DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Superman & Ultraman!



Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today, we’re excited to introduce our series of previews for the DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War! Of course, there’s no finer way to introduce the set than by featuring a pair of powerhouses starting with the face of the DC Universe, the Man of Steel, Superman!


Superman possesses a trait called “A New Kind of Justice League,” which will make already effective Justice League teams even more dangerous. Granting any adjacent friendly characters with a lower point value and the Justice League keyword the Superman Ally team ability will allow for strategic positioning options and opens up characters like Booster Gold, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and Guy Gardner to freely take ranged combat shots at opposing characters without having to worry about Stealth getting in the way. Better yet, if you pair Superman with Batman or Wonder Woman, those characters don’t have to be adjacent or have a lower point value to take advantage of this spectacular trait.

The Special Powers that Superman has run the gamut of his abilities. In the middle of his dial on his attack, he has a Special Power called “Freeze Breath” which grants Superman Incapacitate. On top of that, if he uses it as a close combat action, he’s able to target all adjacent opposing characters! Additionally, when using it as a ranged combat action, if his target is hit, all untargeted characters adjacent to the target are hit. That’s some serious board control! To go along with that on his attack he has the standard power Super Strength at the top and near the close of his dial.

Defensively, Superman starts off with a 19 defense and a click of Invincible, before transitioning into his Defense Special Power called “True Invulnerability Comes From Within,” which grants Clark the use of Impervious. As a bonus, if Superman was damaged by an opposing character’s attack since your last turn, Superman is healed of one damage. Later on down the dial, Superman has Invulnerability, and then closes out his dial with super senses. Not to be overlooked is the fact that he is Indomitable, so don’t be afraid to push the Kryptonian hero!

Superman has a damage Special Power on his top dial of both his 250 and 115 point starting lines called “Inspiring Hero.” This grants Superman the ability to use Leadership. With that comes a great added effect – if he does use Leadership and succeeds, the attack and defense values of all friendly characters is modified by +1 until your next turn. He closes out his attack with two clicks of Ranged Combat Expert, which play together nicely with both the Superman Ally team ability, and his seven range.

Superman’s dial begins strongly for his movement powers, starting with a 12 with Hypersonic Speed, before moving through Running Shot, Charge, and finally closing out with Sidestep. Superman  never lacks for mobility, and this dial has it in spades – every click leaves options for Superman to get into the mix or out of trouble, and his damage levels will leave your opponent second guessing their positioning against a team featuring the last son of Krypton.

As mentioned earlier, Superman has two point costs for his dial, opening with 250 points for 10 clicks, or 115 points for 5 clicks. He also features the keywords Justice League, Kryptonian, Metropolis, and Trinity, which will allow Kal-El to fit in on many themed teams as the featured attacker. He also qualifies for several significant Additional Team Abilities (ATAs), including Justice League: Silver Age, Justice League Dark, and Kryptonian. With all those strong ATAs, don’t overlook Justice League: New 52, which will make use of his “Inspiring Hero” special power.

And now we have one of the members of the twisted alternate version of the Justice League on Earth 3 known as the Crime Syndicate!


Ultraman possesses a long dormant team ability representing his corrupt alliance of evil.  To recap, you can find a description of the Crime Syndicate team ability (as well as all other DC HeroClix team abilities) here.

That use of Probability Control (even at the potential expense of his allies) as well as the Improved symbol granting him the ability to ignore hindering terrain for line of fire means that opposing characters will have a hard time avoiding the deadly attacks of Ultraman.

Being a mirror opposite of Superman, Ultraman is weaker when exposed to the sun.  This is represented on his dial by the trait Hiding From the Sun, which prevents his powers from being countered when Ultraman occupies hindering terrain.  And seeing as the Wing symbol allows him to move in and out of hindering terrain at will, Ultraman should have no problem staying in the shade.

When selecting to start Ultraman on his larger point value of 225, he starts off with 2 clicks of Hypersonic Speed, Super Strength, and Invincible.  But don’t let this focus on up close brawling powers cause you to miss his 8 range and the Ranged Combat Expert present on his second as well as his fourth click which doubles as the starting line of his 125 point value.

