Preview Star Trek Tactics III

Star Trek HeroClix Tactics Series III: U.S.S. Hathaway!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today our Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics Series III preview is the U.S.S Hathaway. When William Riker took the command of the U.S.S. Hathaway it was to engage the U.S.S. Enterprise-D in a Starfleet battle exercise; little did anyone know that a party of Ferengi marauders would happen upon the scene!


U.S.S Hathaway has a trait called Underestimating Ensign Crusher.  This allows U.S.S Hathaway to use Probability Control but only when it has just one action token.  The U.S.S Hathaway can also use Outwit but only to counter combat abilities.  This use of Outwit can seem limiting but can still give you the ability to counter a ship’s use of Sharpshooter, Indomitable or even Flight, any of which could easily swing a battle in any captain’s favor.

U.S.S Hathaway starts out with Stealth and Super Senses as Riker gets her into position for first strike.  U.S.S Hathaway also has the use of Support with a 10 attack which could easily come in handy if your first strike fails and your opponent gets the upper hand and damages other friendly ships first.

U.S.S Hathaway has a special power on clicks 2 and 3 called Limited Warp.  This allows U.S.S Hathaway to use Hypersonic Speed and Running Shot.  When she does use Hypersonic Speed this way, she must be given a double power action instead of a regular power action.  This means at the end of the action you must be able to place two action tokens instead of just one, and apply pushing damage if applicable.

Also on click 2 U.S.S Hathaway can use Energy Explosion, Energy Shield/Deflection, and Perplex.  U.S.S Hathaway has a five-click dial ending with the use of Willpower.

U.S.S Hathaway has a range of 6 squares and costs 75 points.  She has the Federation keyword as well as the team ability.  The Federation Team Ability allows ships that are attacked by a ship with one or more action tokens to modify her defense value by +1.  This team ability is Uncopyable.

Thanks for reading and continue to look toward the stars for more upcoming Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics Series III previews.  Until then, Shape Change for the Win!!

Preview Star Trek Tactics III

Star Trek HeroClix Tactics III: Species 8472’s Bioship Alpha and Bioship Beta!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

And welcome as we continue to go where no Clix have gone before as we continue to explore the upcoming Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics Series IIIToday we take a journey into a parallel dimension known as fluidic space to check out a couple of ships from Species 8472.  Able to resist the Borg, we start with Bioship Alpha!


Bioship Alpha has a trait called Biomatter Defenses, which allows the use of Shape Change, and makes it so it can’t be targeted with Incapacitate.  Additionally, as they are one of the few species to avoid assimilation by the Borg, this trait makes it so the Borg team ability won’t place Assimilation tokens on this ship.

Bioship Alpha begins play with a special power that will be on more than half of its dial called Fluidic Space.  This special power allows the use of Phasing/Teleport, to get to wherever it is needed, and Running Shot, giving it a solid move and attack option.   Giving it protection from range counter attack is an opening click of Energy Shield/ Deflection.   On its second cluck, Bioship Alpha trades it printed 4 damage foe the ability to ignore damage reducers with tree clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast. Also at this point, Invulnerability will provide some solid damage reduction.

Click number four sees the power set on Bioship Alpha begin to change.  As Fluidic Space, Penetrating/Psychic Blast and Invulnerability all make their last appearances; Range Combat Expert begins a run that will last the rest of the dial.  On the next click, Fluidic Space is replaced by standard Running Shot, and Energy Shield/ Deflection will again provide protection against range combat attacks.  A 7 range will allow Bioship Alpha a good distance to get use from Energy Shield/ Deflection, but should an opposing figure base it, the Sharp Shooter combat ability will allow the use of its potent range combat attack abilities.

Next up, we have the Bioship Beta:


Bioship Beta has the same Biomatter Defense trait as the Bioship Alpha, allowing it to use Shape Change, and ignore Incapacitate, as well as the placement of Assimilation tokens by the Borg team ability.

Bioship Beta can get to where ever it will do your force the most good with a full dial of Phasing/Teleport.  On the front half of its dial, Bioship Beta has two special powers, the first called Energy-Focusing Ship.  This special power allows you to give Bioship Beta a free action and choose either attack or damage, and modify the chosen combat value by +1 on all adjacent friendly ships.  Defensively, adjacent friendly characters will also come in handy as Bioship Beta has a special power called Defensive Escort Bioship, which allows the use of both Invulnerability and Mastermind. 

On the back half of its dial, Bioship Beta gains Pulse Wave, and will be able to use it for the rest of its dial.    Bioship Beta also gains Toughness as a damage reducer for a couple of clicks.  After this, Bioship Beta can attempt to heal back up into its mid dial with a couple closing clicks of Regeneration.  An impressive printed 8 range will allow Bioship Beta plenty of firing range to damage opposing figures, and the Sharpshooter combat ability will allow it to make range attacks even when based.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics III preview when we look at a Federation ship and what happened to it when the Borg assimilated it!  Until then, keep your Clix off their K.O.’s and your phasers set to fun!

