Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself organized play Preview

Marvel HeroClix Fear Itself: The Serpent!

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For today’s Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself preview, we take a break from looking at those chosen to be The Mighty or The Worthy and turn the spotlight to The Serpent himself!

 027 The Serpent

This version of The Serpent depicts Cul Borson as the frail old man freed from captivity by the Red Skull’s daughter, Sin.  The Serpent comes into play at 100 points and has the Power Cosmic team ability, which means he can use Willpower and his powers can’t be countered.  The Serpent also has a range of seven squares and has one target for his ranged attacks.

The first three clicks of The Serpent’s dial are nearly identical, both in terms of his power set and combat values.  The only difference is The Serpent’s speed value dips to a 6 on his third click.  In his speed slot he starts with Phasing/Teleport as he spreads terror and fear across the Earth.  The Serpent also has three clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast as he cuts through even the sturdiest Asgardian armor.  Super Senses occupies his defense slot and allows him to evade attacks altogether on a d6 result of 5 or 6.

A special power called I Am Your All-Father, Now appears in The Serpent’s damage slot and allows him to use Enhancement and Leadership.  When The Serpent succeeds on a roll for Leadership, he may also remove an action token from any adjacent character with the Asgardian keyword.

The last three clicks of The Serpent’s dial are also nearly identical, with some slight differences.  I Am Your All-Father, Now remains for one more click before making way for Probability Control.  His attack slot features Pulse Wave over Penetrating/Psychic Blast.  Defensively, The Serpent switches from Super Senses to Toughness.

In his speed slot, The Serpent drops Phasing/Teleport and gains a special power called Summon the Worthy to Defend Me.  To use this special power, give The Serpent a power action then place up to two friendly characters with The Worthy keyword adjacent to him.  Those characters can’t be given an action this turn.

Naturally, The Serpent has the Asgardian, Deity, and The Worthy for keywords.  For additional thematic team building, he also has the Brute keyword.  In Golden Age play, assign the Immortal Contempt feat to The Serpent and for 10 points his attack value gets a +1 bump when he attacks a character with the Deity or Cosmic keywords that is also a lower point value.

The Serpent works best when he strikes behind the scenes, attacking when a prime opportunity presents itself but mainly allowing other characters with The Worthy and Asgardian keywords to play off his I Am Your All-Father, Now and Summon the Worthy to Defend Me special powers.  Some appropriate allies for The Serpent include Mokk (Breaker of Faith), Kuurth (Breaker of Stone) and Greithoth (Breaker of Wills).  All three characters have both the The Worthy and Asgardian keywords.

Thanks for reading!  Join us next time as we reveal more secrets from the Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself Organized Play set!  Until then, may all your Impervious rolls be successful!

Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself Preview

Marvel HeroClix Fear Itself: Mokk-Breaker of Faith!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back to “Fear Itself Friday” as we take a closer look at another of The Serpent’s Worthy.  Paul Pierre Duval has long been a thorn in the Avengers‘ collective side as the villainous Grey Gargoyle but his obsession with eternal life has brought him into constant conflict with Thor, God of Thunder many times over the years.  Perhaps this is why the Grey Gargoyle was deemed worthy of The Serpent’s blessing, which transformed him into Mokk, the Breaker of Faith!

023 Mokk

One of the most feared powers in the Grey Gargoyle’s arsenal has long been his ability to petrify his victims with just a touch.  As Mokk – Breaker of Faith, this power has been amplified and is represented by his Advanced Petrification trait.  Advanced Petrification denies non-free actions to any opposing characters within four squares if they’re a lower point value than Mokk! Considering Mokk – Breaker of Faith is 240 points, denying actions should be an easy enough strategy provided you can maneuver him into position against his enemies.

Speaking of maneuverability, Mokk – Breaker of Faith possesses a full dial of Running Shot thanks to his Hammer of Mokk trait.  Add in the Flier ability and you have a figure that can maneuver into position to best take advantage of ranged attacks (tricky but not impossible with Mokk’s 4 range value) and then potentially deny opposing characters the ability to retaliate.  (In 300 point games, consider moving in a couple of Asgardian Trolls, since they’re only 25 points each, to follow up with attacks of their own or to further tie down the opposition and Mokk – Breaker of Faith can bat clean up with his Hammer in subsequent turns.)

However, that’s not all the Hammer of Mokk trait gives the former Grey Gargoyle! A full dial of Plasticity ensures that anyone foolish enough to engage Mokk in close-combat will likely regret the decision as he uses his petrification powers to hold them fast to where they stand, and pummel them with his Asgardian might!

Mokk – Breaker of Faith possesses aggressive combat values throughout his dial, and his Indomitable ability will allow you to make best use of his powers.  Mokk begins play with Super Strength allowing him to use objects for even greater impact when combined with his natural 4 damage value and Exploit Weakness! On his second click, Mokk – Breaker of Faith also picks up Charge to compliment his full dial of Running Shot!

Mid-way through his dial, Mokk – Breaker of Faith gains the now-familiar Revert special power, allowing him to be exchanged with a character called Grey Gargoyle and the Hammer of Mokk special object.  Players can elect to use the Grey Gargoyle from Marvel HeroClix: Secret Invasion (SI 010) but it’s probably a safe bet that a new Grey Gargoyle is on the horizon (spoilers).  Mid- to late-dial Mokk also gains Incapacitate to further exemplify his petrification powers.

Defensively, Mokk – Breaker of Faith begins play with Impervious, then enjoys a healthy stretch of Invulnerability and finally ends his dial with two clicks of Toughness.  However, if played correctly you’ll probably never see those two clicks of Toughness as Mokk will be locking down his foes with a mix of positioning, his powers, and relentless attacks (thanks again to his Indomitable combat ability).

Predictably, Mokk – Breaker of Faith possesses the Asgardian and The Worthy keywords, but Brute, Diety, and Masters of Evil allow for some great thematic team builds as well.  No matter how you slice it, Mokk – Breaker of Faith is a compelling figure and deadly adversary on the battlefield!

Thanks for joining us today for our latest Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself article.  Join us again next week as we continue to look at The Worthy with a villainess determined to prove her might over men.  Until then, keep your Clix off their K.O.’s!