DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Owlman & The Outsider!

Greetings HeroClix fans,

Welcome back to another exciting preview from the DC HeroClix Justice League: Trinity War set! Today, we’ll be focusing on two of the most evil villains to ever cross dimensional gates to wreak havoc on Earth and cause tremendous difficulties for the Justice League!


First up, we have the sadistic Owlman, the Crime Syndicate’s analogue for Batman. Owlman is a versatile figure, and one that can fit in as a more prominent feature for your team at his full 116 point value, or as more of a utility piece at his 3 click long 50 point dial. Either way, Owlman comes loaded with the Crime Syndicate team ability, and can utilize Improved Movement – Hindering Terrain with his ‘Used to Wading Through Refuse’ ability.

Along with that, Owlman comes prepared to fight! Almost across the board, his combat values are incredibly consistent, never dropping more than 2 from his highest values, and he has a sneaky (and easily overlooked by your opponent) 4 range with two targets. For example, on his opening click, Owlman begins with Stealth and Precision Strike, as well as with his two special powers. Defensively, he has a power called Training and Technique, which allows Owlman to use Combat Reflexes, Toughness, and Willpower. He also has a special power on his damage called Smarter Than You Know, which not only allows Owlman the use of Outwit but also prevents opposing characters within 6 squares from using Outwit to counter the powers of a character with a higher point value than themselves.

His second click sees him pick up Flurry, while maintaining both Precision Strike and both special powers. His fourth click sees him transition into more of a back line support piece, giving him Stealth, Combat Reflexes, and Perplex. He repeats this on his fourth click, while adding in Precision Strike. His fifth click, which doubles as his 50 point starting line, sees Owlman line up with both Flurry and Precision Strike, while bringing back his two special powers. Finally, Owlman closes out his 7 click dial with two clicks containing Charge, Combat Reflexes, and Exploit Weakness.

While not designed to be the main threat on a force, Owlman will blend in nicely on teams featuring his keywords of Crime Syndicate, Detective, and Scientist. He provides a lot of smart secondary options for already strong theme teams, and also brings some strong non-traditional powers to the table, especially when working on a Scientist team. He’ll pair nicely with characters like Harley Quinn, Deathstorm, Zoom, and Rival.

Of course, you can’t have Owlman without his psychotic mentor, The Outsider!


While The Outsider might seem pricey for 4 clicks of life at 50 points with negligible combat values, he more than makes up for his lower values with his traits and abilities. To start, you’ll find that The Outsider is designed to be run with one of the new resources from this set, Pandora’s Box. His trait of the same name states that, when building your force, Pandora’s Box costs 12 points less – which means your resources initial cost of 12 points is now completely eliminated!

On top of that, he also picks up a trait called Prepare the Way, which states that you can give The Outsider a power action, and then essentially swap squares with a friendly character, placing each in the others previously occupied square. This does come with a caveat, however – if the friendly character doesn’t share keywords with The Outsider, it couldn’t have already been given an action this turn, nor will it be able to be given an action following the placement change. However – if you’re running The Outsider on a Crime Syndicate or Secret Society of Super Villains theme team – feel free to swap spots and then give that friendly character an action!

For his dial, The Outsider’s first and third clicks feature Stealth, Outwit, and a special power called Hidden in Our Midst. This special power grants The Ousider the usage of Mastermind. To go along with that, when he does use Mastermind, friendly characters within 6 squares that are not within an opposing characters’ line of fire are considered to be adjacent to The Outsider, as well as being of a lower point value. His second click brings Sidestep, Incapacitate, and Perplex to the battle, as well as maintaining Hidden in Our Midst. His final click repeats his second, though he loses the use of his special defensive power.

While it might seem like the DC HeroClix Justice League: Trinity War set is lousy with Outsiders, each one brings something different to the table, and each is a nasty piece of work when paired up with strong allies. We saved the nastiest for last, though, and we’re excited to see The Outsider on forces in conjunction with the Pandora’s Box resource.

That’s all for today, HeroClix fans! Be sure to check back next time as we have even more exciting previews from the DC HeroClix Justice League: Trinity War set! Until then, may your hits be crits, and your boosters contain chase

DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: The Outsider!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We’re back with another exciting preview from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set!  Today, we take a look at two men who share the same alias but lead different criminal organizations.  First up is Earth 3’s version of Alfred Pennyworth, aka The Outsider!


The Outsider comes into play at 66 points and boasts a five-click dial.  He has a three-square range with a single target and a pair of named keywords (Crime Syndicate and Secret Society of Super Villains) to provide you with options when including him on themed teams.  The Outsider has two printed team abilities:  Calculator allows him to act as a wild card.  The uncopyable Crime Syndicate lets him use Probability Control, but he may place an action token on a friendly character on the battlefield when ignoring a roll when using the team ability.

True to his character, The Outsider works primarily behind the scenes while the rest of his team handles the heavy lifting.  The Outsider hits the battlefield with a trait called A Different Kind of Butler that can keep his teammates cleared of tokens that are assigned through the use of Probability Control.  Themed Team Probability Control (TTPC) and the Crime Syndicate team ability immediately come to mind.  A Different Kind of Butler reads, “When a friendly character uses Probability Control and an action token would be assigned as a result, you may deal The Outsider 1 unavoidable damage instead.”