Preview Star Trek Tactics III

Star Trek HeroClix Tactics Series III: Borg Scout 608 & Queen Vessel Prime!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we will continue our preview of Star Trek Tactics HeroClix Series III with some of the most terrifying foes the Federation has ever encountered in their many travels, the Borg! Utilizing a collective “hive-mind”, the Borg are deadly adversaries who assimilate other cultures and technology and can respond to threats with an almost immediate adaptation!

Of course, before the Borg can assimilate they must first investigate, and that’s where the Scout 608 cube comes in!


The Scout 608  flies in at only 50 points, making it an easy addition to team building. Scout 608’s dial starts out with its special damage power called Your Systems Have Been Infiltrated. Your Systems Have Been Infiltrated states that Scout 608 can use Perplex, but may only target opposing ships. If the target ship is marked with an Assimilation Token, it may modify the chosen combat value by an additional -1. This allows you to take extra advantage of the Borg Team Ability.

Scout 608 also starts out with Energy Explosion and Toughness. Scout 608 also has a range of 6 to take advantage of the Energy Explosion. Scout 608 ends its dial with Plasticity and Steal Energy. This is a very handy combination that allows Scout 608 to keep an opposing figure near it while it tries to heal itself.

The Borg, Robot, and Spy keywords ensure easy them team building and consistent combat values allow you to use the Scout 608 as an effective harassment or tie-down piece while its bigger Borg brothers attack from a distance!

Speaking of, our next Borg ship is the Queen Vessel Prime which flies in at an impressive 200 points.


Queen Vessel Prime starts out with a trait called Ruthless Efficiency, which says When Queen Vessel Prime hits with an attack, damage dealt is penetrating. This trait is particularly devastating considering the Queen Vessel Prime’s two targets and 8 range, and initial damage value of 4(!).

The Queen Vessel Prime also begins play with a special damage power called The Queen. The Queen says that Queen Vessel Prime can use Leadership and Outwit. When it uses Leadership, it may use Probability Control, but only for that roll.  Phasing /Teleport allows the Queen Vessel Prime to travel unhindered by both terrain and opposing ships, while an initial click of Impervious protects it from its enemies’ attacks.

On the second click, Queen Vessel Prime gains both Incapacitate and a special power called All is In Service to the Collective. All is In Service to the Collective lets the Queen Vessel Prime use Invulnerability and Mastermind, and when it uses Mastermind, friendly ships with the Borg keyword within 4 squares and line of fire are considered adjacent! Careful positioning will allow the Borg to always be ready to protect the Queen Vessel Prime thanks to this special power! Late-dial, Queen Vessel Prime’s dial then ends with Perplex and Regeneration.

At 200 points, the Queen Vessel Prime is a hefty investment in a 300 point game, but with the right support it will be a devastating adversary for your opponents thanks to its consistent (and impressive) combat values, the Borg Team ability, and both its Ruthless Efficiency trait and All in Service to the Collective special power.  The Borg, Robot, and Ruler keywords allow for thematic team building in a variety of strategies as well.

That’s all we have from the Borg Collective today, but please keep checking back for more previews from the  Star Trek HeroClix Tactics Series III! Until next time keep your phasers at stun!

Preview Star Trek Tactics III

Star Trek Tactics HeroClix: Series III Starter Set!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

We begin our series of Star Trek Tactics III HeroClix previews with a look at the set’s four-ship starter pack.  As with the previous two Star Trek Tactics HeroClix releases, Series III is 100 percent compatible with the HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card and RulesStar Trek Tactics III HeroClix also introduces the popular Borg into the HeroClix universe, which allows Star Trek fans to assimilate their opponents’ ships into the Collective!

Enough with the banter!  Let’s begin our starter set preview with a look at one of the Borg’s scout vessels, Scout 255!


Scout 255 is one of the smaller cube ships used by the Collective to gather information about new races it encountered.  Scout 255 comes into play at 50 points and has a range of 6 squares with two targets.  It also has the Borg team ability, which reads: “When a ship using this team ability hits an opposing ship, place 1 Assimilation token on the target.”  Note that you only have to hit the opposing ship to give it an Assimilation token; whether or not it takes damage makes no difference.

Assimilation tokens represent the Borg’s corruption of a ship and its crew and have the following rules:  When a ship would be healed, it may instead remove 1 Assimilation token for each click of damage it would be healed.  When action tokens are removed from a ship, roll a d6.  On a result of 5 or 6, remove an Assimilation token. Additionally, Borg ships gain various benefits against ships that are marked with Assimilation tokens.  In the case of Scout 255, this ability appears on its second click as a special power in the damage slot called Full Analysis Complete.  This special power lets Scout 255 use Probability Control but only to reroll an attack roll made during an attack against a ship marked with an Assimilation token.

