesser point value, the same number of clicks from it’s starting line. As an added bonus, you may assign the Fear Itself #s101 Kuurth Hammer special object to that figure (but it can’t be given an action this turn).

Invulnerability replaces Impervious as Kuurth’s damage reducer of choice at this point as well.

Finally, toward the end-dial, Kuurth picks up Quake, allowing him to attack multiple targets with the same attack,  and Toughness helps prevent some late-game damage to Kuurth on his final two clicks.

Kuurth can be played on theme teams built with the Asgardian, Brute, Deity, The Worthy, and Thunderbolts keywords.  The Indomitable combat ability will let him act two turns in a row with no fear of pushing damage.  At 199 points, Kuurth brings outstanding damage output, along with an attack value that will all but ensure he can get the job done, while allowing for easy substitution with a Juggernaut figure if you elect to use the Revert special power.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this close look at Kuurth (Breaker of Stone).  Please join us next week when we continue our look at Marvel HeroClix Fear Itself with another villain-turned-Worthy who served the Serpent as his “Breaker of Wills“.  Until then, keep your clix off their K.O.s and do not give in to fear!

Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself organized play Preview

Marvel HeroClix Fear Itself: Book of the Skull!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we dive a bit deeper into the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself storyline Organized Play event series.  Earlier this week Figures.Com offered a fantastic first look at the Fear Itself: Blitzkrieg U.S.A. scenario pack (in stores May 15th!), and today we are pleased to spotlight the first of two participation prizes found in the Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself month one Organized Play kit, The Book of the Skull resource dial!

Let’s take a look at the rules for this new resource dial; everything from setting up and assigning it, what it does for your force , and scoring points for it.


Like other Resource items found in storyline Organized Play, The Book of the Skull has a base point value that increases as you add other objects to it.  In this case, the objects that further empower The Book of the Skull are none other than the eight Hammers of the Worthy! The first Hammer, Skadi’s Hammer, can be found in the Blitzkrieg U.S.A. scenario pack, and each successive Hammer can be collected by attending your local game store’s Fear Itself monthly events!

The Book of the Skull only costs 6 points to add to your force, plus an additional 3 points for each Hammer of the Worthy that you add to it (with each Hammer fitting into its own sculpted area for ease of play).  Unlike previous resource dials, The Book of the Skull and any attached Hammers are actually assigned to your entire force, rather than one specific figure! Your entire team can be the Worthy!

Skull Equip

Each turn (as described on the card image above) a Hammer may be placed in a friendly character’s square. Immediately after the Hammer has been placed in a friendly character’s square, that character can use Quake as a free action! (After all, those Hammers hit the ground with a lot of force!)

Furthermore, that character may be given a power action to place the Hammer on its character card and that Hammer is now automatically equipped without the normal relic roll! However,if your character does not use a power action to lift the Hammer on the same turn, the Hammer becomes a standard Relic per normal rules, so choose who gets which Hammer carefully because as it states above: “Unless specified otherwise, a character may only be equipped with one Hammer.”  But we’ll get to that bit when we look at what The Book of the Skull can do.

So we’ve looked at how The Book of the Skull operates as a fantastic Hammer delivery vehicle (beep! beep!), but what other tricks has it got up its (non-existent) sleeves?

Skull Empowered 

Basically, each turn you can choose one friendly character equipped with a Hammer to use modifiers and power granted by The Book of the Skull.  And the more Hammers that began the game on The Book of the Skull, the more options you have!

So, if 1 or 2 Hammers were attached at the beginning of the game, your selected character can use slot 1 on The Book of the Skull’s dial.  If 3 or 4 Hammers were attached, the selected character can use slots 1 and 2; if 5 or 6 Hammers were attached, the selected character can use slots 1, 2 and 3;  and finally if  7 or 8 Hammers were attached, your selected character can use all of the slots!

But wait! There’s MORE:

“When a combat symbol appears on The Book of the Skull’s dial, the chosen character modifies that combat value by +1. When a bonus (e.g., +1) appears on The Book of the Skull’s dial, the chosen character modifies all of their combat values by the indicated amount. Otherwise, The Book of the Skull’s dial shows a power that the chosen character can use.”  

So, for example, on click number 10, the selected character would be able to modify its attack by +1, due to the standard attack symbol found in slot 1.  On click 22, all combat values would be modified by +2.

Skull Dial 1

This is a pretty straight forward way gain access to powers and combat modifiers on the dial.  Did a friendly character with a Hammer equipped damage an opposing figure?  Roll a d6 and click The Book of the Skull that many times.   Was that opposing figure KO’d?  Click it 3 more times.   And if the red line is crossed, click one more time.

Skull Dial 2

OK; once 3 friendly characters are equipped with Hammers, a power action can be given to a figure to exchange Hammers, allowing you to get the best use out of them for your figures.  This can be very helpful as it allows you to adjust the strengths of your team in response to what’s happening in your game.

