Marvel HeroClix: X-Men - Days of Future Past

A Special Marvel HeroClix Announcement from Senator Robert Kelly!


Greetings HeroClix Fans!

WizKids Games is pleased to bring you this special announcement from Senator Robert Kelly:

‘My fellow humans, I’m pleased to let you all know that today we’ve taken an enormous step in protecting humans from mutants. Today, a new generation of Sentinels has been deployed to help protect normal people from the mutant menace.

This newest generation of Sentinels is more advanced than ever, with plasteel-reinforced cores, advanced targeting computers, mutant dampening fields, cloaking abilities, and a laundry list of other technical advances which I’ll spare you the details of. Despite this, I am not complacent: the mutant threat is greater than ever.

Mutants are more than unnaturally strong. Not all of their abilities are clear to the naked eye, like a winged man. Some can see the future, others control cause earthquakes, or even move objects with their minds. I’m most terrified of the mutant abilities we haven’t seen yet. I only pray that this new generation of Sentinels can protect us from the emerging mutant threat.

This is not the first time that our country has faced new and unexpected challenges, but the task at hand is new. Douglas MacArthur once said, “I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.” His concern is truer now than ever. Support Sentinels and help your government protect you!”


Follow Senator Kelly’s advice and get out to your local HeroClix retailer to support Sentinels or defeat them with new and unexpected mutant powers with Marvel HeroClix: X-Men- Days of Future Past!

Marvel HeroClix: X-Men - Days of Future Past Preview

WizKids Games is Pleased to Announce Marvel HeroClix: X-Men – Days of Future Past!


Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Prepare yourselves as we travel to a dark and foreboding future where mutants have been incarcerated in internment camps for the public good.  Sentinels are everywhere, a constant reminder of the “mutant threat”, and are at the ready to put down the Mutant Resistance wherever they may find it.


This spring, WizKids Games will release Marvel HeroClix: X-Men – Days of Future Past.  This gravity feed set focuses on the pivotal and critically-acclaimed Marvel Comics storyline by  fan-favorite creators Chris Claremont, John Byrne, and Terry Austin, and features the X-Men of the era, Mystique’s Brotherhood of Mutants, the X-Men of the dystopian future, and of course, Sentinels!


Marvel HeroClix: X-Men – Days of Future Past will also enjoy a parallel release: sold separately, the Advanced Sentinel Scenario Pack will feature a colossal Sentinel figure that definitely has a few surprises up its sinister robotic sleeves.  We’ll have more to share about this special Scenario Pack soon, so stay tuned! Sentinel fans will not be disappointed!

Of course, we can’t just talk about all the incredible content without showing our fans some of the coolness, so without any further ado, we are pleased to present that most persistent and powerful of the Sentinels, Nimrod!


First off, Nimrod can be played at three different levels, 350, 250 or 150 points.  Nimrod has a good selection of keywords to build a team around him, from the generic Future and Robot, to Days of Future Past, and the anti-mutant Purifiers, and Sentinel keywords.   The Flyer combat ability will give him increased mobility, as well as the ability to carry a friendly figure with him.  And the Indomitable combat ability will let him act without fear of pushing damage as he can use Willpower.

Starting on his 350 point line, Nimrod takes his crusade against mutants right to them with Hypersonic Speed. He can choose to make standard range attacks with his 8 range and 2 targets, or use Pulse Wave to deal 1 unavoidable damage to all hit figures within four squares or give all 5 damage to one figure if used well.  Impervious will reduce damage from the inevitable counter attack, if not evade it entirely.  Nimrod also opens his dial with a special power called Future Knowledge of the Mutant Menace.  This power makes it so Nimrod’s powers and abilities can’t be countered.  Speaking of countering, he can also use Outwit normally, or he can use it on 2 different figures that each have the Brotherhood of Mutants or X-Men team ability or keyword.  His second click sees Hypersonic Speed replaced with a special power called Photon Propulsion, allowing him to use both Phasing/Teleport and Running Shot.

Click three on his dial is where Nimrod has his 250 point starting line.  It starts out with Photon Propulsion still on the dial.  He now gains the ability to avoid damage avoiders with Precision Strike, also making it so damage can’t be reduced below 1.  A click of Invincible will half damage dealt to him and Probability Control will allow him to try to manipulate die rolls to his advantage.   A click in, and both Hypersonic Speed and Pulse Wave are back on the dial.  For damage reduction on this click, he has a special power called Rapid Reformation, giving Nimrod both Invulnerability and Regeneration.  Additionally, if he has 2 action tokens, can use Regeneration as a free action.  Click 5 sees the return of his Photon Propulsion and Future Knowledge of the Mutant Menace special powers, and Impervious to protect himself.

Nimrod begins play on his 150 point line on click number 6.  This sees the power set from click five continue here, with the addition of Pulse Wave.  A click of Hypersonic Speed will be followed by a run of Sidestep, before closing out the dial with a click of the Photon Propulsion special power.  In his attack slot, Precision Strike will appear for a couple of non consecutive clicks.  Defensively, Nimrod will bounce back and forth between Invincible and his Rapid Reformation special power.  In his damage slot, Nimrod has a couple more clicks of Probability Control, before switching to a new power near the end of his dial, Empower.

When played on his 350 point starting line, Nimrod has a trait called Assault from the Future. This trait allows him to use the Multiattack ability.  Additionally, once per game he may be given a double power action to be placed in any square.  From there, he may make a close or ranged combat attack as a free action.

Nimrod brings solid combat values and an aggressive power set, weather you choose to play him as a one man army, or at a more team friendly power level.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak-peek into the Future Past! Stay tuned next week as we bring you more from Marvel HeroClix: X-Men – Days of Future Past!