Marvel HeroClix: 2014 Monthly OP Kit Preview

Marvel HeroClix 2014 Excalibur OP: Pete Wisdom!



Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We are so pleased to continue our series of previews for the WizKids HeroClix: Marvel 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit! The Marvel 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit includes 4 copies of 3 Limited Edition figures not found anywhere else. Additionally, all three Limited Edition figures in the Marvel 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit interact with team bases from the Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-Men set.


Pete Wisdom has a trait called I’m In Charge Now, Love; this will allow Pete Wisdom to be attached to the WaX T003 Excalibur Team Base instead of Captain Britain. While Pete Wisdom is attached, if Excalibur could use Captain Britain’s asset power, it may use Pete Wisdom’s asset power instead.

Pete Wisdom’s asset power allows the WaX T003 Excalibur team base to replace its Defense Value with the printed Defense Value of the attacker, when it is targeted with an attack.

Pete Wisdom can use the Sharpshooter combat ability which will allow Pete Wisdom to use Improved Targeting to ignore opposing characters when drawing a Line of Fire and he may make a ranged combat attack targeting adjacent opposing characters.

Pete Wisdom has a 5 range value with 2 lightning bolts and his special attack power called Hot Knives will allow Pete Wisdom to use Penetrating/Psychic Blast. When Pete Wisdom does and hits an adjacent character, increase the damage dealt to that character by 1. The wording on this is the same as a critical hit and will not be subject to the rule of 3. Pete Wisdom does overlap this power with Running Shot for the first 2 clicks and Sidestep for the next 2.

When Pete Wisdom can use Running Shot he can also use Toughness and Outwit. When Pete Wisdom is able to use Sidestep he would also be able to use Combat Reflexes and Perplex. On his 5th and final click Pete Wisdom would be able to use Precision Strike.

Pete Wisdom is 100 points to field as a part of your team and if theme is your strategy then he has the Excalibur, Spy, and X-Force keywords.

When Pete Wisdom is on a themed team for 3 points you could add the X-Force Additional Team Ability (ATA) and he would be able to ignore the effects of hindering terrain on movement.

Thanks for reading and be sure to continue to check back as we look at figures from the upcoming WizKids HeroClix: Marvel 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit. Until then, Shape Change for the Win!!