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Star Trek HeroClix Tactics Series III: Assimilation Target Prime!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Here we are with another exciting preview from the upcoming Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics Series III!  Today we continue our previews by visiting an alternate dimension where the Borg’s assimilation of the Alpha Quadrant has progressed a lot further along.  The U.S.S. Enterprise has managed to remain mostly free from the Borg, but has become Assimilation Target Prime!


 Firstly,we notice that Assimilation Target Prime possesses a trait called Scavenged Borg Technology, which says that when it uses the Borg team ability, it may place the Assimilation token on its own character card.  When it is hit with an attack, you may remove Assimilation tokens from it and modify the attacker’s damage value by -1 for each removed token.

The front half of Assimilation Target Prime’s dial begins with a special power called Fighting on the Run, which allows it to move up to three squares after it resolves a range combat attack.   An opening click of Toughness will give it a bit of damage reduction, before switching to a couple clicks of Energy Shield / Deflection for a bit, making it harder to hit with range combat actions.  This section of the dial also has Outwit, allowing Assimilation Target Prime to deprive an opposing ship of a key power until your next turn.

On the back half of its dial, Assimilation Target Prime has a run of Pulse Wave, allowing it deal penetrating damage to all ships within 4 squares.   A couple of clicks of Toughness are back, before switching to a closing click of Energy Shield / Deflection.  Throughout its dial, the indomitable combat ability will let it act without fear of pushing damage.  And an impressive 8 range will give Assimilation Target Prime a long reach to make range combat attacks, or to use its Outwit.  Assimilation Target Prime can be played on some solid theme teams using its Borg, Federation, Robot, and Warrior keywords.

Assimilation Target Prime has the Federation team ability, allowing it to modify its defense by +1 when attacked by a ship having one or more action tokens.    It also has the Borg team ability, letting it put an Assimilation token on any opposing ship it hits with an attack.  And remember, an Assimilation token can be removed for each click of damage it would be healed, instead of being healed.  And when action tokens are removed, roll a d6 and remove an Assimilation token on a result of 5 or 6.

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Preview Star Trek Tactics III

Star Trek HeroClix Tactics Series III: I.R.W. Avatar of Tomed!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

For today’s Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics III preview, we take a look at a Romulan warbird that engaged in an alliance with the Borg Collective in order to destroy the Federation and gain vengeance on Captain James T. Kirk and the Enterprise.  We are pleased to present IRW Avatar of Tomed!


Utterly consumed by revenge for her grandfather’s defeat by Kirk, the Romulan known as Salatrel commanded IRW Avatar of Tomed against Federation Captain Jean-Luc PicardIRW Avatar of Tomed comes into play at 125 points and has a trait called From Their Ashes I Will Make Fire.  This trait prevents healing for opposing ships that are within four squares of IRW Avatar of Tomed and are marked with an Assimilation token.

IRW Avatar of Tomed begins its dial with an aggressive mix of Penetrating/Psychic Blast on its first four clicks and Outwit on its top three clicks.  Defensively, IRW Avatar of Tomed opens with a click of Super Senses to evade attacks, then shifts to a pair of Invulnerability clicks.

No standard or special powers appear on IRW Avatar of Tomed’s speed slot but the ship has fairly consistent combat values and a range of seven squares.  IRW Avatar of Tomed also has the Borg and Romulan Star Empire team abilities.  These team abilities respectively lets IRW Avatar of Tomed place Assimilation tokens when it hits opposing ships and prevents opposing ships that possess a chosen keyword from reducing damage to less than 1.

Once IRW Avatar of Tomed has reached the middle of its dial, it replaces Penetrating/Psychic Blast with Pulse Wave and gains Willpower for the remainder of the match.

Reanimating Kirk through Borg technology was part of Salatrel’s plans, and the famous Enterprise captain was convinced into thinking he was a Romulan loyalist whose family was massacred by Captain Picard.  On IRW Avatar of Tomed, this phase of Salatrel’s plan is shown as three clicks of Perplex.

Mobility may be an issue for IRW Avatar of Tomed but its point cost leaves room for other friendly ships that can make up for the deficiency while Salatrel’s vessel chooses when it will strike.  In addition, IRW Avatar of Tomed has a quartet of keywords (Borg, Robot, Romulan, and Soldier) that should be helpful for team building.

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Preview Star Trek Tactics III

Star Trek HeroClix Tactics Series III: Columbia!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Today’s Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics Series III set previews continues with the Columbia. Captained by Erika Hernandez, this ship is ready to boldly go where no one has gone before!


The Columbia possesses a single target with 6 range and she begins her first click with Charge and Toughness. A starting 7 movement lets you get into position to Charge early on to deliver 2 damage.

The Columbia if pushed to her second click trades Charge with Plasticity, which will make sure your opponent stays put so you can boldly deliver a reduction in your opponents hull plating.  She also gains Willpower which lets her attack more without taking damage for the push.

Introduced on the Columbia’s second click is a special power called Always Have a Plan B which lets Columbia use Probability Control, but may only reroll its own close combat attacks. Her third click brings Close Combat Expert and remains for the rest of her dial.

Columbia is a vessel made early in the Federation. She’s meant for close combat, but doesn’t bring a lot of close combat protection. Remember to use the Federation team ability, when a ship using this team ability is attacked by a ship with one or more action tokens, modify this ship’s defense value by +1. Uncopyable.

At 50 points, Columbia is a great tie up piece that can help the battle go the way you need it to. Use her to keep multiple ships in place with her Plasticity, then use her for softening them up or clean up duty.

Thanks for reading todays preview and stay tuned for our next Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics Series III preview!

