DC HeroClix: Teen Titans Preview Prime Figures

DC HeroClix Teen Titans: Lil’ Lobo and Slobo!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

The subject of today’s DC HeroClix: Teen Titans preview is quite the handful as an adult.  Now imagine if the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo was in high school!  We’re pleased to present Li’l Lobo and his Prime counterpart, Slo-bo!  First up, let’s look at rapacious Li’l Lobo!


Li’l Lobo comes into play at 102 points and has a range of two squares.  He begins his speed slot with two clicks of Charge.  Defensively, he starts with two clicks of Toughness to soak up some damage.  Li’l Lobo also has the Indomitable combat ability, allowing him to use Willpower and, as a result, ignore pushing damage.  In his damage slot, Li’l Lobo starts with Exploit Weakness to show that’s he’s just as mean as the original Main Man.  Starting on his second click, Li’l Lobo picks up Blades/Claws/Fangs, which overlap with a second click of Exploit Weakness.

As we reach Li’l Lobo’s middle clicks, Flurry replaces Charge so he can keep hitting his opponents.  Blades/Claws/Fangs and Toughness stick around but he now gains Battle Fury for two clicks.  Toughness is then replaced by a short run of Invulnerability as shrugs off even more damage.  Leap/Climb occupies the last two clicks of Li’l Lobo’s speed slot as his wiry build allows him to be mobile.  In his damage slot he drops Battle Fury and gains Close Combat Expert to land some heavy hits.

Li’l Lobo can take as well as he can give, thanks to a trait called Unfraggin’ Stoppable!, which represents the Last Son of Czarnia’s powerful healing ability.  Unfraggin’ Stoppable! reads, “At the beginning of your turn, you may heal Li’l Lobo 1 damage if he is adjacent to an opposing character.”

At 102 points and with an aggressive power set, Li’l Lobo leaves plenty of room for supporting figures or other hard hitters.  He has only one keyword for theme-team building (Young Justice) but would make a viable choice for many forces.

Like Li’l Lobo, the smaller and weaker clone Slo-bo has only the Young Justice keyword for theme-team building but comes with a point cost of 65 points.  Let’s take a better look at Slo-bo!


Slo-bo hits the battlefield with an Improved Movement ability called Not Really a Fighter, which allows him to ignore characters whenever he moves.  Slo-bo begins his dial with two clicks of a special power called Hiding and Stowing, which allows him to use Stealth and Leap/Climb.  That’s followed by two clicks of Stealth as Slo-bo chooses to hide instead of fight.  What happens when he can’t hide?  Leap/Climb occupies Slo-bo’s last two clicks as he chooses to run away instead of fight.  When it comes to fighting, Slo-bo has no powers in his attack slot except for two mid-dial clicks of Quake.

Defensively, Slo-bo has the Indomitable combat ability and starts with two clicks of Toughness as he shows he’s still a Czarnian.  In his damage slot he has Perplex to represent his role on Young Justice as the team’s engineer.  He then switches to Combat Reflexes to show off his fancy footwork and drops Perplex in favor of Enhancement.

Perplex returns on Slo-bo’s last click, which also brings a special power in the defense slot called Sacrifice.  This special power reads, “When this click is revealed, stop turning the dial.  If another character with the Young Justice keyword would be KO’d, instead you may KO Slo-bo and turn that character’s dial to their last click.”

Slo-bo makes a solid addition to any team with his opening combination of Stealth (via his Hiding and Stowing, special power) and PerplexEnhancement makes him a team player as well by allowing him to boost the damage of adjacent friendly characters’ ranged attacks.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us next week when we take a look at a team of villains formed by Slade Wilson.  Until then, may your lines of fire always be clear!