It’s still damage reducers all the way down Ultraman’s dial even once the first two clicks of Invincible wear off with Impervious, Invulnerability, and Toughness for two clicks each.  And to burn through your opponents damage reducers, the ever-popular combination of Running Shot and Penetrating/Psychic Blast make an appearance on clicks 3 and 5, letting Ultraman dish out the penetrating damage.  But even when those powers aren’t around on clicks 4 and 6, Charge accompanies the return of Super Strength to keep the big hits coming.

As he is known to fly off the handle quite a bit more easily than Superman, Ultraman ends his dial off with a couple clicks of Battle Fury and brings back Hypersonic Speed.  This rage, coupled with the Indomitable symbol granting him Willpower throughout his dial, means Ultraman will not stop until all of his opponents are no longer capable of interfering with his plans.

Ultraman has the Crime Syndicate and Ruler keywords representing his megalomaniacal tendencies and can either be a tentpole figure at his full 225 point value or a bit more of a (moderately reluctant) team player when fielded at 125 points.

Now that you’ve seen the good and the evil versions of the Man of Steel, please join us next time when we continue the sneak peek at the DC Heroclix: Justice League Trinity War set with a look at the mystical side of the New 52 universe.

DC HeroClix: Teen Titans Preview

DC HeroClix Teen Titans: Skitter!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s preview from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Teen Titans set, we take a look at a figure from the most recent version of the Teen Titans.  She’s a metahuman insectoid brought unto the team by Red Robin, Skitter!


Skitter  has an Improved Movement combat ability appropriately called Skittering, allowing her to ignore both Elevated and Hindering terrain, as well as characters for movement purposes.  Skitter begins play lashing out at an opposing figure with Charge.  Once in position, she can use her printed damage, or opt to try for more damage with her multiple arms in the form of Blades/Claws/Fangs.  Defensively, Skitter has the opportunity to evade an attack with her scary looks, represented by Shape Change.  If an opposing figure makes a successful attack, her exoskeleton will protect her, as Impervious will allow her to reduce damage or ignore it out right.  Skitter’s next click sees Shape Change and Impervious replaced with Invulnerability, as she now relies on her hard shell for protection.

Mid dial, Skitter gains a special power called Webbing, allowing her to use Plasticity.  Also, characters can’t break away automatically from Skitter, or use Improved Movement: Characters while adjacent to her.   This special power will be on all clicks except her last.  Another click into her dial and Skitter shows her strong arms aren’t just for cutting as she now has Super Strength to grab an object with which to hit a foe.    Skitter has the ability to deliver a piercing blow as Exploit Weakness will make her damage penetrating.   Also at this point, Skitter again changes damage reducers to Toughness, as her shell has been weakened.

On her last click, Skitter goes into a regenerating cocoon.   She has printed 0 for movement, attack and damage, and again uses Impervious, paired with a 19 defense, to defend herself.  She also has a special power called Cocoon Healing, which can’t be countered, allowing her to use Regeneration.

Skitter can be played on theme teams using the Teen Titans and Monster keywords.  She possesses the Teen Titans team ability, which combined with her special power, can make her a useful healing battery for other friendly figures using this team ability.  She also becomes a solid tie up piece with the ability to deal some solid damage through most of her dial.  At 104 points, there will be plenty of room for support for her on your force.

That is all for today.  Come back soon as we continue to preview figures from the upcoming upcoming DC HeroClix: Teen Titans set!

DC HeroClix: Teen Titans Preview

DC HeroClix Teen Titans: Bunker!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome to another preview from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Teen Titans set.  Today we take a look at Bunker, a member of New 52 Teen Titans.


Bunker starts out with a trait called Psionic Constructs.  When terrain markers are placed by Bunker they are not removed until they are destroyed or until Bunker uses a power that places that type of terrain marker on the map.