Preview Star Trek Tactics III

Star Trek HeroClix Tactics Series III: Enterprise!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Long before James T. Kirk “beat” the Kobayashi Maru or Jean-Luc Picard met the Borg Collective, there was Jonathan Archer, the man who played a major role in the formation of the United Federation of Planets.  Today in our Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics Series III preview we go to the year 2151 and look at Captain Archer’s voyage on the first starship to bear the name Enterprise (NX-01)!


The first thing we notice about the NX-01 Enterprise is that it possesses a trait called Temporal Cold War, which allows the ship to choose one of the following options:

  • 1) DANIELS’ DATABASE: Enterprise can use Probability Control this turn;
  • 2) QUANTUM BEACONS: Ranged combat attacks made by Enterprise and up to one adjacent friendly ship can’t be evaded this turn.

Enterprise starts off with two clicks of Running Shot and Toughness.  On click 2 Enterprise picks up Perplex and a special power called Lt. Reed, Target their Weapons Systems.  When Enterprise makes a successful attack roll and the result is doubles, the target’s range value becomes 0 and is locked until your next turn.

Enterprise is a five-click dial for 75 points that ends with two clicks of Support, but wow what a dial.  Enterprise has a range of 6 squares and the Indomitable combat ability.  Enterprise’s keywords are Federation, Scientist and Soldier so she works well when teamed up with her sister ships.

Build a 400-point team using U.S.S. Enterprise captained by James T. Kirk, U.S.S. Enterprise-D captained by Jean-Luc Picard and Enterprise captained by Jonathan Archer, and let three generations of the name Enterprise take you to victory!

Thanks for reading and continue to look toward the stars for more upcoming Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics Series III.  Until then, Shape Change for the Win!!

Preview Star Trek Tactics III

Star Trek HeroClix Tactics III: Borg Sphere 4270 and Borg Sphere 3095!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Our exploration of the Borg Collective continues in today’s Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics III preview as we look at a pair of ships that may not look like the more recognizable cubes but are dangerous nevertheless.  First up, let’s look at Sphere 4270!


Borg spheres are smaller and faster than their cubed counterparts and are the result of improvements made by the Collective over time to make their ships more efficient.  Sphere 4270 begins play with a click of Running Shot paired with a speed value of 11 and a range of 8 squares and two targets.  Sphere 4270 then switches to a short run of Plasticity as it locks down opposing ships in order to begin the process of assimilation.  A click each of Running Shot and Plasticity respectively rounds out Sphere 4270 speed slot.

Three clicks of Invulnerability kick off Sphere 4270’s defense slot as it absorbs most of the damage from attacks.  Sphere 4270 then switches to Energy Shield/Deflection as it becomes more difficult to hit with ranged attacks.  A pair of Regeneration clicks closes out Sphere 4270’s dial, giving it a chance to land back on more useful clicks.

Sphere 4270 has the Sharpshooter combat ability and also begins play with a special power called Remodulate Primary Weapons, which lets it use Penetrating/Psychic Blast.  When it does, damage dealt to each hit target with an Assimilation token is modified by +1.  Remodulate Primary Weapons appears on the front half of Sphere 4270’s dial; it then switches to Energy Explosion for its next two clicks.

Speaking of Assimilation tokens, Sphere 4270 has a trait called Target Confirmed that allows other friendly ships to modify their attack values by +1 when they target an opposing ship marked with an Assimilation token and adjacent to Sphere 4270.

Sphere 4270 has a value of 175 points and possesses the Borg team ability.  It also has a trio of keywords (Borg, Robot, and Soldier) to aid in team building.  Sphere 4270 is front-loaded with strong combat values and an aggressive power set and makes an excellent teammate for our next subject, Sphere 3095!


Coming in at 150 points, Sphere 3095 begins its dial with two clicks of Running Shot and Penetrating/Psychic BlastInvulnerability starts off Sphere 3095 defense slot, then it switches to a run of Toughness.

Sphere 3095 had the ability to travel through time by creating temporal vortexes and traveled to Earth’s 21st Century to assimilate humanity before it could make contact with the Vulcans and successfully launch its first warp-driven ship.  On its second click, Sphere 3095 begins a run of a special power called Creating Temporal Vortex that allows the ship to use Probability ControlSphere 3095 can use Probability Control a second time when it is not your turn, but only when a ship marked with an Assimilation token makes an attack.

Once Sphere 3095 is off its top two clicks, its power set switches from ranged to close combat attacks.  Sphere 3095 ditches Running Shot and Penetrating/Psychic Blast in favor of a short run of Flurry and Steal Energy.  If that fails, toward the end of its dial Sphere 3095 then relies upon a pair of Pulse Wave clicks to take out opposing ships.

Things become more dangerous as we look back at the middle of Sphere 3095’s dial.  Outwit appears on Sphere 3095’s fifth click and sticks around for nearly the remainder of the dial.  Sphere 3095’s run of Toughness is then replaced by an equally long run of Regeneration.  On Sphere 3095’s sixth click, Regeneration and Steal Energy appear and give the ship two options to heal back toward the top of its dial.

Like Sphere 4270, Sphere 3095 has the Borg and Robot keywords to help with team building.  Sphere 3095 also has the Borg team ability.

Sphere 4270 and Sphere 3095 combine for 325 points.  Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics III has several ships at 75points or less to round this this team out at 400 points.  The Borg cube Scout 608 comes in at 50 points and has Perplex folded into its special power, Your Systems Have Been Infiltrated, making it a viable teammate for the two spheres.

That’s all for now!  Please keep checking back for more previews from the Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics III set.  Until next time, keep your Clix off their KO’s!