After 4 different friendly figures have been equipped with a Hammer each, they can double up.  And after 7 Hammers have been equipped to your figures, all friendly figures with a Hammer can use the Power Cosmic team ability!

And that’s not all! Provided you begin the game with the requisite number of Hammers attached, as The Book of the Skull’s dial progresses throughout the game your selected character will gain access to all manner of standard and special powers! The standard powers can be seen on the dial image above, bit here’s a close-up of the special powers available toward the end of the resource dial:

Skull Powers

We should also note that regardless of how many (or few) Hammers you include on your force, your selected character will also enjoy bonuses to all of their combat values, beginning on click 17 on The Book of the Skull’s dial.

Finally, let’s look at how Victory points are scored in regards to The Book of the Skull and its Hammers:

Skull VP

This is pretty straight forward, a KO’d character is worth 3 points more for each Hammer equipped to them, and these Hammers are removed from the game.  And the player who K.O.’s the last figure on your force gets the points for The Book of the Skull and any Hammers still attached to it.

We hope you have enjoyed this special look at The Book of the Skull resource dial from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself storyline Organized Play series.  In May, HeroClix fans will be able to enjoy a sneak-peek of the Fear Itself action with the Blitzkrieg U.S.A. scenario pack, and then in June Fear Itself tournaments will kick off in stores everywhere HeroClix is played!

Will you be Worthy, or are you Mighty? Will you conquer Fear Itself? Only YOU can decide!  

Preview TabApp

Marvel HeroClix TabApp: Marvel Super Heroes Are Here!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Since we first announced the existence of HeroClix TabApp, there’s been a great deal of speculation and questions.  “What is HeroClix TabApp?” folk have been asking.  Well, if you were fortunate enough to attend Gen Con Indy 2012, you may have taken the opportunity to examine and play this innovative and fun offering from WizKids Games/NECA; a real-time super hero application aimed at a younger audience for the iPad (and soon for the Android platform as well!).  Utilizing HeroClix powers and abilities based upon HeroClix and physical figures to unlock content, HeroClix TabApp bridges the tabletop and digital HeroClix experience!

Check it Out

HeroClix TabApp provides a fast, fun solo play experience based upon the widely popular HeroClix game engine.  HeroClix TabApp demonstrates the most basic HeroClix game concepts to younger players and over time, these new players will eventually unlock the full depth and glory of the full HeroClix platform through continued play and exposure to the larger HeroClix world through our website.

To begin play with HeroClix TabApp, simply download the app from the iTunes App Store and place your figure on it’s corresponding graphic on the screen.  The contact points on the bottom of the HeroClix TabApp base relay to the game which figure you are using and begins play in a character-specific storyline and game.  Cut scenes introduce each level, and when you’re ready enemies begin swarming in to defeat you! Simply touch the enemies on the screen you wish to attack, unlock power-ups with a swipe, and unleash special attacks (like Thor’s lightning below) all with the tip of your fingers! (click on image below to enlarge)


HeroClix TabApp is a real-time super hero adventure game intended for ages 8 and up.  The big bonus is that each HeroClix TabApp figure is 100% compatible with the HeroClix game engine and comes with its own character card, and today we take our first in-depth look at the figures that comprise our first two Marvel HeroClix TabApp sets starting with the Marvel Super Heroes pack.

 At 96 points, Captain America is ready to lead your HeroClix TabApp figures into battle! Captain America begins the game with Running Shot to maneuver himself into position and sling his shield at his enemies, and the Improved Movement ability (signified by the running man image) allows him to ignore hindering terrain (the green square) and other characters (the radial dial image) when moving further enhancing his mobility in the game! An initial click of Leadership demonstrates Captain America’s inspiring presence on the battlefield.

And that’s not all! Captain America’s Protected By the Vibranium Shield Trait allows him to use Energy Shield/Deflection and share it with an adjacent friendly figure of a lower point value!

After his first click, Captain America then switches to Charge as he moves into close-combat agains his foes, and a subsequent click of Flurry allows Captain America to really dish out the punishment to opposing figures!

Mid- to late-dial Captain America repeats the powers in his speed slot in the same order, while his initial click of Invulnerability and then Toughness are replaced with Combat Reflexes, ensuring that the good Captain is tougher to hit in close combat!

Speaking of close combat, late-dial Captain America gains Close Combat Expert allowing for a greater damage potential and then finally Perplex as Captain America first feints and fakes out his opponents, and gives a little extra where it will do the most good in battle!

with a 100% HeroClix fully compatible dial, Captain America is ready to action! With his Avengers, Past, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Soldier keywords, including Captain America on your next HeroClix force will be a snap, or download HeroClix TabApp and play the solo game for some real-time heroic action!

