DC HeroClix: World's Finest

DC Comics HeroClix: World’s Finest- Secret Society

Greetings HeroClix fans, and welcome to another look inside our DC Comics HeroClix: World’s Finest team-building strategy articles! Today, we are feeling a bit villainous – so there is no better way to get that out of our systems than with a Secret Society of Super-Villains team!

Our first team member is the 90-point common prime from the set, Poison Ivy! This version represents her at her most powerful, from the classic Batman: Hush storyline! To learn more about her, check out the preview article we ran on both versions of Poison Ivy here.

DC HeroClix: World’s Finest- Secret Society- The Wizard

Next up, at 50 points, we have a really fun piece in The Wizard! Possessing a trait called POOF!, The Wizard can use Shape Change – and, when he does and succeeds, you may place him within 4 squares. But that’s not all, in the square he previous occupied, you immediately place a Tiger bystander, who has Charge, Blades/Claws/Fangs, and Toughness! While not a defensive force at all, The Wizard makes up for that with his special movement power, Illusions Hide Your True Surroundings. This special power states that when The Wizard is occupying hindering terrain or adjacent to blocking terrain, he can’t be targeted by nonadjacent opposing characters! With all of that, he has the standard powers Mind Control, Probability Control, Outwit, Perplex, Enhancement, and Empower!

DC HeroClix: World’s Finest- Secret Society- Monsieur Mallah

Finally, we come to the Brain and the brawn of the team – Monsieur Mallah! An indomitable 150-point piece with a range of 6 squares and 2 targets, Monsieur Mallah begins with Improved Movement: Ignores Elevated Terrain and Improved Movement: Ignores Hindering Terrain. He also has a trait called …and the Brain, which states that Monsieur Mallah begins the game with Brain attached. When Brain is attached, Monsieur Mallah can use Penetrating/Psychic Blast and Super Senses. At the beginning of your turn, you may remove Brain and place it in an adjacent square, or attach an adjacent friendly bystander named Brain. In addition to that, he has a special power on damage called Diabolical Brain and Insidious Simian, which states that Monsieur Mallah can use Leadership and Perplex. And, when Mallah has Brain attached and succeeds with his Leadership roll, he may remove an action token from himself. Couple those with his standard powers Running Shot, Sidestep, Charge, Super Strength, Invulnerability, and Combat Reflexes, amongst others.

Of course, we haven’t looked at the bystander Brain yet, have we? While immobile, Brain  possesses a solid mix of abilities, with a range of 8 squares, and the standard powers Mind Control, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Super Senses, and Outwit. He also has the trait A Magnificent Mind of Malevolent Purpose, which states that when Brain would be KO’d, you may instead attach him to his Monsieur Mallah, and subsequently deal Mallah 1 unavoidable damage.

That’s all we have for our Secret Society of Super-Villains team build! Are there changes you would make? Who would you slot in to take the spot of one of our choices? Sound off on social media and let us know! Until next time, don’t stop ‘Clixing

DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Scarecrow & Shaggy Man!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we take a look at a couple more figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War set.  First, let’s take a look at the master of phobias, Scarecrow!


Scarecrow has an Improved Targeting ability that allows him to ignore hindering terrain called I See You Hiding.  Scarecrow begins hiding himself in hindering terrain with Stealth.  Also making him hard to target is an opening click of Shape Change.  Should an opposing figure manage to hit him, he can use Mastermind to transfer the damage to an adjacent friendly figure.  Keeping friendly figures adjacent also helps to share attack values with the Batman Enemy team ability.

Scarecrow also has a special power over half his dial called Fear Rules You Now which allows him to use Incapacitate, Mind Control and Poison.  When he uses Incapacitate to place a second token on a target, the target modifies its attack by -1, and after actions resolve, Scarecrow may use Mind Control as a free action to target any hit characters.  His 5 range with 2 targets may get him 2 figures to turn on your foe.   A click into his dial, Scarecrow gets a couple of clicks of Outwit.

On his last two clicks, Scarecrow keeps opposing figures close with Plasticity, allowing his Poison to damage any adjacent opposing figure.  Willpower will allow him to act 2 turns in a row with no fear of pushing damage.  And Shape Change will again give him the ability to try to avoid attacks.

Scarecrow can be played in theme on teams using the Arkham Asylum, Legion of Doom, Scientist, and Secret Society of Super Villains keyword.  At 93 points, Scarecrow will be a fun secondart attacker on most team builds.

Next up, we look at Shaggy Man.

shaggy man

Shaggy Man has a trait called Regenerate From Any Wound that allows you to heal him of one click of damage at the beginning of your turn.

Shaggy Man begins play rushing into battle using the always useful combination of Charge and Super StrengthBattle Fury will let him ignore an opposing figures Shape Change and    .  Invulnerability will protect him from counter attack.

On click 4, Shaggy Man slows down a bit as he now has Sidestep.  Defensively, he has Toughness to reduce a bit of damage.  On click number 6, he loses Super Strength.  His defensive numbers begin to climb again as he has a special power called Restore Lost Limbs, allowing him to use Regeneration without reducing the result by 2.  On his last click, he can try to avoid an attack with Super Senses.

