DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Pandora’s Box & the Rock of Eternity!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back to our ongoing preview coverage of the DC Heroclix: Justice League Trinity War set with a pair of new resource dials harnessing the power of the Seven Deadly Sins to strengthen your team.

First up is the item responsible for the Trinity War itself, Pandora’s Box! 


Pandora’s Box can be assigned to your force for 12 points plus 4 per Sin that is attached, making this resource scalable from 16 to 40 points. And as this resource tends to be more effective when on a team with at least 3 characters, the variable cost will allow you to fine tune your team composition.

To turn your characters into Sinners allowing them to reap the benefits of the resource, you can give them a power action to place one of the sins from the resource on the character’s card. This can only be done once per turn and a character cannot be given a second sin until at least 3 friendly characters have Sins on their cards. So you’ll need to plan your actions accordingly to make sure that as many of your team members as possible can use the powers that Pandora’s Box provides.

Taking a look at what Pandora’s Box brings to your characters, you have to take a look at each of the paths of sin that you can choose to follow. If you choose to start the resource on the red starting line, known as the Path of the Hunter, your characters will have access to some early mobility with Phasing/Teleport and Running Shot as well as some assist powers before transitioning to some damaging ranged attack powers and ending with Hypersonic Speed or Toughness. The blue starting line corresponds to the Path of the Ravager and is extremely close combat focused offering powers such as Super StrengthPlasticity, and Exploit Weakness. And finally the green starting line provides plenty of map control and supportive powers like Barrier and Perplex making the Path of the Manipulator very strategic in nature.

Once a character has become a Sinner, each turn a d6 roll will determine which of the two powers visible on the dial the Sinners can use until your next turn. The number of assigned sins and the path chosen at the beginning of the game determines the click that Pandora’s Box should be turned to.  For instance, if you have chosen the Path of the Hunter and have assigned 5 Sins to your characters, if the d6 roll at the beginning of the turn is 1-3 your Sinners can use Steal Energy and if the roll was 4-6 they could use Close Combat Expert.

If you can manage to assign all 7 Sins to your team this game, at least 3 Sinners are still on the map, and if all Sinners have at least 1 action token, you can turn the resource dial to its final state which will result in your Sinners having one of two very strong powers.

The first, Third Eye Possessed, grants your characters Improved Movement AND Improved Targeting to ignore Hindering and Elevated terrain as well as breaking through Blocking Terrain. You’ll also modify all of your Sinner’s combat values by +1 and then by and additional +2 for both Speed and Range. The other power, Gateway to Earth-3, grants the same +1 to combat values as well as the Mystics team ability and allows you to choose another DC team ability that your sinners can use whenever they have access to this power.  You’ll still have to roll the d6 each turn to see what power you will use but both powers are extremely strong and will give you a distinct advantage.

Pandora’s Box is a resource that takes a few turns to spread amongst your team but offers some very strong powers and the choice of path can drastically alter your strategy and since that choice is made at the beginning of the game, you can size up your opponent’s force before you commit. Beware the Sinners, fellow clixers.

The next resource arriving with the DC Heroclix: Justice League Trinity War set is the Rock of Eternity.


The Rock of Eternity costs 12 points plus 2 points for each Sin included on your force with a minimum of 1 up to all 7, meaning it has a point cost range of 14 to 26 points. In fitting with its reduced cost, this resource is assigned only to a single character on your force that is at least 50 points and this character is now designated as your Champion. Now when you would normally be placing objects during game setup, you can choose to place up to 3 Sins on the map at least 5 squares away from each other and any starting areas, as well as in its own row and column.  All remaining Sins are placed on your sideline but they won’t be there for long.

There are two methods of reattaching Sins to the Rock of Eternity. First, you may attach a Sin from your sideline to the Rock of Eternity if your Champion does not have two action tokens. You may also give your Champion a free action to attach a Sin in the same square as your Champion to the Rock of Eternity.  But what does attaching the Sins do, you ask? They relate to the powers granted to your champion by the two dials on the resource.  First let’s tackle the SHAZAM! dial.

