Lord of the Rings HeroClix: The Two Towers Preview

The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers: Gandalf and Shadowfax!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today’s preview from the upcoming release of The Lord of the Rings HeroClix: The Two Towers is none other than the Grey Wizard reborn! We are pleased to present Gandalf and Shadowfax from The Two Towers HeroClix Rider packs!



One of the first things you may notice is that Gandalf and Shadowfax possess the Transporter ability, allowing them to carry friendly figures as well as use the Move and Attack ability.  However, their Lord of the Mearas special power (located on the early-dial) allows Gandalf and Shadowfax to use Hypersonic Speed rather than the Move and Attack special ability, allowing them to forgo any penalty to their attack value.

Early dial, Gandalf and Shadowfax also possess a special power on the attack slot called Beacon of Hope.  Beacon of Hope allows Gandalf and Shadowfax to use Pulse Wave, and if their successful attack roll result is doubles, any hit characters are also assigned an action token.  And while not available on their initial click, the White Wizard special power gives Gandalf and Shadowfax access to Outwit, Perplex, and Probability Control, three powers that are always useful on your HeroClix force!

Mid-dial, Gandalf and Shadowfax switch tactics slightly as Lord of the Mearas is replaced with Phasing/Teleport, Beacon of Hope gives way to Penetrating/Psychic Blast, and the White Wizard special power is replaced with standard Perplex.

Initially, Gandalf and Shadowfax enjoy superior protection from damage thanks to Impervious, and then mid-dial they receive some protection from Invulnerability.  Late-dial, Gandalf and Shadowfax gain Running Shot and the Beacon of Hope special power reappears and Regeneration replaces Invulnerability on the defense slot.


One of the cooler elements about the mounted figures is the option to use the Split/Merge ability to separate into any qualifying Gandalf figure and the enclosed Shadowfax bystander token.  Shadowfax possesses Hypersonic Speed and some other goodies on his initial side (034b)! The Mount trait allows Shadowfax to predictably use the Carry ability, while the Lord of All Horses special power allows Shadowfax to use Invulnerability, and if Shadowfax takes damage, instead of being K.O.’ed players will instead flip Shadowfax to the other side (034c) revealing a different “dial” for Shadowfax! Hypersonic Speed gives way to Charge, while Shadowfax also gains Quake and Super Senses!

Lastly, and certainly not least, let’s not overlook Gandalf and Shadowfax’s Epic Action ability, Turning of the Tide, which allows Gandalf and Shadowfax to use Outwit and then use it again as a free action for every 200 points of the game build!

The Animal, Fellowship, Herald, Maiar, Mystical, and Ringbearer keywords offer multiple opportunities for theme team builds in standard or epic games, and Gandalf and Shadowfax will always be a potent force on the battlefield thanks to consistent combat values and a great power selection.

Thanks for joining us for our latest The Lord of the Rings HeroClix: The Two Towers preview.  Be sure to check out the set’s release at your friendly local game or comic book stores later this week!



Fellowship of the Ring Preview

Fellowship of the Ring HeroClix: Celeborn!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we spotlight another figure from the upcoming Fellowship of the Rings HeroClix set!  Today we bring you a ruler of Lothlorien and husband to Galadriel, Celeborn!


Celeborn has the ability to invite friendly figures into his homeland and offer them Sanctuary, an Epic Ability that allows Celeborn and friendly figures within 3 squares to use Stealth until your next turn.

Celeborn begins play with a couple of clicks of Leadership, giving him the potential to add an action token to your action pool as well as clear a token from an adjacent friendly figure.   For the front half of his dial, Celeborn will be able to try to avoid attacks with Super Senses.   He also has a special power called Farsight, that will allow him to manipulate dice rolls to his benefit as well as modify a combat value by plus or minus one, as he can now use both Probability Control and Perplex. 

Around the middle of his dial, Celeborn begins to shift his power set a bit as Leadership is replaced with a good run of Outwit, allowing him to deprive an opposing figure of a key power once per turn.  Another click into his dial, and he gains a run of Mind Control.

On the back end of his dial, Celeborn can attempt to heal back up into better support powers as well as live longer, as he has Regeneration, for the rest of his dial.  One click at a time, Celeborn will lose the rest of his powers, first losing Outwit, and finely, Mind Control.

As a unique figure, Celeborn can be play in theme with his fellow Elves, or with other leaders on a Ruler theme team.  No matter what force you choose to include him on, Celeborn brings a plethora of useful support powers to your force, with most occurring simultaneously.  At 100 points, his useful power set, as well as his Epic Ability, will be useful on many team builds.

Thank you for joining us for our latest Fellowship of the Ring preview.  Be sure to stop by your friendly local game or comic store on release day this Wednesday, June 19th! Until then, keep the Ring secret, and keep it safe!


