Marvel HeroClix: 2014 Monthly OP Kit Preview Team Bases

Marvel HeroClix X-Men 2014 Monthly OP Kit: Angel!



Greetings HeroClix fans!

We are pleased to start our series of previews for the Marvel HeroClix: X-Men 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit! The X-Men 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit includes 4 copies of 3 Limited Edition figures not found anywhere else. Additionally, all three Limited Edition figures in the X-Men 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit interact with the X-Men team bases from Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-Men.

To kick things off, please welcome the high-flying Angel! One of Charles Xavier’s original X-Men, Angel boasts both a new HeroClix dial and sculpt unique to this monthly Organized Play kit. The other two figures from the X-Men 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit include previously released sculpts paired with new dials.


Angel comes into play at 65 points and hits the battlefield with a trait called Same Guy, Different Approach. This trait allows Angel to be used in place of #067 Archangel on the #T002 X-Men Gold Strike Force team base. While Angel is attached to X-Men Gold Strike Force, it may use the following asset power instead of Archangel’s:

Angel 1

Angel possesses the Transporter Wing symbol, which lets him use the Carry, Flight, and Move and Attack abilities. On his first two clicks, Angel can help get teammates into place with the Carry ability and his attack values don’t suffer too much if he also chooses to use Hypersonic Speed (with a -2 modifier to his attack value) via the Move and Attack ability. To knock back opposing characters, Angel has the Force Blast power on the first two clicks of his speed slot.

On the first two clicks of Angel’s damage slot he can dish out 3 clicks of damage to opposing characters. Angel also has a special power called Aerial Recon and Assault, which opens up his offensive potential by letting him use Close Combat Expert. Additionally, Aerial Recon and Assault lets Angel help his teammates by preventing opposing characters within 4 squares from using Stealth. Defensively, Angel has the Toughness power to help him absorb some of the damage dealt to him.

Once Angel is off his top two clicks, he drops Force Blast in favor of Charge but picks up Quake in his attack slot as his new means of knocking back opposing characters. Defensively, Angel switches from Toughness to Super Senses. Aerial Recon and Assault sticks around on Angel’s third click, then is replaced with Exploit Weakness on his last two clicks.

Angel makes a viable taxi or third attacker for your force and has the Celebrity, X-Factor and X-Men keywords as options if you choose to add him onto a themed team. He also possesses the X-Men team ability, which lets him heal a click if he’s adjacent to a character using the same team ability.

Thanks for reading! Join us next week for another look at the Marvel HeroClix: X-Men 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit as we visit a member of the Braddock clan who once was an assassin for The Hand. And be sure to come back later this week for more previews from other upcoming HeroClix releases!