Bunker has a number of powers that will change once the new Powers and Abilities Card and HeroClix 2013 Core Rulebook become official in June, so we’ll talk about how those powers work now and how they’ll change.

Bunker’s power structure seems to match his clothing:  Very purple.  Bunker’s top three clicks all starts out the same with Force Blast and Smoke Cloud.

Currently Force Blast allows you to give the character a power action in which you would roll a d6; a single adjacent opposing character is knocked back from this character a number of squares equal to the result.  However when June comes there will be a new aspect added to Force Blast that will allow Bunker to generate knock back on any successful attack, if it doesn’t already.

Now let’s look at Smoke Cloud, which currently allows you to give the character a power action and place up to 4 hindering terrain markers in distinct squares that are all within this character’s range (minimum range value 1).  At least one of the terrain markers must be within line of fire when it’s placed.  The terrain markers remain until the beginning of your next turn.

Now let’s see how things will change in June.  Smoke Cloud is still a power action but now you get to place 6 hindering terrain markers and the minimum range value has increased to 4 squares.  What else is new, you ask?  Well, characters that occupy these terrain markers modify their attack value by -1 unless they can use Smoke Cloud or ignore hindering terrain for line of fire purposes.

On Bunker’s defense he has the use of Barrier and Toughness through a special power called Purple Constructs.

Currently Barrier allows Bunker to be given a power action and place up to 4 blocking terrain markers in adjacent squares of clear terrain that are all within this character’s range (minimum range value 1).  At least one of the terrain markers must be within line of fire when it is placed.  The terrain markers remain until the beginning of your next turn.  Really, the only change to Barrier as of June will be the power’s minimum range value increasing to 4.

In Bunker’s damage slot he has the use of Perplex, which currently allows him to be given a free action to modify any combat value of a target character by +1 or -1 until the beginning of your next turn.  A character using this power must be within 10 squares and line of fire to the target.  If the target character is damaged or healed, the effect of Perplex on that character ends immediately.  The only change we will see to Perplex come June is that the target character must now be within the character’s range value or a minimum of 6 squares.

With Bunker’s trait and the ability to use Smoke Cloud and Barrier he will be able to redesign the face of any map, providing cover for friendly characters or locking your opponents to specific areas.

On Bunker’s last three clicks he gains Leap/Climb, which allows him to be given a move action and move up to his speed value; this character can use Improved Movement: Elevated, Hindering, Outdoor Blocking, and Characters during this move action. When you give this character a close combat action, it may target a character regardless of the target’s elevation.  Like we have already seen, come June we get some changes.  Leap/Climb is still a move action; however, you no longer ignore characters you are adjacent to when you start your action and you would have to break away normally with an added +2 to your d6 roll.  During your move action you may move through squares adjacent to or occupied by opposing characters.

Bunker also gains the use of Barrier, Incapacitate, and Quake through a special power called Purple Fists.  We have already discussed Barrier but now let’s look at Incapacitate and Quake.

Incapacitate currently allows a character to be given a close or ranged combat action to make an attack that deals no damage.  If the attack hits, the target is given an action token.  Starting in June, Incapacitate also deals 1 penetrating damage if the target character already has 2 action tokens.  This will be very useful against characters that can use the Colossal Stamina combat ability.

There is also Quake, which is a close combat action where the character’s damage value becomes 2 and is locked.  Presently, your character makes a close combat attack that targets all opposing characters that this character can legally attack.  Each opposing character that takes damage from this attack is knocked back.  However, beginning in June each hit character is now knocked back 2 squares regardless of the damage they take thanks to the new definition of Quake in the 2013 Powers and Abilities Card.

With the overlap of Leap/Climb and Quake, Bunker could be devastating if he’s on top of or adjacent to elevated terrain.

Lastly Bunker has Willpower and Close Combat Expert.  Willpower allows Bunker to ignore pushing damage.  Close Combat Expert currently allows Bunker to be given a power action to make a close combat attack against a single target opposing character where you modify Bunker’s damage value by +2.  But starting in June, when you give the character a power action but before you make the close combat attack, you may modify the character’s attack or damage value by +2, or both combat values by +1.  No more wasting those bonuses from your resource dial.