A Different Kind of Butler is not only helpful by managing action tokens that are assigned through the use of Probability Control, it also helps The Outsider move off his top two clicks and assume a vital role for his team.  We’ll explain why a little later; for now, let’s take a look at The Outsider’s top two clicks.

The Outsider starts his dial with the same mix of powers:  Stealth in his speed slot means you’ll want to play him on a map with plenty of printed hindering terrain.  If that’s not available, The Outsider can create his own hindering terrain by using Smoke CloudWillpower in his defense slot let him ignore pushing damage while Outwit in his damage slot allows him to counter a foe’s power or combat ability as needed.

On clicks 3 and 4, The Outsider’s power set changes up.  Stealth is replaced with Phasing/Teleport and high speed values of 11 and 10, respectively, to move him where he can be at his most beneficial (or disruptive).  Willpower is dropped in favor of Energy Shield/Deflection and defense values of 15.  Support takes over for Outwit, allowing The Outsider to heal his teammates of damage.

Earlier, we mentioned The Outsider taking an active role for his team once he’s off his top two clicks.  A special power called Dimensional Portal replaces Smoke Cloud in The Outsider’s attack slot that lets him yank his teammates out of fight – or into one, depending on your situation.  When you give The Outsider a power action to activate Dimensional Portal, you may place up to two friendly characters that share a keyword with him into squares that are adjacent to him.  The Outsider can then use Smoke Cloud as a free action to provide some cover for his teammates or drop a foe’s attack value by -1.  Characters that are placed adjacent to The Outsider via Dimensional Portal can’t be given non-free actions until your next turn.

On The Outsider’s last click, Dimensional Portal remains but Stealth makes a reappearance.  Regeneration shows up in the defense slot, allowing you to heal back to more useful clicks.

At only 66 points, The Outsider should easily find his way onto many teams.  Again, The Outsider is best used in a supportive role while he’s on his top two clicks, and don’t forget his trait.  When Dimensional Portal shows up on click three, be prepared to bring The Outsider’s teammates along.

We now move away from Earth 3 and look at crime boss Michael Desai, a key figure in the Flashpoint plane of reality.


The Prime version of The Outsider is an uncommon in the DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set and has a value of 117 points.  He also has the Hypertime team ability, which potentially prevents opposing characters from moving into squares adjacent to him.  Movement isn’t much of an issue for The Outsider, however, as he comes into play with an Improved Movement ability called The Outsider is Out, which lets him ignore hindering terrain when he moves.

The first of The Outsider’s two traits is called Sinkhole and comes into effect at the beginning of the game.  With Sinkhole, you may choose to lower all elevated terrain by 1 elevation level (to a minimum of 1).  Additionally, The Outsider can use Quake.  If he has two action tokens, he can use it as a free action.  The Outsider has the Indomitable combat ability, so picking up two action tokens shouldn’t be a concern since you can ignore pushing damage.

The second trait, Indian Empire of Crime, allows The Outsider to ignore opposing characters’ Shape Change.  Additionally, when he deals damage it can’t be transferred so characters that use Mastermind won’t get to rely on their teammates to avoid damage.  Indian Empire of Crime also offers The Outsider with some protection for his powers and abilities since non-adjacent characters can’t target him with Outwit.

The Prime dial for The Outsider plays more aggressively than its counterpart.  On the first two clicks, The Outsider starts with the combination of Charge and Super Strength and attack values of 11 and 10, respectively.  If The Outsider’s Improved Movement ability wasn’t impressive enough for you, in the damage slot he has a special power called I’m Not One of You and I Don’t Belong Here, which lets him use Sidestep when he’s adjacent to an opposing character and automatically break away when doing so.  I’m Not One of You and I Don’t Belong Here makes a great addition to the Charge/Super Strength combo by removing The Outsider’s need to break away from adjacent opposing characters.

On the next three clicks, The Outsider lets loose with Flurry and Precision StrikeOutwit appears on clicks 3 and 4.

Charge and Super Strength return on the last click; Probability Control appears in the damage slot.

Defensively, The Outsider starts with two clicks of Impervious to absorb most, if not all, damage dealt to him.  He then downgrades to two clicks of Toughness.  His defense values are a solid 17 on every one of his clicks.  Although The Outsider works primarily as a close combat attacker, he does have a range of five squares with a single target to throw your opponents off balance.

The Outsider has the Flashpoint and Ruler keywords to aid you in theme-team building.  At 117 points and with a power set with the potential to dish out plenty of damage, The Outsider makes for a viable primary attacker.

The non-Prime version of The Outsider requires some patience as you manipulate action tokens through the A Different Kind of Butler trait and in effectively using Dimensional Portal to get your team in or out of combat.  The Prime version of The Outsider is fairly straightforward attacker if you stay on those top two clicks.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek at the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set.  Stay tuned as we reveal more exciting characters in the days and weeks to come!