Next we are happy to spotlight the God of Thunder, Thor!

Thor begins play with a Trait entitled The Mighty Avenger which allows him to use Super Strength.  This Trait is very useful as Thor moves into position for the attack (thanks to his Mjolnir’s Song special power), enabling to grab an object while preparing for his ranged attack (again, thanks to the Mjolnir’s Song special power).

Early- to mid-dial Thor trades his special power for straight up Charge as he puts his Super Strength (and strategically placed objects) to best use – IN MELEE! And if close combat isn’t really your thing, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, and later Pulse Wave, give you plenty of ranged combat options thanks to Thor’s 7 range value!

Toward the end of his dial, Thor exchanges Charge for Flurry as he lets the full fury of his Asgardian might loose upon his foes! With a full dial of the Indomitable ability, Thor can also act two turns in a row ensuring that he will always be ready for battle!

Thor is first protected by a single click of Impervious.  After that initial click, Thor enjoys damage reduction from both Invulnerability and then Toughness.

At 155 points, Thor is a great asset to your HeroClix force, particularly on teams utilizing the Asgardian, Avengers, Diety, or Warrior keywords!  And like Captain America above, Thor is fully compatible for both the HeroClix TabApp game as well as traditional HeroClix games!

Completing our trio of Avengers is none other than the “Armored Avenger” –  Iron Man!

HeroClix TabApp Iron Man is ready for battle!  Iron Man speeds onto the battlefield attacking his enemies thanks to both Running Shot and the Sharpshooter ability! Early-dial Penetrating/Psychic Blast allows Iron Man to bypass the damage-reducing powers of opposing figures while Outwit, Perplex, and Ranged Combat Expert all give Iron Man the option to do the greatest damage where it will do the greatest good!

Mid- and late-dial Iron Man demonstrates his resiliency with two clicks of his Armor Self-Defense special power.  Armor Self-Defense allows Iron Man to use Energy Shield/Deflection, Toughness, and Regeneration (!) allowing him to stay in the fight longer! And if Iron Man would rather fight than attempt to heal, Exploit Weakness ensures that if he hits, he’s bypassing the damage-reducing powers of his targets!

Initially, Iron Man enjoys the damage reduction afforded by Impervious, but later trades that for first Invulnerability and then finally Toughness.

At 149 points, Iron Man is a bargain with both the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. team abilities as well as the Armor, Avengers, Illuminati, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Scientist keywords!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first look at the HeroClix TabApp and combat dials for the Marvel Super Heroes HeroClix TabApp pack! HeroClix TabApp packs will be available at Toys ‘R Us, Wal Mart, you friendly local game and comic stores later this month, and you can get the HeroClix TabApp app FOR FREE  in the iTunes App Store!

Thanks for joining us for this exciting look at HeroClix TabApp.  Be sure to take a moment and check out the preview for the Marvel HeroClix Wolverine and the X-Men TabApp pack as well!

Marvel HeroClix 10th Anniversary Preview

Marvel HeroClix 10th Anniversary: Thor, God of Thunder!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome as we present another preview from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary set.  Today’s previews take us from the halls of Asgard to the roster of the Avengers on Midgard.  We present the Mighty Thor! 

Thor begins play using his 8 range with two targets coupled with Running Shot to take the fight to his opponents.  Adding to his first strike capability is the Avengers Initiative team ability, which will allow him to ignore hindering terrain for movement and line of fire purposes.  An opening click of Impervious will allow Thor to reduce damage, if not ignore it completely.   After this, Invulnerability will deduce damage for a couple of clicks.

In his mid-dial, Thor switches to Toughness for the rest of his dial as his stats begin to sag before taking an end-dial upswing.  As his attack values get back to printed a printed 10 and 11, and his damage rises to 4 and 5, Thor charges headlong into battle with Charge.

Based on Thor #096 from the Marvel HeroClix: Ultimates set, Thor has the generic Celebrity and Deity keywords, as well as the previously mentioned Avengers Initiative team ability.  At 120 points, there is plenty of room to build supporting figures around Thor.

Like all sets of heroes and villains in Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary, Thor has the Battlefield Promotion ability allowing him to switch to a different version.  Battlefield Promotion: Thor When Thor hits one or more opposing characters, after actions resolve, place a Promotion Token on his character card. You may then roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled and add 1 for each Promotion Token on his character card; on a result of 8 or higher, you may replace this character with Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary  #005 Thor on the same click number.

Thor #005 can be played at both the 200 and 100 point levels.  If you choose to play him at 200 points, he has a trait called God of Thunder, allowing him to use Willpower.  Thor begins play using Running Shot with his 8 range and 2 targets to begin the battle.  On his way, Thor can use his Super Strength to grab an object to pummel any opposing figure foolish enough to base him.  An opening click of Impervious will protect him from the inevitable retaliation.  On his second click, Thor reaches the height of his attack power as he adds a couple clicks of Pulse Wave and a 12 attack to his dial.  Invulnerability will be his damage reducer for a few clicks at this point.