Bunker is a Teen Titan all the way to sporting the team ability and keyword, all for just 89 points of Teen Titan value.

Bunker is a Unique figure (meaning you can only play one Bunker on your force) but will be a fun character to play during any DC HeroClix: Teen Titans release and will benefit greatly once the rules changes go into effect come June.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for more upcoming and exciting DC HeroClix: Teen Titans previews.  Until then, Shape Change for the win!

DC HeroClix: Teen Titans Preview SwitchClix Team Bases

DC HeroClix Teen Titans: Aquaman, Cyborg, Green Lantern, and the Flash!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we continue our preview of the Justice League team dial from DC HeroClix: Teen Titans by looking at some of their more profound members. We start off with one of the most underestimated team members, Aquaman!


Aquaman starts out his 110 point dial with a speed of seven, the dolphin transporter speed symbol, and his special speed power called Atlantean Might.  Atlantean Might states if Aquaman occupies water terrain at the beginning of your turn, he has a range value of 7 and his attack value is not modified by the Move and Attack ability. Aquaman also has Super Strength, allowing him to possibly boost up his 4 damage to a 6 if he picks up a heavy object.

Aquaman then gets his special defense power called Relentless, Underestimated which allows him to use Toughness and if he has two action tokens at the beginning of your turn, he heals 1 damage.  This makes Aquaman able to push off his first click and then heal back up to it, and it appears in the power slot on every other click, except for his last one. Aquaman also has Blades/Claws Fangs on that second click, making him still able to possibly dish out 6 clicks of damage.

Aquaman’s third click starts out his 80-point dial, which starts out looking similar to his 110-point starting dial. Down his dial Aquaman also gets Leap/Climb, Exploit Weakness, Flurry, Combat Reflexes, and Aquaman ends his dial with a click of Regeneration.

If put on the Justice League team dial, when Aquaman shows up on the dial he allows them to ignore Shape Change and their attacks can’t be evaded.


Cyborg starts out with his trait Connected to Every Computer which says: Give Cyborg a free action and choose an object within range. Cyborg can draw line of fire and count range and squares from that object until your next turn.  This allows Cyborg to choose an object within his 7 range and attack from it or use it take advantage of other powers he has, like Probability Control or Outwit. Or just to blast someone with his Psychic Blast or Pulse Wave powers.

Cyborg also has Leap Climb, allowing him to move if he needs to get closer to an object. Cyborg gets Running Shot as well so he can move half his speed and then make an attack if there are no objects in his range. Cyborg has a special defensive power as well called High Tech Armor which allows him to use both Energy Shield/Deflection and Invulnerability.

When Cyborg’s symbol shows up on the Justice League team dial he gives the team character the Sharpshooter ability and increases their range by 2.


Green Lantern starts his dial with 12 movement Running Shot and his special attack power Anything I Can ImagineAnything I Can Imagine says Green Lantern can use Barrier. At the beginning of your turn, choose a standard attack or damage power that requires a power, close, or ranged combat action to activate. Green Lantern can use that power this turn.  Green Lantern also has his defensive power called Energy Bubble, which lets him use Toughness and Energy Shield/Deflection.

Green Lantern also gets Phasing/Teleport and Perplex down the end of his dial. Green Lantern is also Indomitable giving him the use of Willpower as well as has the Green Lantern Corps team ability so he can carry multiple friendly characters. Green Lantern can also be played at either 160 points or 110 points.

When Green Lantern’s symbol shows on the Justice League team dial the character can use Barrier and Telekinesis.

050-TheFlashThe Flash has an Improved Movement ability called Up Walls, Around Crooks, which allows him to ignore elevated terrain and other characters for movement purposes. The Flash’s dial also starts out with a 14 movement Hypersonic as well as Super SensesThe Flash also soon gets his special speed power called Vibrating Offense which gives him Charge, Flurry, and Phasing/Teleport. When he uses Charge he can use Improved Movement: hindering terrain.

