DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman

DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman – Batman

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We’re back with another preview from the DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman set.  If you watched our recent unboxing video featuring Scott Porter and Kevin Kiniry, you got to see them reveal one of the chase figures from this set.  Today we take a closer look at that figure, which is part of the “Superman: Red Son” comic book series.  Stifle that cough, comrades, or you’ll alert Russian authorities; we are pleased to bring you the most wanted man in the Soviet Union, the dissident known as Batman!

DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman- Batman


Batman has a point value of 55 and can shoot opponents from 4 squares away.  He has an Improved Movement ability called He’s a Walking Dead Man that lets him ignore elevated terrain when he moves.  Batman also hits the battlefield with a trait called Bombs Planted Everywhere that potentially lets him deal 1 penetrating damage to an opposing character.  Bombs Planted Everywhere triggers each time an opposing character destroys an object or printed blocking terrain or KO’s a friendly character of 25 points or more.

Moving on to Batman’s dial, initially you’ll want to keep him at a distance thanks to a power set that includes Smoke Cloud, Shape Change and Energy Shield/Deflection on his first three clicks.  Batman also has a special power on those three clicks in his speed slot called Anarchy in Black that lets him use Sidestep and Stealth.

On the last three clicks of Batman’s dial, he switches to a close attacker by picking up the combination of Charge, Blades/Claws/Fangs, and Combat Reflexes.  These same clicks also feature another special power, Red Sun Lights, in Batman’s damage slot.  Red Sun Lights lets Batman use Outwit, but instead of countering a single power on an opposing character’s dial, you can shut down any number of powers that character possesses.

At only 55 points, Batman leaves plenty of room for main attackers, support characters and other game elements.  Batman’s power set lets him play the role of harrasser/tie-up on the front half of his dial and secondary (or tertiary) attacker on the back half.  For theme team building purposes, Batman has the Red Son and Spy keywords.

Thanks for reading!  Join us again as we reveal more exciting characters and highlight strategies and team builds from the DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman set.  Until then, may all your Probability Control rolls be ever in your favor!

DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman

DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman- Brainiac

Greetings HeroClix fans,

Welcome to another exciting look into the DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman set, now available at your FLGS! Today, we’re traveling off to an Elseworlds tale of a Soviet Superman, with a look at the Red Son version of Brainiac!

 DC17 Brainiac 063

Brainiac is a 150-point piece, with 7 clicks of life. Being a Robot, he’s also Indomitable, and can fire from a range of 7 squares. Of course, he also has a 25-point value – which leads us to his trait, You Can’t Reprogram Me, You Were Under My Command. This trait states that when Brainiac is KO’d, or if you pay 25 points when building your force, equip this character to another friendly character and link it to that character’s dial by placing it on the standard character’s card. When this happens, the character can use it’s effects – however, if the character is KO’d or equipped again, KO the previously equipped game element. A linked dial is always on the same click number as the dial it’s linked to – so if a linked dial doesn’t display any combat values after turning the dial, it’s KO’d.

With that linking comes the all important effect – which in this case states that at the beginning of your turn, or after the character is clicked, you may choose 1 power on the equipped Brainiac dial, and 1 combat value on the Brainiac dial higher than this character’s same printed combat value. The linked character can use that chosen power, and will modify their combat value by +1 until your next turn, or when they are clicked – either by being damaged, or when being healed. This can really make a major impact on already effective characters – just imagine granting someone like Superman Pulse Wave or Batman Impervious – all while potentially bumping up one of their stats by +1!

With that amazing trait comes Brainiac’s standard powers – and there’s a list of useful, strong powers along with the aforementioned Pulse Wave and Impervious for you to choose from for the You Can’t Reprogram Me, You Were Under My Command trait. He also brings Sidestep, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Invulnerability, Regeneration, and the always important Outwit. But that’s not all – he also has a special power on 4 of his final 5 clicks! Called World is Running Like Clockwork, this power states that once per turn, when an opposing character is given a power action, you may immediately remove an action token from Brainiac – as if being Indomitable wasn’t enough!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this trip into a parallel world where Superman’s Kryptonian Rocket crashed in the Soviet Ukraine. Brainiac was a monstrous evil in the world of Red Son, and his villainous powers are represented here in ‘Clix form. Visit your Friendly Local Game Store today to pick up your DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman Boosters for the chance to pull this iteration of Brainiac. Until next time, don’t be afraid to push!