Scout 255 also modifies its damage value by +1 when it targets a ship with an Assimilation token. Borg scout ships aren’t as durable as the larger cubes and Scout 255 is no exception.  Defensively, Scout 255 begins with three clicks of Toughness.  In its attack slot, Scout 255 starts with a click of Incapacitate then ends with two clicks of Penetrating/Psychic BlastScout 255 has the Borg, Robot, and Spy keywords for use when theme team building.

The Star Trek Tactics III HeroClix starter set also includes a second Borg ship, Assimilator 84!


Assimilator 84 comes in at 150 points and has a range of 7 squares with one target.  Like Scout 255, Assimilator 84 has the Borg team ability and the Borg and Robot keywords.

On the first five clicks of its speed slot, Assimilator 84 has a special power that showcases how quickly the Borg’s influence and destruction can spread.  You Will Be Assimilated – Or Destroyed allows Assimilator 84 to use Mind Control and Phasing/Teleport.  When Assimilator 84 uses Mind Control, after actions resolve each target hit is dealt 1 penetrating damage for each Assimilation token on it.

A long run of Energy Explosion highlights Assimilator 84’s attack slot while its damage slot possesses a special power on each of the ship’s clicks.  With Your Defenses Are Irrelevant, Assimilator 84 can use Outwit but only to counter defense powers.  Speaking of defenses, Assimilator 84 starts with two clicks of Invulnerability, then switches to a run of Toughness, and ends its dial with RegenerationAssimilator 84 also has the Indomitable combat ability, which allows it to use Willpower.

Our next ship is a Federation vessel that saw its captain captured by the Borg and transformed into the being known as Locutus.  We are pleased to bring you the USS Enterprise-D!


We previously encountered USS Enterprise-D in the Star Trek Tactics II HeroClix set.  While that version of USS Enterprise-D was fresh from its space dock, Star Trek Tactics III’s version represents the ship after its first encounter with the Collective!

USS Enterprise-D comes in at 125 points and hits the battlefield with a trait called Planting a Command in the Collective: “SLEEP”, which reads:  “When an opposing ship within 8 squares of USS Enterprise-D places an Assimilation token and actions resolve, roll a d6; on a result of 5-6, give that opposing ship an action token.

Running Shot and Phasing/Teleport highlight the majority of USS Enterprise-D speed slot.  Defensively, USS Enterprise-D starts with a click of Toughness, then switches to a pair of Invulnerability clicks.  Willpower highlights the last three clicks of USS Enterprise-D’s dial to help protect against countering effects or powers like Outwit.

In its damage slot, USS Enterprise-D starts with a click of Leadership to represent Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s control of the helm.  When Captain Picard was captured by the Borg and turned into Locutus, control of USS Enterprise-D went to First Officer William Riker, whose influence is represented through three mid-dial clicks of Perplex.  Three ending clicks of Close Combat Expert represent USS Enterprise-D’s rescue of Captain Picard from a Borg Cube. USS Enterprise-D’s attack slot begins with a long run of a special power that plays off Captain Picard’s knowledge of the Collective after his rescue from the Borg Cube.  You Will Only Defeat Him By Letting Him Go gives USS Enterprise-D an advantage by allowing it once per game to choose a keyword possessed by an opposing ship.  USS Enterprise-D then gains a +1 to its attack value when it targets opposing ships with the chosen keyword.  If Borg is the chosen keyword, roll a d6 when an attack hits; on a result of 5-6 the damage dealt by the attack is penetrating damage!

Naturally, USS Enterprise-D has the Federation team ability, and the Federation and Soldier keywords.  USS Enterprise-D has a solid combat values and its trait and special power make it well-suited to battle Borg forces.

Finally, Star Trek Tactics III HeroClix isn’t just about the Borg and the Federation.  Known by the Borg as species 329 but considered unworthy of assimilation, the Kazon are represented in the starter set through the Ogla-Razik.


At 75 points, Ogla-Razik begins play with a trait called Proton Beam which can boost the ship’s damage value by +1 with it makes a ranged combat attack against a ship marked with an action token.  Ogla-Razik has a range of 7 squares and one target.

Ogla-Razik starts its attack slot with a click of Incapacitate, then picks up a short run of Penetrating/Psychic Blast before switching back to IncapacitateOgla-Razik ends it dial with two clicks of Pulse Wave.  Defensively, Ogla-Razik begins with two clicks of Energy Shield/Deflection then plays out the remainder of its dial with Toughness.

The Kazon and Warrior keywords make Ogla-Razik an interesting addition to your Star Trek Tactics forces as a secondary or tertiary attacker, particularly when it makes ranged combat attacks against ships marked with an action token.

Thanks for reading!  Come back again and assimilate our next Star Trek Tactics III HeroClix preview when we encounter a ship commanded by the “One Who is Many”.  Until then: Resistance is futile…