Lord of the Rings HeroClix: The Two Towers Preview

The Lord of the Rings HeroClix The Two Towers: Aragorn!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Today’s Lord of the Rings HeroClix: The Two Towers preview begins with Aragorn. Let’s take a look at this Ranger who protects others from danger!


At a lean 84 points, Aragorn brings a lot to the table. He possesses Improved Movement ignores hindering terrain, Indomitable, and a 6 range with a single target.  He also has the epic action Tracking Friends that allows you to give Aragorn an epic action and choose up to one adjacent friendly character for each 200 points of the games build total. Place Aragorn adjacent to any friendly character within 10 squares and then place the chosen friendly characters adjacent to Aragorn. This is a great way to get your characters quickly into action.

Aragorn starts his dial with Charge, Toughness, and the special attack power Leader of Men that allows Aragorn to use Leadership and adjacent characters can use Willpower. Aragorn can use Perplex, but only to modify the attack powers of friendly characters.

On his second click he trades Toughness with Combat Reflexes, which he keeps for the rest of his dial. He also acquires Outwit for the next 3 clicks.  This is a great click that really lets Aragorn show his worth. You can declare his epic action Tracking Friends, place him adjacent to a character up to 10 squares away, and then place the chosen friendly characters adjacent to Aragorn. He can then use his Outwit on an opposing character, and then use his Perplex granted by Leader of Men to enhance an adjacent friendly characters attack value. Then start attacking!

On Aragorn’s third click, he swaps out his special power for Blades/Claws/Fangs that goes well with his Charge and Outwit as well. On click 4 he loses Charge but his 6 range will help keep him in the fray. Try a team with multiple #013 Elven Archers from the Lord of the Rings HeroClix: The Fellowship of the Ring set.  The Elven Archers can use Enhancement and ignore each other for line of fire to bring along for Aragorn’s epic action.

Thanks for reading todays Lord of the Rings The Two Towers preview and stay tuned for our next preview coming soon!

Lord of the Rings HeroClix: The Two Towers Preview

Lord of the Rings HeroClix The Two Towers: Galadhrim Elven Soldier and Haldir!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s Lord of the Rings HeroClix: The Two Towers preview, we bring word from Lord Elrond of Rivendell.  An alliance once existed between Elves and Men. Long ago they fought and died together.  When Saruman’s forces marched upon Helm’s Deep, Haldir and a number of Galadhrim Elven Soldiers arrived to honor that allegiance and fight alongside men once again!


Let’s first take a look at the Galadhrim Elven Soldier!  Coming in at 32 points, the Galadhrim Elven Soldier has a range of six squares and can target one character with its ranged attacks.  On each of its four clicks Galadhrim Elven Soldier has a special power in its defense slot called Hold the Line.  This special power lets Galadhrim Elven Soldier use Energy Shield/Deflection.  Additionally, Galadhrim Elven Soldier modifies its defense by +1 when he is targeted with a close action and is adjacent to a friendly character with a shared keyword.  Galadhrim Elven Soldier has two keywords, Elf and Soldier.

The Galadhrim Elven Soldier is primarily a ranged attacker on his first two clicks, with Leap/Climb in his speed slot enabling him to get into position for an attack and Ranged Combat Expert in his damage slot boosting either his damage or attack values (or both values).  On his last two clicks, Galadhrim Elven Soldier drops Leap/Climb in favor of Flurry as he fights in close combat.

Leading the Galadhrim Elven Soldier into battle is Haldir, who comes into play at 60 and has the Elf and Soldier keywords.


Haldir also has an Epic Ability called Eleven Archery.  Once per game, Haldir can be given an epic action to choose up to 1 friendly character per 200 points of the game’s build total.  Then during your turn you may give each chosen character a power action to make two ranged combat attacks as free actions.  If Haldir is one of the chosen characters, his power action may be given as a free action.

Haldir has Leap/Climb on all but his last two clicks which allows him to move as needed among his troops.  Haldir also has a special power in his attack slot called Target Their Armor’s Weak Points! that appears on all but his last click.

When Haldir is on the front half of his dial, he has Defend to share his defense values with adjacent friendly characters.  Haldir also has Enhancement to increase damage dealt by adjacent friendly characters who make ranged attacks.  The back half of Haldir’s dial features WillpowerHaldir also has a range of eight squares and one target for his ranged attacks.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next Lord of the Rings HeroClix: The Two Towers preview when we spotlight a Rohirrim who arrived with Gandalf at dawn to aid the defenders of Helm’s Deep!

Lord of the Rings HeroClix: The Two Towers Preview

Lord of the Rings HeroClix The Two Towers: Uruk-Hai and Uruk-Hai Berserker!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome travelers, we go today into Middle-Earth to preview figures from the upcoming The Two Towers HeroClix set. The largest, strongest and meanest of all the orc folk are the Uruk-Hai.


For 40 points the Uruk-Hai starts off with Charge, Willpower, and Exploit Weakness, sure to bring alarm to any Fellowship. Once in the face of an opponent, Uruk-Hai gains Plasticity and his damage value jumps to 3. At the end of his dial, Uruk-Hai switches to Flurry, providing him twice the number of close combat attacks, and Toughness, giving the ability to reduce damage.

Uruk-Hai are designed to swam an opponent and with Brute, Forces of Sauron and Isengard as their keywords it should be easy to build a formidable theme based team.


At 60 points you could add in some Uruk Berserkers. The Uruk Berserker has a trait called Berserkers Fury; this will make it so any successful attack roll made by Uruk Berserker where the result is doubles is a critical hit.

Uruk Berserker starts off with Charge, Quake, Combat Reflexes, and a 3 damage value. Uruk Berserker can use Charge and Quake together, to run up on a group of unsuspecting Halflings, and if you successfully hit with the roll of doubles, watch them all go flying.

On click 3, Uruk Berserker gains Plasticity, Toughness and Exploit Weakness. Tying up opposing figures with the ability to ignore their damage reducers will make these guys hard to handle.  On their last three clicks Uruk Berserker can use Close Combat Expert and ends his dial how it began with a 3 damage value. The Uruk Berserker might not have Willpower but with 7 clicks of life and stats like these he seems very push-able.

Uruk Berserker has the Brute, Forces of Sauron, Isengard and Warrior keywords and could easily be paired up with a Uruk-Hai to make 100 point two orc teams.

Thanks for reading! We will continue to bring you figures from the upcoming The Two Towers HeroClix set. Until then, Shape Change for the Win!!