Fellowship of the Ring Preview

Fellowship of the Ring HeroClix: Legolas Greenleaf!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome to another preview from the upcoming Fellowship of the Ring HeroClix set. When last we left the Fellowship they were in Isengard and in perilous battle with Saruman. Now they must traverse the Misty Mountains and travel through Gladden Fields to seek refuge at Mirkwood, the home of their traveling companion, Legolas Greenleaf.


Legolas Greenleaf has Improved Movement and ignores elevated terrain; this shows how agile is it for Elves to get around.

Go For the Weak Points in Their Armor!” is Legolas Greenleaf’s epic action and will allow him to choose up to 1 opposing character per 200 points of the game’s build total. Until your next turn, when a chosen character is dealt damage by a close combat attack, roll a d6; on a result of 2 – 6, the damage dealt can’t be reduced to less than 1.

Legolas Greenleaf has a trait called “Whirlwind of Blades.” When Legolas Greenleaf or an adjacent friendly character KO’s an opposing character with a close combat attack, after actions resolve, Legolas Greenleaf may immediately use Charge as a free action.

This is a different version of Legolas Greenleaf from what we have seen in the past and it really showcases that he is more than just a great bowman but quite handy with the steel as well. Legolas Greenleaf could easily be paired up with a couple of Elven Warriors to take full advantage of his epic action and trait.

Legolas Greenleaf starts out with his top 3 clicks having Charge, Super Senses and Exploit Weakness. His next 3 clicks have Flurry and Combat Reflexes. The Combat Reflexes will help him during close combat attacks by modifying his defensive value by +2 and giving him the ability to ignore knock back.

Legolas Greenleaf has a special attack power called “Thinning the Ranks.” Once per turn, when a target opposing character takes damage from a close combat attack made by Legolas Greenleaf, you may place an action token on the target after the attack resolves. With this special power overlapping with Flurry, Legolas Greenleaf would not only have two attacks in which to deliver damage to his target but if either attack is successful in dealing damage he could then place an action token on the target.

After the use of Combat Reflexes, Legolas Greenleaf switches back to Super Senses and the use of Exploit Weakness, while stilling being able to use “Thinning the Ranks.

Legolas Greenleaf has an 8-click dial for 125 points with a lot of options. Let us not forget that Legolas Greenleaf still carries his bow and can make ranged attacks against two targets from 6 squares away as long as he has line of fire. He can also use Willpower through the combat ability Indomitable.

Legolas Greenleaf has Elf, Fellowship, Martial Artist, and Warrior as his keywords to build around, if theme building is your thing.

Thanks for reading! Please join us for more upcoming and exciting Fellowship of the Ring HeroClix previews. Until then, Shape Change for the Win!!

Fellowship of the Ring Preview

Fellowship of the Ring HeroClix: Frodo Baggins!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We travel to the Shire for today’s Fellowship of the Ring HeroClix preview and pop in unexpectedly on one of the residents of Bag End, Frodo Baggins, as he prepares for a long journey to Mount Doom!


Frodo Baggins comes into play at 55 points and has an Epic ability called Hide! Over Here!, which reads: “Give Frodo Baggins an epic action; until the beginning of your next turn, up to 2 friendly characters per 100 points of the game’s build total who occupy the same area of hindering terrain as him or are adjacent to him can use Stealth until your next turn.

During his quest to destroy the One Ring, Frodo Baggins received several gifts from the elves Celeborn and Galadriel.  One of those gifts was a Lothlorien Cloak, which is represented on the Frodo Baggins’ first three clicks as Stealth.

Frodo Baggins’ uncle, Bilbo Baggins, gave the young Hobbit a protective Mithril Shirt when the two briefly reunited in Rivendell.  Starting on his second click and staying for the remainder of his dial, Frodo Baggins gains a special power called Mithril Shirt in his defense slot.  When Frodo Baggins is hit by an attack, roll a d6.  On a result of 4 to 6, he can use Invulnerability until the end of the turn.  Frodo Baggins’ extraordinary resilience is also shown defensively via the Indomitable combat ability, which allows him to use Willpower.

Another gift Frodo Baggins received from Bilbo Baggins was the sword Sting, which is represented as a short run of Exploit WeaknessFrodo Baggins’ damage slot begins with two clicks of Probability Control, which recalls Galadriel’s prediction that the time would soon come when Hobbits would shape the fortunes of all.

Frodo Baggins makes a viable choice for forces that are built around any of his three keywords: Fellowship, Hobbit, and RingbearerFrodo Baggins brings attack values that only dip below 10 on his first and last clicks, and damage values that are bolstered on the majority of his dial by Probability Control and Exploit Weakness.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next Fellowship of the Ring HeroClix preview when we travel to the protected realm of Lothlorien.  Until then, may the light of Eärendil illuminate your way to victory!