The Flash also has a special damage power called Just A Blur which allows him to use Combat Reflexes and Shape ChangeThe Flash also gets Enhancement and Outwit later on down his dial. He also gets the use of two team abilities, Justice League and Police. The Flash can also be played at two point values, 135 and 100 points.

When The Flash’s symbol shows up on the Justice League team dial opposing characters using Hypersonic Speed modify their attack and damage values by -1.

Thanks for reading! Please join us for our next DC HeroClix: Teen Titans preview, in the meantime keep those dice rolling!

DC HeroClix: Teen Titans Preview

DC HeroClix Teen Titans: Warblade!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome to another preview from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Teen Titans set. Today we are going to get tested by Warblade!


Warblade possesses a trait called Shifting Body which lets him use Plasticity and Shape Change. When he uses Shape Change, he only succeeds on a result of 6. This makes him a big problem for adjacent opposing characters.  Warblade also has an Improved Movement ability to help him get next to his opponents called You Won’t Get Away which allows Warblade to ignore elevated terrain, hindering terrain, and other characters when he moves.

Warblade’s dial starts out with a speed of 10 with Charge and an attack of 11 with Blades/Claws/Fangs.  This mix of powers allows him to Charge up to five squares to slice-and-dice his enemies. Warblade also starts out with defense of 17 and Invulnerability. In his damage slot, Warblade has a special power called Grinning Mask which allows him to use Perplex. Warblade can either use it normally or use it to modify an opposing character’s defense by -2.

After his first click, Warblade gains Flurry and Toughness but keeps Blades/Claws/Fangs, allowing him slice up an opponent twice. Mid-dial, Warblade regains Charge but Blades/Claws/Fangs changes into Poison allowing him to possibly do an extra click of damage.

Warblade then gets Leap/Climb, Exploit Weakness, and a special power in his damage slot. This power is called Always Around, which lets him use Combat Reflexes and Regeneration. On his last click Warblade gets Stealth as well, to help him hide from ranged combat fighters as he heals. Warblade also has Indomitable so he can use all these awesome powers two turns in a row.

Warblade comes in at 151 points of terror and has the Calculator team ability. You will find Warblade a formidable ally on any Assassin, N.O.W.H.E.R.E., or Soldier teams.

Thanks for reading! Please join us next time for more exciting DC HeroClix: Teen Titans previews.  Until next time, keep on Charging!

DC HeroClix: Teen Titans Preview

DC HeroClix Teen Titans: Fairchild!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

And welcome as we continue with previews from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Teen Titans set.  Today, we bring another figure from N.O.W.H.E.R.E., a teenage researcher working to take down the organization from the inside, and eventual leader of the Ravagers, Fairchild!


One of the first things you’ll notice about Fairchild is a printed 0 range, and some Mind Control and Incapacitate on her first two clicks.  Whereas Mind Control has a built in minimum range of 4, this does little to make Incapacitate useful for anything other than close combat attacks.  But, Fairchild has a trait to help with this called Strategist, which allows her to use either power with a range value of 6.  To continue with her opening two clicks, Fairchild has Barrier, to throw up a protective wall to defend herself and any friendly figures behind her.  Probability Control, representing her double agent status, will allow her to force an opponent to re-roll their dice on their turn, and make one re-roll on hers.

Mid-dial, Fairchild has the potential to get more offensive as her powers manifest themselves.  She has a special power for the rest of her dial representing her science skills, and her new found powers, called Scientist or Fighter.  This special power allows Fairchild to choose at the beginning of your turn to rely on her science skills with Perplex, or, her new fighting abilities with Quake and Close Combat Expert.  Defensively, Fairchild gains the ability to reduce damage in stages, with a click of Toughness, two of Invulnerability, and finely, with Impervious, giving her a chance to ignore damage altogether.   One more click of Probability Control on her Toughness click can help force an opponent to miss her with their attack roll.

