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Print and Play Has Finally Arrived!

WizKids is happy to announce that Print & Play is now 100% supported on the website!

Recently, Wizkids began a dialogue with Team Mobilehorror with the goal of bringing PnP officially to  Team Mobilehorror’s contribution to PnP over the years is proven and they’ve become a trusted name to HeroClix fans everywhere, and we’ve enjoyed working with them on this project.

Together, we have uploaded all of the Print & Play content originally found on their website to HeroClix.Com.  That’s right! All HeroClix sets, ranging from the feats and battlefield conditions introduced in Mutant Mayhem through the latest character cards found in the Thor Fast Forces set, are available for download in a convenient pdf format.

Here’s what you’ll find on the new and improved Print and Play page:

  • Character Cards
  • Feats
  • Battlefield Conditions
  • Additional Team Abilities
  • Bystanders
  • Rules for Colossal figures
  • Special Objects

All of the feats and battlefield conditions have been updated to reflect the latest rulings in the Player’s Guides. Team Mobilehorror will continue an ongoing effort to provide updates for new sets as they are released!

To use Print & Play content, simply download and print the cards you need (Note: some of these files are quite large) and bring them to your next game. This policy does not apply to 3D elements, though it does apply to the cards that accompany them. Best of all, all content available
for Print & Play from the WizKids site is 100% legal in tournament play!

WizKids is now your one-stop shop for everything Heroclix Print & Play!


Special thanks to Team Mobilehorror for helping to make this effort possible:

Mike Wethington (Blue Atoll on HCRealms)

Sylvain Mallette (Batman1970 on HCRealms)

Jeremy Beaver (lancelot on HCRealms)

Announcements Giant-Size X-Men Heroclix Preview Print 'n Play

Don’t Call Them “X-Babies” Anymore!

Hello There HeroClix’ers!

Today’s article comes courtersy of the GenCon 2011 King of the Hill Champion, Stephen Plasco.  Below, Stephen shares with us all the thought and processes that went into the design of his very own Alternate Team Ability:

“After winning the King of the Hill tournament this past year at Gen Con, I knew I wanted to do something around one of my favorite comic books from when I was younger – The New Mutants.  I have always enjoyed the storylines that went along with this group and felt that as characters in HeroClix, they really did not receive enough love and attention, though GSX has certainly helped.  You would almost never see them in a competitive play environment, and they were also one of the rarer teams used with regards to theme teams.  I felt they needed a bit of a boost and an ATA might do just that.

 “My original intent on this card was to have it so a character could jump in front of another character and “save” them.  In essence, when a character with the ATA was attacked, and adjacent friendly character with the same ATA could take an action token and become the target of the attack instead (regardless of the legality of the line of fire).  While this was a good idea in theory, in practice it caused a lot of rules issues and would have needed a page of errata in order for it to be used properly.  It just wasn’t feasible for it to be written as simply as I originally envisioned it.  So we simplified the effect a bit, and decided to make it function similar to Mastermind.  Also, wording it so that characters taking the damage could only use the power once per turn was getting both tricky and wordy so we decided to get rid of it.  In reality, a character with zero action tokens jumping around to save his friends twice in a row seems a bit silly, but in terms of game play,  it makes the card a little bit stronger.

 “In the end, we decided to word it the way that it is now as to have no confusion on how it worked, but still capture the flavor of one New Mutant sacrificing themselves for another.

“I made a card to utilize the team (s) included correctly and in a fun way, as well as allow wildcards to use it so that it was playable in a competitive environment.  I hope that was accomplished and you all enjoy playing with it, and The New Mutants, in future games.

-Stephen C. Plasco (AKA Logansan)”

Thanks Stephen! Without further adieu, here is the New Mutants alternate team ability:

Thanks for all your hard work Stephen.  As a fellow New Mutants fan I’m very grateful and cannot wait to play this ATA at my Venue’s next tournament!

The New Mutants is our last GSX print and play article, but we will have some exciting articles in the weeks to come so stay tuned and keep on clixin’!

Giant-Size X-Men Heroclix Preview Print 'n Play

The Reavers are Coming!

Hello there HeroClix’ers!

We continue our GSX print and play experience with the Reavers Alternate Team Ability!

The Reavers have always been dangerous foes for our favorite band of mutants, but this alternate team ability (ATA) increases that danger manyfold! The ability to continually act regardless of action tokens can be incredibly effective and is certainly worth one unavoidable damage, especially if that action allows you to K.O. an opposing figure or puts you on a more useful click!

The Reavers ATA demonstrates how relentless these cybernetic maruaders are, and certainly adds a great deal to their arsenel of options.   Whether they be hunting mutants or establishing their dominance on the battlefield your opponent will think twice before engaging your Reavers!

That’s all we have for today but be sure to check in tomorrow as we continue our x-ploration of the GSX print and play elements!

Announcements Heroclix Print 'n Play

Destiny Awaits…

Hello there HeroClix fans!

