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Heroclix Player’s Guide: Superman and the Legion of Superheroes update!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Welcome back! In case you didn’t know, DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Superheroes released recently. In support of this release the Rules Team has constructed an update to the Player’s Guide (PG). This update provides all the powers and abilities as they appear on the character cards in the boosters. The Rules Team will now return to our cave to craft answers to all the questions you have concerning Amethyst , Tellus, and the rest of the Legion. In the following weeks this PG update will be followed by an update to Section 3, Character Clarifications. Until then win if you can, lose if you must, just ‘Clix.

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HeroClix Players Guide Section 04 – Characters – Reference – 2014-03

Announcements Captain America: The Winter Soldier Heroclix Upcoming Product

WizKids is pleased to announce: The 2014 Rule Book and PAC

Greetings Heroclix Fans!

Included with the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Starter Set is the new and updated 2014 Heroclix core rulebook and PAC.  There are some exciting new things introduced in there, and some changes that I think fans are going to love!  We will go over some of the major changes today and hopefully answer any questions that some of you may have.

Upon opening your starter, you may have noticed that it included a bunch of new object tokens.  But what’s this?  Why do I have an object with a white colored ring around it?  Is this a misprint?  No, my friends.  Allow me to introduce you to the Ultra Light Object.  What’s an Ultra Light object?  Good question.  Let’s look at their entry on page 16 of the 2014 rulebook.


An Ultra Light object is a light object with a white ring instead of a yellow one. Ultra Light objects follow all the rules of light objects with the following changes:

• Any character can pick up or hold this object, even if they can’t use Super Strength.

• This object is not used when making a close combat attack.

• A square containing this object is not hindering terrain.

• When used to make a ranged combat attack, this object can be thrown 8 squares and deals 1 damage.


Ultra Light Objects are light objects that can be picked up by anyone, you don’t use them when making a close combat attack,  a square with one it is not hindering terrain and finally,  you can throw it 8 squares and it deals only 1 damage when using one in a ranged combat attack.  Now wait a minute!  Don’t light objects normally allow you to throw them 8 squares?  Well…not anymore.  Those rules have changed as well.  The distance for throwing light objects was reduced from 8 squares to 6, and the distance for throwing heavy objects was reduced from 6 squares to 4.

Another exciting change to objects is in regard to Relics.  The “Once per game” restriction to attempt to assign one is no longer present.  A character can now attempt to assign a Relic as many times as it likes until it finally succeeds.  Want to assign that bright and shiny Cosmic Cube to your Red Skull?  Now you don’t have to worry about getting only one chance to do it!  You can keep giving that mean old Red Skull power actions to make a Relic roll every turn until he finally gets that Cosmic Cube.


We’ll now discuss the biggest and most exciting changes to the rules.    The change to ATA’s and the Themed Team rules!

One big change is that ATA’s are no longer a separate entry in the rulebook.  They are now part of the Tactics section and are a special bonus that you can only use when your force is a Themed Team.  We’ll discuss it more when going over the changes to the Themed Team rules below.   Speaking of which, there are also some interesting changes to the Themed Team rules.  Most of the rules as you know them are still the same, so let’s just list the important changes right here and go over them.

  •  A Themed Team is now any team that has at least 2 figures on it and where all of the figures share a keyword.  No more figuring out the build total and number of characters depending on using a named or generic keyword.  Are there at least 2 characters on your team?  Do they all share a keyword?  If the answer is yes to both questions, then you’ve got yourself a Themed Team.  Now you can finally play your full point Galactus and Ziran in a 3500 point game as a Cosmic keyword Themed Team.
  • Themed Team Probability Control (TTPC) can now only be used on NAMED keyword Themed Teams.  If your Themed Team only shares a generic keyword, then you do not get the TTPC bonus.  You now also get 1 TTPC use per character on your force, but only up to 1 per each 100 points of the build total.  300 point team with 2 characters?  That’s 2 TTPC uses.  500 point team with 8 characters?  That’s 5 TTPC uses.
  • ATA’s are now only allowed to be used on Themed Teams.  If your team is not themed, then it would now be illegal to include an ATA on your force.  All normal build rules for ATA’s still apply.  One very important thing to note is that the ATA you use does not have to share a keyword with the Themed Team you built.  Let’s say you build an X-Men keyword Themed Team and include Beast and Wolverine (who also have the Avengers keyword).  You could assign them the Secret Avengers ATA (which requires the Avengers keyword), even though your Themed Team was X-Men.


