HeroClix Watch List

The HeroClix Watch List: An Update



Greetings HeroClix fans,

Shortly after the HeroClix Watch List was published, both the R&D and playtesting teams began to attack the challenge with renewed vigor. While each had their own take on how to fix individual aspects of each item on the Watch List, there was a consistent message that came across: Addressing only one item on the Watch List would only result in less feasible teams. In order to encourage a more balanced metagame, there is a need for many, if not all, items on the Watch List to have some change.

Some of the proposed changes wouldn’t directly errata the listed items, but would change the game in other ways. Some of the proposed changes would be errata. At this point, it is not looking like anything specific will need to be banned, though that option will remain available should playtesting prove it necessary.

One thing we can report is that Shatterstar has been added to the Watch List as well and some game alteration can be expected that would affect this piece as well.

We are currently narrowing down the options we plan to use for errata. This process will lead into a series of additional playtest cycles, with each team testing at least one of the Watch List items with the proposed changes. This process itself takes time and there will then need to be some time to analyze the results and formalize the changes. You can be sure that we’ll be back here when that stage is complete.

As always, thank you for your continued support and interest,
-The WizKids Team

Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-Men Preview

Marvel HeroClix Wolverine & the X-Men: Longshot!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back to an all-new and X-citing preview from our upcoming Marvel HeroClix release, Wolverine and the X-Men! Today we spotlight a character from another dimension; a dimension where entertainment is king and ratings are paramount.  Ruled over by the so-called “Spineless Ones”, today’s preview has frequently fought the likes of the mysterious Spiral and and the malevolent Mojo. Of course, we are talking about none other than the extradimensional stunt-man, the luckiest man in the universe, Longshot!


Longshot’s most defining characteristic (other than perhaps his three-fingered hands) has got to be his unerring luck.  This is represented by Longshot’s Luckiest ‘Man’ Alive trait which makes all of his successful hits critical hits! Even luckier still, when you roll two sixes with Longshot’s attack, his damage dealt is increased by another 1 click, cannot be reduced below 3, and cannot be evaded! Talk about one shot in a million!

Initially Longshot maneuvers into position with Running Shot while “making his own luck” (sometimes unpredictably) with Probability Control.  Early- to mid-dial he gains Precision Strike, demonstrating his ability to attack his targets in the luckiest spot.  Combined with his 3 targets at 5 range, Longshot’s Trait and Precision Strike ensure that anyone within range of his throwing knives will not be able to ignore him for long!

Leap/Climb gives way to Charge as Longshot switches tactics slightly late-dial.  Longshot demonstrates he knows just where to hit his foes and bypass their damage reducers thanks to Exploit Weakness.  Finally, Regeneration rounds out Longshot’s dial on his last click, and he re-gains Leap/Climb to make a proper getaway.

Defensively, Longshot may seem a little soft (and indeed this could represent his hollow, bird-like bones) but Energy Shield/Deflection and then Combat Reflexes enhance his defense values against ranged- and close-combat attacks respectively.  The trick with Longshot is keep his enemies close (say, within 5 range) while keeping his tougher, more durable friends closer.  Longshot is a capable harassment piece and is sure to make your opponents feel like Lady Luck has abandoned them with his barrage of critical hits and ability to work around damage reducers.

With consistent combat values (his attack never dips below a 10!) and at only 75 points, Longshot is easy to include in a number of strategies and will work exceptionally well on theme teams built around the Celebrity, Excalibur, Exiles, Martial Artist, Mojoverse, X-Factor, and X-Men theme teams.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this latest sneak-peek behind the curtain of Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-Men.  Join us later in the week as we check in with man who tried to realize his father’s vision, only to make things much, much worse! Until then, keep your Clix off their K.O.’s!