Quite the Item(s)

Alright, we have a second scoop of news to dole out today, so I’m going with an additional post to keep the information more manageable.

Store owners (and their HeroClix players) that pre-ordered DC HeroClix: The Brave & The Bold have started to receive our awesome Retailer Preview Kits that support the booster release (all stores which preordered before their distributors cut-off date should receive their kits on or before 4/14).  Like The Brave & The Bold boosters, we’re trying something new and exciting with our OP kits.  With Hammer of Thor, we released items, such as the mighty Mjolnir, to support the set, and given its success, we’ve expanded the amount of 3-D sculpted items that we want to feature in ‘Clix.  And just what items did we think you wanted most?

That’s right, Lanterns are coming to a map near you!

With the success and rising popularity of Blackest Night (both the storyline and the upcoming HeroClix Starter Game), we had an opportunity to hustle and create Lanterns for our summer OP programs.  Each lantern has its own flavor and unique game abilities.

Here’s a look at the Black Lantern (click on the card to enlarge):

I love the unique flavor of the lantern, truly ringing home that, “the darkness grows as all light dies.”  The lanterns are sure to bring quite a bit of spice and variety to your games, and we hope that they continue to blaze the exciting path of 3-D objects in HeroClix.

Astute readers may have noticed a change on this object.  Points!  Yes, some special objects now have a point cost associated with them that should help further balance force-building and gameplay.  This change begins with the all-new 2010 HeroClix Rulebook.

There are two rules changes with the new rulebook involving objects:

1) Special Objects now have a point value.  Many will continue to be zero points (including your standard-light and standard-heavy objects), but some will have a point-value associated with them.  How does this work?  Pretty much like you’d expect.
-Objects (including standard objects) are now a part of your force, and you write them down on your force build sheet.
-When one of your objects is removed from the map (an opponent destroyed it, you used it in an attack, etc), in a two-player game, your opponent gets those points towards their victory.
-When one of your objects is removed from the map, in a multiplayer game, the person whose turn it is gets the points.  If it’s your turn, the points are divided between all opponents, rounding up.

2) Choosing Special Objects for a game has changed. There is no longer an “object pile”.  Each player simply brings up-to-three objects to the game.  The only restriction is this: one of them must be a light object, one of them must be a heavy object, and the third can be anything – light, heavy, or immobile.  Any or all of them can be Special Objects.  To recap, you can bring 0, 1 or 2 objects.  Random object distribution is now factored out as well.  You place your objects now as they are part of your force.  In a tournament, you have to use the same objects each round.  We’ll explain this change further as our previews for DC HeroClix: Blackest Night and its associated 2010 HeroClix Rulebook build over the next few weeks.

So in effect, this has been a preview inside of a preview…

Now that’s a sneak peak!

Finally, I have some exciting news for those going to Chicago for C2E2.  Retailers attending C2E2 (the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) are in for a special treat.  I can’t say what we’re giving away, but we only have a limited amount and we’re happy to reward our awesome, creative retailers.  If you’re NOT a retailer, you should bug your store owner to bring back some goodies for show-and-tell.

Have a great weekend (and make sure to throw some dice),



Three Parademons Walk into a Bar…

Last Friday, I previewed one example of our new execution of REV which featured Damian Wayne using two different identities.  Today, rather than focusing on two versions of one character, my Brave & The Bold sneak peak features  different, thematically related characters that allow for a variety of new force-building options.

* Quick note- To get larger versions of the pics below, please click on them.  I’m learning the ins-and-outs of our new-ish WordPress client, so please be merciful as I learn how to add in cool bells and whistles to posts.  Thanks!

Before we dive into the pics, I have to confess that I am huge fan of Apokalips and the Jack-Kirby New Gods storylines.  Darkseid, his minions, and his enemies stand out to me as a compelling mythology that spans the DC Universe.  When we compiled potential characters to include for the ‘Minion’ mechanic in Brave & The Bold, Parademons, the rank-and-file of Apokalips, seemed like a natural fit.  Having no version of them in HeroClix since Cosmic Justice, they were long-overdue for a triumphant return.

While incorporating the literally grunt-level Parademons into the set, we were split on whether to include a handful of Apokalips characters directly into Brave & The Bold or leave the Parademons simply as pieces that interact with past sets (like Lashina from Arkham Asylum).  We ultimately decided to split the difference and include a Parademon officer to help amp up army building, while still leaving the Apokalips cast as grist for a future set (maybe as a powerful counterbalance in a Superman-themed set?).  For the Parademon Sergeant, I especially like the “Darkseid’s Motivational Techniques” power that was submitted by our R&D team.  It’s flavorful and adds an interesting tension to the game.

In addition to the awesome army of Apokalips, many HeroClix fans have asked us to continue building the Secret Six.  I really admire Gail Simone’s innovative work with the Six (and Birds of Prey, too!), and when we knew that the minion Parademon Grunt would be included in the set, it was natural to add “The Parademon” using our new version of REV.  With “The Parademon,” there’s another great, flavorful example of a special power with “Motherbox Detonation.”

All in all, the Parademons provide three dynamic takes using the new twist on REV.  Brave & The Bold features quite a few interesting experiments, and I’m curious to see what players respond to and what interests people going forward.  With Hammer of Thor, we tried a variety of new ideas, garnering some definite hits that we plan to continue  in future sets.  We’re keenly interested to hear your feedback following the release of B&B.  Each set is like a mosaic tile that allows us continue the great, growing vision of what HeroClix is.  Will the picture ever be complete?

Well, with the amount of awesome new content that our licensors release (Blackest Night, anyone?), I think not.  We’ll certainly continue to show off classic figures from comics history and also showcase interesting new characters as they debut.

Expect more exciting Brave & The Bold previews this week!