The Indomitable combat ability will allow Fairchild to act without fear of pushing damage.  Fairchild can be played on theme teams built with the N.O.W.H.E.R.E., Ravagers, and Scientist keywords.  At 85 points, Fairchild will be an excellent utility piece on whatever force you choose to include her on.

That’s all we have for today.  Be sure to check back on Wednesday as we continue our previews from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Teen Titans set!

DC HeroClix: Batman Preview

DC HeroClix Batman: Socialist Red Guardsman!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we continue to explore the upcoming DC HeroClix: Batman set.  Today, we are pleased to present a member of the Chinese Government’s ‘super-functionary’ program, the Great Ten, making his HeroClix debut.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Socialist Red Guardsman!


Socialist Red Guardsman begins play utilizing his 6 range and two targets to do as much damage as possible with an opening run of Energy Explosion.  Invulnerability represents the containment armor Socialist Red Guardsman is forced to wear to keep his solar powers in check.  Enhancement represents the control his government keeps over all of the Great Ten.  On his second click, Toughness replaces Invulnerability for a few clicks of his dial.  Though his armor is quite heavy, shown by his low movement values, Socialist Red Guardsman gains couple of clicks of Running Shot.

Mid way through his dial, Socialist Red Guardsman trades Energy Explosion for Pulse Wave, which will cover the last half of his dial.   Damage reduction is given up for the ability to pour on the damage as Willpower allows Socialist Red Guardsman to act without fear of pushing damage for the rest of his dial.

Socialist Red Guardsman has the ability to dish out some solid damage with his printed damage values and attack powers, but his trait allows him to be even more dangerous.  Runaway Reactor allows Socialist Red Guardsman to deal penetrating damage when he uses Energy Explosion, and he can choose not to halve his range value when he uses Pulse Wave.  In either case, Socialist Red Guardsman is dealt 1 unavoidable damage after the attack resolves.

Socialist Red Guardsman possesses the Armor and Great Ten keywords, giving him a couple of theme team options.  At only 78 points, Socialist Red Guardsman brings an aggressive power set and solid stats to any force you choose to include him on.

That’s all for this time.  Thanks for reading, and as always, be sure to come back later in the week as we preview another figure from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Batman set!

Justice League Preview

Winged Warrior of the Justice League – Hawkman!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s DC HeroClix: Justice League preview we turn our gaze to the skies and visit a hero with a complicated past and a pair of Nth-metal wings.  Please welcome Carter Hall, the savage Hawkman!

Hawkman comes in at 95 points and begins play with a special power in his movement slot, Dive Bomb.  This special power allows Hawkman to use Charge.  In addition, when Hawkman uses Charge his attack and damage values are modified by +1 if he makes an attack that targets a character at a lower elevation than the square in which he began his movement!  This power appears on Hawkman’s first three clicks.

Defensively, Hawkman has the Indomitable combat ability and begins his dial with a click of Energy Shield/Deflection to make him difficult to hit with ranged attacks.  Once Hawkman is off his top click, he drops Energy Shield/Deflection in favor of Combat Reflexes to make him difficult to hit with melee attacks.  In his damage slot, Hawkman picks up Close Combat Expert for his next four clicks as the combat prowess he’s gained through his past lives is on display.

As we reach the midpoint of Hawkman’s dial, we see that Dive Bomb is replaced by regular use of Charge for two clicks. Toughness replaces Combat Reflexes for three clicks and represents the Nth metal armor that protects Hawkman. Following the two Charge clicks are two clicks of Flurry that allow Hawkman to really let his punches fly. Energy Shield/Deflection returns on his second-to-last click, which helps set Hawkman up when Dive Bomb returns on his last click.

Hawkman has the Justice League team ability and three keywords (Justice League, Past, and Warrior) that make building a team around him easy, and his steady combat values ensure that he’ll be a valuable addition to many forces!

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next DC HeroClix: Justice League preview as we take a look at a pair of heroes who are full of energy!  Until then, keep your Clix off their KOs!

Justice League Preview

Justice League Adversary: Deathstroke!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we continue to explore the DC HeroClix: Justice League set as we check in with one of the villains in the set, Slade Wilson, Deathstroke!