Shaggy Man can be played in theme using his Robot and Secret Society of Super Villains keywords.  At 153 points, he is a solid close combat attacker with strong attack and damage values, as well as good damage reduction with above normal Regeneration abilities.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for joining us and be sure to check back soon as we preview more figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War set!

DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Hawkman and Vandal Savage!

Happy New Year HeroClix Fans!

It’s not uncommon for many people to take a look back at their lives as they inaugurate a new year, so we thought we’d look at a pair of long-lived characters from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War.

First up is the winged warrior better known as Hawkman!


Hawkman begins play with a fantastic Speed-based special power called I Own the Sky which allows Hawkman to use Charge. However, when he does, Hawkman does not have to halve his speed value (allowing for a full-movement Charge) and if he successfully hits his target, he can then use Sidestep as well! With his impressive combat values, Hawkman can readily maneuver in for a first strike attack using I Own the Sky and his full 10 speed value, then move out of the way thanks to Sidestep, allowing for an unobstructed target for subsequent ranged or close combat attacks by his teammates.

Hawkman’s combat dial also opens up with two powers that demonstrate his melee skills and ferocity in combat. Precision Strike ensures that when he successfully hits targets with a close combat attack (say, when he uses I Own the Sky), the target will take at least one click of damage. If Hawkman uses a close combat action, Close Combat Expert will give him either an attack or damage boost (or both!)

Near the end of his combat dial, Hawkman’s Precision Strike is replaced with a new Attack-based special power called No Matter the Odds, They Will Fall Before Me (NMtOTWFBM). NMtOTWFBM grants Hawkman the use of the Quake standard power, and if he is part of a Justice League of America themed team he can be given a move action and then use Quake as a free action!
Defensively, Hawkman’s combat dial opens with Energy Shield/Deflection which grants him a defense bonus when he is targeted by ranged combat attacks. Mid- to end-dial, Combat Reflexes grants Hawkman a defense bonus against close combat attacks.

Near the end of his dial, Hawkman’s I Own the Sky special power is replaced with standard Charge, while Close Combat Expert is replaced by Battle Fury. Hawkman cannot make ranged attacks due to Battle Fury (no big deal since his range value of 0), but Battle Fury does protect him from both Incapacitate and Mind Control attacks.
Hawkman’s competitive and consistent combat values help make him a fantastic addition to any HeroClix team. The JLA team ability and his Justice League of America, Past and Warrior keywords make him an easy addition to competitive and fun theme teams.

Next up, we look at a seemingly immortal villain, Vandal Savage!


Vandal Savage possesses two traits that reflect his long-lived experience and biology; Seemingly Immortal grants Vandal Savage a click of healing if he still has two action tokens after a player clears their tokens at the end of their turn. The second trait, I Was Alexander, Genghis, Vlad… grants Vandal Savage the use of Leadership. When Vandal Savage uses Leadership and succeeds, friendly characters on his team receive a +1 bonus to their attack values for that turn!

Vandal Savage’s combat dial possesses a myriad of powers (again, reflecting his long life’s experience): he begins play with Charge, Toughness and Shape Change which allows him to get directly into the fray, withstand a few hits, and avoid attacks entirely. Vandal Savage also starts with an attack special power called Trained in Every Style of Fighting which grants Vandal Savage the use of Close Combat Expert, and Probability Control when he uses Close Combat Expert.

After his first click, the Trained in Every Style of Fighting Style special power is replaced by the Super Strength while Flurry replaces Charge. Near the mid-point of his combat dial, Vandal Savage gains the use of Stealth, Invulnerability, and a new special power titled Tactician That Won A Thousand Wars. This Damage-based special power grants Vandal Savage the use of Outwit and Perplex as if possessed a range value of 8 and the Improved Targeting: Characters combat ability.

Mid-dial (or the beginning of his 160-point combat dial – more on that later), Vandal Savage again gains the use of Charge and the Trained in Every Fighting Style special power. Vandal Savage also gains enhanced protection from Invincibility.

Mid- to late dial, Vandal Savage’s combat dial is a mix of powers and special powers we’ve seen earlier, with the addition of Plasticity (which makes it easier for Vandal Savage to break away while making it harder for his opponents to do the same), as well as Steal Energy, allowing Vandal Savage to regain clicks of health while he simultaneously attacks his enemies.

Vandal Savage’s combat values are largely consistent throughout his dial; his attack value climbs steadily towards the end of his dial, while his defense dips a little but largely Vandal Savage’s combat dials remain competitive and worthwhile throughout his entire dial.

Vandal Savage can be played at two different point values (250 and 160) allowing him to fit on a myriad of team builds and strategies. He possesses the Demon Knights, Injustice Society, Past, Ruler and Secret Society of Super-Villains keywords which makes him an easy addition to a broad variety to themed teams.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at two more of the exciting figures found in the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set! Stay tuned to for more fantastic previews to come, and happy New Year to all of our fans!