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Live Update from the U.S. HeroClix National Championship!

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Greetings from the U.S. HeroClix National Championship!

As we cut to the Top 16 players in this very exciting final event, we wanted to share some fo the really nnteresting teambuilds that have made the cut! In no particular order, here are some of the teams being played in the U.S. HeroClix National Championship:


1. Jason Allen

Emerald Empress (with Utilty Belt, S-LoSH #040) – 122 pts. (115 pts. for Emerald Empress and 7 pts. for the Utility Belt)

Damian Hellstrom (ASM #009) – 66 pts.

Enchantess x2 (JL52 #016) – 100 pts.

Midnight Sons Additional Team Ability (on Damian Hellstrom) – 4 pts.


2. Bryan Santana

Alpha-Class Sentinel (Attack Mode, DoFP #G001) – 150 pts.

Black Talon (DP #04) – 60 pts.

Madame Web (ASM #048) – 24 pts.

Weasel (DP #020) – 27 pts.

Phoenix Force with all Shards (assigned to Alpha-Class Sentinel and Black Talon) – 33 pts.


3. Derek Thompson

Evil Deadpool (DP #019b, with Parallax Entity, WoL #065) – 125 pts. (25 pts. for Parallax and 100 pts. for Evil Deapool)

Bizarro (S-LoSH #039) – 25 pts.

Colleen Wing (DP #008) – 55 pts.

Astral Doctor Stange (GG #014a) – 13 pts.

Splitlip (FI #301) – 20 pts.

Blind Al x2 (DP #018) – 26 pts.

Book of the Skull plus all Hammers – 30 pts.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into the U.S. HeroClix National Championship, stay tuned for even more updates!

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WizKids Games and HeroClix European National Championship at Essen Spiel 2013!


Greetings WizKids Games Supporters!

This fall, WizKids Games returns to Essen Spiel in Germany to celebrate the debut release of Trains and Stations, The Hobbit: Journey to the Lonely Mountain strategy game, and the Mage Knight – The Board Game: Krang Character Expansion!

  • Trains and Stations, designed by Eric M. Lang, is a light strategy dice-game wherein players construct railways and industry buildings to score victory points as they expand their railway empire!
  • The Hobbit: Journey to the Lonely Mountain strategy game, also designed by Eric M. Lang, places players in the roles of Bilbo Baggins, Gollum, the Goblin King, and Azog as they each compete to achieve different objectives during the quest to reach Middle-earth’s Lonely Mountain.
  • Mage Knight – The Board Game: Krang Character Expansion, designed by Vlaada Chvátil, adds a new playable character to the award-winning epic fantasy board game series.  The Orc Chaos Shaman, Krang, is sure to delight new and established fans of the Mage Knight Board Game series!

Essen Spiel 2013 will be the first opportunity the public has to purchase these three incredible strategy game offerings.  Also available for sale will be the 2013 DC HeroClix: Trinity of Sin and the Marvel HeroClix: Shuma Gorath exclusives in limited quantities.  Be sure to come to Essen Spiel Hall 1, Booth #F117 to get your copies at the show!

That’s not all!!! HeroClix fans from all over Europe will have the opportunity to play in a tournament event at Essen Spiel 2013 as WizKids Games hosts the 2013 European National Championships! More details will be announced soon, but players can count on the following:

  • HeroClix side events (type and schedule TBD – stay tuned!) on Thursday, 24 October 2013
  • HeroClix European National Qualifier event to seat players in the HeroClix European National Championship on Friday, 25 October 2013

The HeroClix European National Championship will be held on Saturday, 26 October 2013 and the winner will be crowned the 2013 HeroClix European National Champion, win great prizes, and earns a seat in the finals of the 2014 HeroClix World Championship at Gen Con Indy 2014!

Will you be attending Essen Spiel 2013? Do you have what it takes to become the 2013 HeroClix European National Champion? Then RSVP with us on the WizKids Facebook and let us know!

Look for more news soon WizKids fans!