Add Any Figure To Your Website!

We are pleased to unveil our newest feature, The Remote Gallery! With this new feature, you will now be able to add figures and cards from our official gallery into your website, blog, or forum.. with only a few simple steps! When you pull a figure with this, you’ll get the complete dial and picture, straight from our gallery here at

This feature is also self-updating, meaning that whenever we add new set releases into our gallery here, you’ll automatically be able to start using them on your own site!

Here’s an example dial from The Brave & The Bold:

(gallery bb-figure-058)

Also note that you can include as many dials as your page can handle! However, if you add too many, your page may load slower (each dial may take up to a second to load depending on your visitors’ connection speeds). Here’s another dial from BatB:

(gallery bb-figure-024)

So, excited? The process is easy!

Step 1

First, you’ll need to add a new html tag to the very bottom of any page that you want this feature included on. Make sure this code is as far down as possible, preferably right before your closing body tag, which looks like:


Here’s the new code you’ll need to put above that line:

<script src="" type="text/javascript">

Step 2

Now that you have our script in your page, you can add dials anywhere you like with a simple-to-follow code. Here’s an example of the code insert for Kal-L from The Brave & The Bold:

((gallery bb-figure-058))

After the word “gallery”, the first abbreviation is the set you want to pull. In this example, “bb” is Brave & the Bold. You can find a complete acronym list in our heroclix gallery.

The second word is what kind of item you’re looking for. The options are: “figure”, “feat”, “condition”, “event”, or “object”.

And the third is the item’s number (which must be 3 digits long), such as 058.

As another example, here is the Black Lantern Object from BatB:

((gallery bb-object-008))

(gallery bb-object-008)

Play With It!

So, we hope you enjoy playing with this new feature, and we’re looking forward to seeing it pop up on some heroclix blogs and forums. As we continue to update pictures for older sets, you can always check our gallery to see what’s available in your own site as well.

– Mike