I think that covers most of the major changes in the 2014 rulebook.  I hope you’re all as excited about the new objects and rules changes as we are.  All of the discussed information and more is in the 2014 Heroclix core rulebook and Heroclix 2014 PAC.  If you guys ever have any questions about any of the changes, or any rules questions in general, please feel free to contact us at  Keep those dice rolling and those clicks clicking, and I hope you have a purrrfect day!



Heroclix HeroClix Rules Review Rules Question

HeroClix Player’s Guide – A Major Revision

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today marks the arrival of a brand new Player’s Guide!  This PG covers A LOT of information and went through several revisions as its authors repeatedly added errata and character clarifications to an already immense completed document. This Player’s Guide is much the same, yet very different than Player’s Guides of the past. The Player’s Guide has gotten a facelift since you last read it and has added Heroclix Watch List elements.

The first thing you will notice about the Player’s Guide is that it looks different than it did last time around. Working together, the Rules Team (RT) and Game Development (GDV) thought up a new, intuitive format for the PG. Now, the PG is spit into 8 sections; General, Powers and Abilities, Character Errata and Clarifications, Character Reference, Team Abilities, Maps, Objects/Resources/Hordes, and finally Feats & Battlefield Conditions. No more paging through sections of extraneous information, players and judges can turn to the exact section that contains the answers they seek. Need the updated wording for a character? Head to Section 3. Wondering what the Runaways ATA does? Section 4 has the answer.

The game of HeroClix experienced a first in its 12 year history recently; game elements arose that fundamentally changed how games of Heroclix are prepared for, played, and won. These elements lead to the creation of the Heroclix Watch List, (HWL). As the details of the HWL surfaced many opinions on how to present the information to the player base were explored.  Should we add an entry to Section 1, General Information, to direct players to the HWL elements? Each game element affected by the Heroclix Watch List would be presented in its appropriate section.

The Rules Team is proud to present this document as it represents months of work, thousands of emails and the exchange of uncountable ideas and opinions. Until next time, win if you can, lose if you must, always Clix.


Section 1 – General Rules

Section 2 – Powers and Abilities

Section 3 – Characters – Errata and Clarifications

Section 4 – Characters – Reference Guide

Section 5 – Team Abilities

Section 6 – Maps

Section 7 – Objects, Resources, and Hordes

Section 8 – Feats and Battlefield Conditions


HeroClix Rules Review Rules Question

HeroClix Players Guide for February 2013

Hello there HeroClix Fans,

It’s time again for an updated Players Guide!  This version of the Players Guide include the Star Trek: Tactics 2 and Amazing Spider-Man.  Not too many surprises in this version of the Players Guide, but we will make sure that we clarify one figure that has had some questions.

Amazing Spider-Man #021 Electro

Arc Lightning: Give Electro a power action and make a ranged combat attack against a single target using his printed damage value. Each time he hits, after actions resolve, he may then make a ranged combat attack as a free action against another single target as if he occupied the previously hit character’s square, replacing his range value with his printed range value minus the number of (charactershits he has (hitmade this turn with this power.

The RED wording replaces what is the parentheses.  So hopefully this wording makes it clear that you can bounce between two character as long as your Range Value will support it, and that you continue to hit of course.

I know that many of you wait for the new Players Guide not for the newest wordings, rules and rulings but for the Additional Team Abilities for the latest sets.  I will let you know that we are still working on these ATA’s for the last couple of sets and we will post an article with all of them as soon as we have them done.

As usual, you will find the links to the latest Players Guide below.   And always remember “Keep Clixing, One Clix at a Time.”

Thanks for reading.

Sean “TechG0D” Braunstein
HeroClix Rules Arbitrator

Players Guide Golden Age 2013-02
Players Guide Modern Age 2013-02