Similar to Pandora’s Box, at the beginning of the game you will be choosing a path but the Rock of Eternity offers the red Cunning Path and the blue Mighty Path, the color determining the starting line the resource’s SHAZAM! dial. You will click your dial to the click number that relates to the number of Sins attached to the resource. Your Champion will then be able to use whatever power is showing in the slot for the SHAZAM! dial that relates to the number of action tokens on the Champion. So if the Rock of Eternity has 2 Sins attached and your Champion has one action token, your Champion could use Mind Control if you chose the Cunning Path or Hypersonic Speed if you chose the Mighty Path.

On top of the powers granted by collecting the Sins, you can also seek to Unlock the Power of SHAZAM! At the beginning of your turn when your Champion has no action tokens, you’ll roll 2d6 and add the current click number of your SHAZAM! dial, and if the result is 16 or greater your Champion will become The Power Personified.  The champion is given a double power action and the SHAZAM! dial is turned to click 9, which is identical for both dials. This click grants the Champion a truly spectacular set of powers and abilities including Impervious, Probability Control, Pulse Wave, Running Shot, the Mystics Team ability, the Wing speed symbol, the Indomitable defense symbol and a range of 8 if the Champion’s range was less than that.  This alone makes this dial truly fearful but we haven’t even spoken of the Sin Dial yet!

The Sin dial of the Rock of Eternity begins the game at click 1 and like the SHAZAM! dial grants the use of the Sin’s power that relates to the color visible on the current click but as you can see, we don’t have any powers visible at click one so lets start turning that dial. When one or more action tokens are placed on one of your opponent’s characters, you’ll click the Sin dial once clockwise (to a higher click number) and when your Champion receives an action token, you’ll turn the dial counter-clockwise (to a lower number and away from the good powers). Note that the characters don’t have to take an action, just receive an action token so uses of Incapacitate can be a great way to manipulate the dial.

Not long into the dial you will encounter a special power to go along with the Sin colors on the dial.  Represented by special power number 2, your Champion will be Giving in to Sin by taking a free action to select a Sin that they will be able to use until your next turn at the cost of clicking the dial counter-clockwise 3 clicks. Then after making it through the first 16 clicks of the dial the Growing Temptation power allows the user to immediately choose a Sin and use its power until the dial is clicked again.  Evil’s Seduction is similar but appears a bit later in the dial and allows the selection of 2 Sins to be used immediately.  And finally, Ultimate Transgressor is present on the 20th and final click which allows the use of all attached Sins on the resource.

The Sin Dial is sounding a bit like the original resource, the Infinity Gauntlet, isn’t it? Unlike that resource the Sin dial cannot be clicked past click 1 or click 20 so there is no worry of overshooting the sweet spot but taking actions will move your Champion back down the dial so planning ahead will be important.

Now I’m sure by this point you’re screaming “But what do the Sins do!?” And for that you’ll just have to wait, fellow clixers.

The Rock of Eternity features two separate dials that both need to be managed carefully, making this a resource that can be potentially unpredictable but undeniably powerful.

Thank you for joining us for another preview of the DC Heroclix: Justice League Trinity War set.  Keep an eye out for even more previews coming soon.


DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Shazam! and Freddy Freeman!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

The previews roll on for the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League -Trinity War set, this time with Earth’s Mightiest Mortal, Shazam!


Having his powers bestowed upon him by The Wizard Shazam, Billy Batson displays his worth with his trait, Pure of Heart, which allows Shazam! to use Defend. Having 8 clicks of life, Shazam! will be able to utilize his higher defensive values that follow after his activation click, showing him transform from the boy Billy Batson to the mystical mortal, Shazam!

As he’s just a normal teenager on his first click, naturally he begins his movement with Earthbound/Neutralized, before moving onto Charge, which he possesses on his second, fifth, and eighth clicks. He also has a special power called Shazam! on his third, fourth, sixth, and seventh clicks which grant Shazam! the ability to use Flurry, Sidestep, and the Quintessence team ability. Remember, with Quintessence, Shazam! can choose to ignore pushing damage, and his powers cannot be countered!