Deathstroke begins play hiding the shadows to gain an advantage with Stealth.  From his position of relative safety, Deathstroke can deprive an opposing figure of a critical power.  Possessing the Indomitable combat ability, Deathstroke can act without fear of pushing damage, and his 7 range will allow him to make range4 attacks with little fear of retaliation from range.  If an opposing figure chooses to base him, an entire dial of Toughness will reduce damage.  Deathstroke also has a pretty cool special power allowing him to use Blades/Claws/Fangs.  Additionally, this special power, called Precisely-Timed Strike, allows Deathstroke to roll a d6 and deal the result in damage to an opposing figure that moved into a square adjacent to Deathstroke after their action is resolved.

Once off his first click, Deathstroke gets more aggressive with his ability to make range attacks with a couple clicks of Running Shot, giving him some move and attack ability.   Also, a few clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast will allow him to ignore damage reducers.

In the middle of his dial, Deathstroke loses Running Shot and sees the last of his Penetrating/Psychic Blast clicks.  Outwit returns for a click at this point in his dial.  From this point forward, Deathstroke katana wielding close combat machine.  First, Precisely-Timed Strike returns for a click, this time paired with Exploit Weakness.  Next, Deathstroke gets a standard click of Blades/Claws/Fangs, with Flurry to give him an extra attack.

At the end of his dial, Deathstroke again has the combination of Precisely-Timed Strike and Exploit Weakness.  His last click sees the return of regular Blades/Claws/Fangs, again with Flurry, and this time with Exploit Weakness added to his dial.

Deathstroke will have some solid theme team options to choose from with the Injustice League, Martial Artist, Soldier, and Society keywords.  With an aggressive power set and solid stats, at 120 points,  Deathstroke will be an excellent choice on whatever force you include him on.

Justice League Preview

Amazon Princess of the Justice League: Wonder Woman!

Greetings, HeroClix fans!


For today’s DC HeroClix: Justice League preview we shine the spotlight on a warrior who commands an equal amount of respect from the superhero community as her colleagues Superman and Batman.  From the island nation of Themyscira, please welcome the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus, Wonder Woman!

DC HeroClix: Justice League features more than 20 ALL-NEW, unique sculpts and dials for characters in the New 52 DC Universe.  As one of the New 52 Universe’s strongest characters, Wonder Woman packs quite a punch with the combo of Charge and Super Strength on her first click.  Those powers are backed defensively by Impervious.

Wonder Woman’s next two clicks feature the same mix of powers:  Charge remains in her movement slot to help her defend the helpless, while her Amazon strength is represented via Close Combat Expert in her damage slot.  Defensively, Wonder Woman switches from Impervious to Invulnerability.  She also has the Indomitable combat ability.

As we reach the heart of Wonder Woman’s dial, Charge makes way for three clicks of Flurry to show that Diana has two bracelets to go along with her two fists. A special power, Lasso of Truth, appears on these same three clicks and represents Wonder Woman’s ubiquitous weapon!  When Wonder Woman is given a power action to use Lasso of Truth, she can make a ranged combat attack as if she had a range value of 4. The attack deals no damage but a character that is hit is given an action token and all its speed and damage powers are countered until your next turn.

Defensively, Wonder Woman puts her hand-to-hand Amazon training to use as she drops Invulnerability in favor of Combat Reflexes for two clicks.  Wonder Woman gains Toughness on her last three clicks.

Charge and Super Strength return on Wonder Woman’s last two clicks. In case there are no objects for Diana to use with her Super Strength, she also regains Close Combat Expert to help her dish out extra damage.

Wonder Woman comes in at 136 points and has the Justice League team ability.  She makes a viable main attacker on many forces and her keywords (Amazon, Deity, Justice League, and Warrior) offer plenty of options for team building.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us next time for our next DC HeroClix: Justice League preview when we visit with a monarch who spends as much time on land as he does in water!  Until then, keep your Clix off their KOs!