The last installment in our series of Print and Play elements for DC 75th Anniversary is no other than the White Lantern Corps ATA!

As you can see, the White Lantern protects its own; before any attack roll is made, you can boost a friendly figure’s defense by +1!  Repel the Blackest Night with your own White Lantern Corps and defend your figures from your opponents’ attacks!

So grab a cheesburger, assemble your White Lantern Corps, and battle it out for victory at your local Venue’s next tournament!

Thank you for joining us for this latest addition to the PnP universe.  Be sure to check in with us tomorrow for a very special article that will sure be the talk of the HeroClix world!

Announcements Holiday Print 'n Play

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best wishes from the WizKids team to all of you for a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Eat, drink, and be merry!  And play some HeroClix too!  😉

In the spirit of the holidays, and in keeping with WizKids tradition, here are some fun Thanksgiving-themed PnP elements:

Yeah yeah, we know they’re called “Grand Marshalls” but we thought this was funnier.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

Heroclix Print 'n Play

Dark Reign

Hello again!

Our latest addition to your ATA arsenal is none other than the sinister Dark Avengers!


Gathered to be Norman Osborn’s “public” strikeforce, the Dark Avengers battled their opponents without mercy or compassion. Now your Dark Avengers can do the same! With the ability to potentially decrease an opposing figure’s defense values, you increase your likelihood of making that critical attack against your team’s enemies!

Assemble your force, print out your own copy of the Dark Avengers ATA, and establish a “Dark Reign” of your own at your Venue’s next HeroClix game!

Thanks for joining us! Dark Avengers is the last ATA for Web of Spider-Man, but we’ll be back with more PnP materials in the future!

Heroclix Print 'n Play

“Breaking the Law! Breaking the Law!”

Hey there fellow HeroClix Fans!

Do you feel like you need more action in your game?  Well how about something that will help you get more out of your Move actions in your next game?



Wow! For just 1 point for each Outlaws figure, you can potentially modify your figure’s speed value by up to +3! Launch your figures into battle faster, or Leap/Climb away from danger even further than before!

Combine this ATA with last week’s Frogs Legs Feat and you won’t even have to concern yourself with Water Terrain as you move your figures into position!

So assemble your Outlaws, print out your copy of the Outlaws ATA, and dominate the map at your Venues’ next HeroClix event!

Heroclix Print 'n Play

Tastes like Chicken?

Hello Again! 

No, we’re not swapping recipes this week, but we are bringing you an exciting new Feat to print out and play in your next game!



That’s right, for 3 points you can allow your  :m-boot: figures under 151 points (including a certain Frog of Thunder) to use the Swim ability! Your selected figures can then splish-splash to their heart’s content as your opponents have to stop and wade through Water Terrain.

With easy Pre-Requisites and a low cost, Frogs Legs will fit on most any force. Print it out and use it at your local game store’s next event!

Stay tuned next week for even more fun and exciting Print and Play installments! In the meantime, have a great weekend and happy Clix’ing!

Heroclix Print 'n Play

Waiting for the U-Foes

Hello HeroClix’ers!

Here we are again with another installment for your Web of Spider-Man Print and Play collection, and you will love playing this ATA at your local Venue’s next Tournament!


Led by the sinister Vector, the U-Foes (Vapor, X-Ray, and Ironclad) are a dark reflection of the Fantastic Four, having also gained their powers via Cosmic Rays.  Unlike the Fantastic Four, the U-Foes use their powers purely for their own benefit and have clashed with the Hulk, the Avengers, and most recently helped trigger a series of events leading to Norman Osborn’s Siege of Asgard!

As you can see, the U-Foes ATA is designed to help them take down your opponent’s heavy hitters, be they Gamma-irradiated goliaths or Asgardians! At only 3 points per U-Foe, you can play all four members and the ATA for 300 points exactly!

So what are you waiting for? Assemble your U-Foes, print out the ATA and surprise your opponents at your Venue’s next event!

Heroclix Print 'n Play

Out of the Shadows! A Web of Spider-Man PnP Article

Hello HeroClix’ers!

Web of Spider-Man is out, folk are playing with new figures, and tournaments are taking place all over! It’s a good time to be a HeroClix fan.

If you’re like me, you enjoy Tournament play at your local Game or Hobby store.  If so, then have we got something for you! Check out the first in a series of Print and Play releases for Web of Spider-Man:

Led by Wolverine, X-Force battles threats to Mutant safety and security using Black-Ops style methodology and tactics.  As you can see, the ATA allows them to slip in and out of the shadows (Hindering Terrain) without penalty to their movement, and at only 4 points per figure, the ATA can fit on a variety of Team configurations in both Golden and Modern Age formats!

So build your team, print out the ATA, and bring your X-Force to the next Tournament at your local Venue!

Stay tuned for more exciting Print and Play elements in the weeks to come! Have a great weekend everyone, and happy Clix’ing!