Zeroing in now on his attack, Shazam! begins his dial with a special power called A Gift from the Wizard for My Friends. This power allows Shazam! to be given a free action, letting him to choose any adjacent friendly characters and dealing him 1 unavoidable damage. In exchange for that damage, however, you’re able to modify the combat values of the chosen characters by +1 until your next turn – even if the power is lost! Shazam! also carries Quake, symbolizing the lightning called down when he says the magic word, as well as Super Strength! The Big Red Cheese is here to fight!

An incredibly consistent specimen on the defensive side of things, Shazam! begins with a click of Combat Reflexes, representing his quick feet and reaction times as Billy Batson. However, after turning into Shazam!, his defensive abilities ramp up, giving him two clicks each of Impervious, Invincible, Invulnerable, and finally one final click of Regeneration, allowing him to stay in the fight for as long as possible! His damage powers run the spectrum of godly abilities as well, beginning with Outwit on his first, sixth, and seventh clicks, Probability Control on his second, third, and eighth clicks, and Perplex on his fourth and fifth.

Magical in nature, Shazam! possesses the Mystics team ability, allowing him to deal 1 unavoidable damage to any opponent that deals him damage. While he’s a cost investment at 183 points, the overall strong levels of his abilities and combat values will pay out, especially on Mystical themed teams. Also of note is the return of the long dormant Fawcett City keyword – break out those Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr pieces for a fun 489 point Golden Age team!

Of course, if you want to have fun with a Modern Age team, you could always pair Shazam! with the Trinity War prime figure – Freddy Freeman!


While he doesn’t come loaded with a powerful trait like Shazam!, he’s more than capable in a fight. Possessing the Speed of Mercury, it should come as no surprise that Freddy Freeman comes loaded with move and attack powers on each click. His dial has four clicks of Hypersonic Speed, while also possessing Charge on clicks 2 and 3. Alongside those powers come strong opening values for his movement, beginning at an 11, sliding down in value before eventually closing at an 8.

On attack, he opens with three clicks of Super Strength, and given his 112 point value, he’s able to pick up Ultra Heavy objects, increasing his damage value by +3 during close combat attacks. Following that, and on his final 3 clicks of his 6 click dial, he has a power called Call the Lightning, a power which grants Freddy Freeman the ability to use Pulse Wave as if he had a range of 9. Even better, should he do so, after actions resolve, Freddy Freeman is healed of 1 damage for each hit opposing character. Even with that healing bonus, this is a great power for Freddy Freeman, as it allows him to be a little sneaky with his positioning, given his printed range of 0.

Defensively, Freddy Freeman has incredibly consistent values, with his Indomitable dial bouncing between an 18 and 17 depending on what click he’s on, and he carries damage reducers on each click. Opening with Impervious, Freddy Freeman then transitions into 2 clicks of Invulnerable, before finishing out with 3 clicks of Toughness. His remarkable consistency carries over to his Damage as well, where Freddy Freeman begins with a 4 value, before moving between a 3 and a 2 for the remainder of his dial. Also, don’t overlook his two clicks of Exploit Weakness, which couple nicely with the aforementioned Super Strength – 6 penetrating damage in close combat with an Ultra Heavy object is nothing to sneeze at!

While he’s not the main Marvel Family attraction, Freddy Freeman is actually a bit more versatile than Shazam! with regards to being a part of a theme team. Fitting in on Fawcett City, Mystical, Outsiders, Teen Titans, and Young Justice teams, Freddy Freeman can utilize keywords released in the majority of the DC modern age sets, taking strong advantage of the DC HeroClix: Teen Titans set, adding some much needed punch to otherwise more finesse teams.

That’s all for today’s previews HeroClix fans, but be sure to check back soon for more great previews from the DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set. Until then, may all your hits be crits!