Mage Knight: Resurrection Preview

Mage Knight Resurrection HeroClix: Skeleton Skullwalker & Shyft Ravager!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Today’s Mage Knight Resurrection preview spotlights two Mage Spawn, coming this fall to a store near you. These characters are ready to show your opponents their graves!

We begin our preview with the Skeleton Skullwalker!


The Skeleton Skullwalker begins its dial with the trait Bones That Must Rise. This trait has you give Skeleton Skullwalker a move action and, after actions resolve, place a hindering terrain marker in its square that remains on the map until Skeleton Skullwalker no longer occupies the square. Skeleton Skullwalker ignores the marker for movement purposes. Let’s see why this trait is so very bone-chilling to his opponents.

Skeleton Skullwalker begins his 6 click dial with Stealth, Toughness, and Exploit Weakness. This creature of the night carries his own hindering terrain everywhere he goes. And when your opponent has to come base him, he has the penetrating damage with Exploit Weakness to make it hurt!

His 3rd and 4th clicks still have stealth, but there are some real changes here. Skeleton Skullwalker possesses Blades/Claws/Fangs, Invincible, and Battle Fury on his 3rd and 4th clicks. A potential 6 damage and he ignores Shape Change, this could almost make you feel like someone walked over your grave! The Invincible will also make sure you are not taken out of the game anytime soon.

As we get to our last 2 clicks, make no bones about it, the Skeleton Skullwalker is still dangerous! Coming on strong with a 10 attack, 2 damage, Flurry and Battle Flurry, this bag of bones is still dangerous! But hey, let’s just say that he doesn’t have anyone to attack because he KO’d everyone near him, you can roll for the Regeneration that’s on his last 2 clicks potentially healing to the first click again!

Finally let’s take a look at his Team Ability Mage Spawn which states the character on your force with the highest point value at the beginning of the game is this team’s master. If a character using this team ability is within 4 squares of its master when the master is given a move action, then the character using this team ability may be given a move action as a free action. Uncopyable.

So when you have your highest point character within 4 squares make a move action, you can have an army of Skeleton Skullwalkers move as a free action toting their own hindering terrain for Stealth. But who could you choose for this? Perhaps our next Preview, Shyft Ravager could fill that spot.

010-Shyft_RavagerShyft Ravager has Improved Movement: Ignores Elevated Terrain and the trait Born of Sea and Swamp when it is not your turn, lines of fire drawn to Shyft Ravager when it occupies water terrain are hindered. If you noticed as well, Shyft Ravager has the Dolphin Speed symbol so he’s ignoring water terrain for movement purposes as well as elevated terrain.

Shyft Ravager has a 6 click dial starting its top 2 clicks with Stealth, Combat Reflexes, Exploit Weakness, and special attack power We Bring the Darkness With Us. This power states Shyft Ravager can use Poison and Smoke Cloud. Sounds like swamp gas to me!

Clicks 3 and 4 continue with Stealth and Combat Reflexes, but change attack and damage powers to Smoke Cloud and Close Combat Expert. He retains the Combat Reflexes until the end of his dial.  At clicks 5 and 6 he loses Stealth and Smoke Cloud but picks up Poison to try and give out some free damage.

At 60 Points Shyft Ravager could be just the team master you need for your Skeleton Skullwalker army!

Thanks for reading todays preview and stay tuned next week for our next Mage Knight Resurrection preview