DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Scarecrow & Shaggy Man!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we take a look at a couple more figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War set.  First, let’s take a look at the master of phobias, Scarecrow!


Scarecrow has an Improved Targeting ability that allows him to ignore hindering terrain called I See You Hiding.  Scarecrow begins hiding himself in hindering terrain with Stealth.  Also making him hard to target is an opening click of Shape Change.  Should an opposing figure manage to hit him, he can use Mastermind to transfer the damage to an adjacent friendly figure.  Keeping friendly figures adjacent also helps to share attack values with the Batman Enemy team ability.

Scarecrow also has a special power over half his dial called Fear Rules You Now which allows him to use Incapacitate, Mind Control and Poison.  When he uses Incapacitate to place a second token on a target, the target modifies its attack by -1, and after actions resolve, Scarecrow may use Mind Control as a free action to target any hit characters.  His 5 range with 2 targets may get him 2 figures to turn on your foe.   A click into his dial, Scarecrow gets a couple of clicks of Outwit.

On his last two clicks, Scarecrow keeps opposing figures close with Plasticity, allowing his Poison to damage any adjacent opposing figure.  Willpower will allow him to act 2 turns in a row with no fear of pushing damage.  And Shape Change will again give him the ability to try to avoid attacks.

Scarecrow can be played in theme on teams using the Arkham Asylum, Legion of Doom, Scientist, and Secret Society of Super Villains keyword.  At 93 points, Scarecrow will be a fun secondart attacker on most team builds.

Next up, we look at Shaggy Man.

shaggy man

Shaggy Man has a trait called Regenerate From Any Wound that allows you to heal him of one click of damage at the beginning of your turn.

Shaggy Man begins play rushing into battle using the always useful combination of Charge and Super StrengthBattle Fury will let him ignore an opposing figures Shape Change and    .  Invulnerability will protect him from counter attack.

On click 4, Shaggy Man slows down a bit as he now has Sidestep.  Defensively, he has Toughness to reduce a bit of damage.  On click number 6, he loses Super Strength.  His defensive numbers begin to climb again as he has a special power called Restore Lost Limbs, allowing him to use Regeneration without reducing the result by 2.  On his last click, he can try to avoid an attack with Super Senses.

Shaggy Man can be played in theme using his Robot and Secret Society of Super Villains keywords.  At 153 points, he is a solid close combat attacker with strong attack and damage values, as well as good damage reduction with above normal Regeneration abilities.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for joining us and be sure to check back soon as we preview more figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War set!

Heroclix Preview The Dark Knight Rises

The Batman’s Fearsome Foe: Scarecrow!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Our series of previews for the DC HeroClix: The Dark Knight Rises set continues today as we visit Arkham Asylum to see a man with a mad plan to help change the world, Scarecrow!

Scarecrow has a trait called Fear and Control, allowing him to use Poison. If a character takes damage as a result of this use of Poison, Scarecrow can immediately use Mind Control as a free action targeting that character, and he takes no damage from this use of Mind Control!  A full dial of Plasticity will enable Scarecrow to keep a victim adjacent to him, or improve his chances of getting away to get to a better opposing figure to use his trait against!

Beyond his trait and Plasticity, Scarecrow opens his dial with two clicks of Incapacitate to potentially keep an opposing figure locked in place next to him, or he can utilize it with his 6 range.  Perplex on these two clicks provides a boost to a teammate, or himself.

Mid-dial, Scarecrow has a blank attack slot as he picks up a couple of powers that pair well with his special power and Plasticity.  As he needs to be close to an opposing figure for Poison work, Scarecrow picks up Combat Reflexes to make himself harder to hit back.  Adding to his defensive capabilities, and showing another effect of his fear gases in the form of hallucinations, Scarecrow also picks up Shape Change at this point in his dial.  At the end of his dial, Scarecrow adds Smoke Cloud to his arsenal, providing some cover for himself and teammates, or by simply making it harder for his grounded opponents to move around.

Scarecrow possesses the Arkham Asylum, Gotham Underworld and Scientist keywords, as well as the Batman Enemy team ability, allowing him to use the attack value of an adjacent teammate using this team ability.  At 85 points, Scarecrow has the ability to instill your opponent with fear!

We hope you enjoyed today’s preview!  Join us again this next Monday as we continue to explore the DC HeroClix: The Dark Knight Rises set when we explore both sides of the same coin!  Until then, keep your Clix off their KO’s!