Next up on his dial, Charge gives Thor the option to engage a foe in close combat, while Pulse Wave can help set up the use of his special power, Master of the Storm.  This power makes all opposing figures within 5 squares of Thor have the standard movement ability if he hits an opposing character with a range combat attack.  Next up, Thor regains Running Shot and Impervious, and sees the first couple of clicks of Quake added to his dial.

At this point in his dial, Thor has his 100 point starting line.  Running Shot, Quake and Impervious are still present on his dial.  On the next section of his dial, Thor switches to a close combat beast as he has Charge and Super Strength, the latter of which will be on the rest of his dial.  Invulnerability returns for this section of his dial as well.

At the end of his dial, Thor picks up a new power as Flurry allows two close combat attacks, and his combat values take an end-dial upswing.  The return of Master of the Storm will again provide some board control for his force.  Toughness will be his damage reducer for the rest of dial.

Thor has a good selection of keywords, including Asgardian, Avengers, Deity, Ruler, and Warrior.  With solid combat values and an aggressive power set, Thor will be a solid addition to any force you include him on, weather you choose to play him at 100 or 200 points, or bring him to your force through the Battlefield Promotion ability.



Chaos War Preview

The Mighty Avenger – Thor!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we continue to explore the Marvel HeroClix: Chaos War by visiting a mortal physician with a thunderous secret identity.  We are pleased to bring you Dr. Donald Blake!


Donald Blake has spent most of his life as a doctor, and showing his skill is his trait, Doctor, Not a Fighter, which makes it so his combat abilities can’t be modified.   Donald Blake shows his medical training skills with a full dial of Support, which backed by printed 11 and 10 attack values, should succeed to heal a friendly character on most, if not all attempts.  Donald Blake has a slow movement value due to being partially disabled and using a walking stick to get around.

Donald Blake has the Avengers keyword, making him an inexpensive way to fill points on a theme team, or at 33 points, be a cheap, efficient medic on any force you choose include him.

But, should this not be enough, from his second click on, Donald Blake may tap his walking stick twice to transform himself using his special power, Alter Ego: Thor, God of Lightning!   “Give Donald Blake a power action that deals no pushing damage and replace this character with Chaos War #038 Thor, Chaos War #202 Thor, or Chaos War Fast Forces #002 Thor on its orange starting line. After actions resolve, even if this power is lost, deal 1 damage to each adjacent opposing character. This power can’t be countered.”

For 33 points, Thor comes into play via the Alter Ego ability using Running Shot with his 8 range to take the fight to your opponent!  Toughness provides damage reduction on both clicks.  Thor has a special power on his first of two clicks called Summon Asgardian Blizzard, which says, “Characters with the Standard or Tiny Size combat abilities can’t target characters 7 or more squares away.  Modify all other characters speed values by -2 if they begin an action within 6 squares of Thor.

Or, you can choose to field Thor for his full 200 points instead of using Alter Ego to get him into the game.  This version of Thor is a pretty straight forward bruiser.  He begins play with a long stretch of Charge, as he is always willing to engage a foe up close and personal.  Super Strength will allow Thor to grab whatever objects are around as he moves about the battle field and attacks his foes.  An opening click of Impervious protects Thor from counter attacks.  On his second click, Thor picks up his special power Summon Asgardian Blizzard for a good stretch of his dial.  This provides Thor and his allies some measure of board control to be able to set up.  Invulnerability becomes his damage reducer of choice for a few clicks.

Mid-dial, Thor trades Super Strength for Quake as he moves to knock opposing characters back.  Or he can continue to use Charge or his 8 range, as his dial sees his damage top out at a printed 5 in this stretch. As his damage and attack values go down a bit, so does his damage reduction, as he now has a few clicks of Toughness. 

Late dial, Thor sees his combat values all raise again. Toughness gives way to another click of Invulnerability, before going back to Toughness to finish out his dial.  Hypersonic Speed shows up for two clicks, as Thor pushes himself to fight the good fight!  This is followed by his only click of Running Shot, as he attempts to finish off his opponents.  Thor also sees one more click of his Summon Asgardian Blizzard special power.

Thor has a good selection of keywords to choose from, including Asgardian, Avengers, Deity and Warrior.  The Avengers team ability will see that Thor’s move actions do not count toward your action total.   The ability to move and attack on nearly every click, as well as get past damage reducers without penetrating damage, and aggressive attack values and powers will make Thor a force to be reckoned with on any team build you put him on!

Thanks for joining us, and be sure to come back next week as we continue to explore the Marvel HeroClix: Chaos War set!