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Marvel HeroClix TabApp: Marvel Super Heroes Are Here!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Since we first announced the existence of HeroClix TabApp, there’s been a great deal of speculation and questions.  “What is HeroClix TabApp?” folk have been asking.  Well, if you were fortunate enough to attend Gen Con Indy 2012, you may have taken the opportunity to examine and play this innovative and fun offering from WizKids Games/NECA; a real-time super hero application aimed at a younger audience for the iPad (and soon for the Android platform as well!).  Utilizing HeroClix powers and abilities based upon HeroClix and physical figures to unlock content, HeroClix TabApp bridges the tabletop and digital HeroClix experience!

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HeroClix TabApp provides a fast, fun solo play experience based upon the widely popular HeroClix game engine.  HeroClix TabApp demonstrates the most basic HeroClix game concepts to younger players and over time, these new players will eventually unlock the full depth and glory of the full HeroClix platform through continued play and exposure to the larger HeroClix world through our website.

To begin play with HeroClix TabApp, simply download the app from the iTunes App Store and place your figure on it’s corresponding graphic on the screen.  The contact points on the bottom of the HeroClix TabApp base relay to the game which figure you are using and begins play in a character-specific storyline and game.  Cut scenes introduce each level, and when you’re ready enemies begin swarming in to defeat you! Simply touch the enemies on the screen you wish to attack, unlock power-ups with a swipe, and unleash special attacks (like Thor’s lightning below) all with the tip of your fingers! (click on image below to enlarge)


HeroClix TabApp is a real-time super hero adventure game intended for ages 8 and up.  The big bonus is that each HeroClix TabApp figure is 100% compatible with the HeroClix game engine and comes with its own character card, and today we take our first in-depth look at the figures that comprise our first two Marvel HeroClix TabApp sets starting with the Marvel Super Heroes pack.

 At 96 points, Captain America is ready to lead your HeroClix TabApp figures into battle! Captain America begins the game with Running Shot to maneuver himself into position and sling his shield at his enemies, and the Improved Movement ability (signified by the running man image) allows him to ignore hindering terrain (the green square) and other characters (the radial dial image) when moving further enhancing his mobility in the game! An initial click of Leadership demonstrates Captain America’s inspiring presence on the battlefield.

And that’s not all! Captain America’s Protected By the Vibranium Shield Trait allows him to use Energy Shield/Deflection and share it with an adjacent friendly figure of a lower point value!

After his first click, Captain America then switches to Charge as he moves into close-combat agains his foes, and a subsequent click of Flurry allows Captain America to really dish out the punishment to opposing figures!

Mid- to late-dial Captain America repeats the powers in his speed slot in the same order, while his initial click of Invulnerability and then Toughness are replaced with Combat Reflexes, ensuring that the good Captain is tougher to hit in close combat!

Speaking of close combat, late-dial Captain America gains Close Combat Expert allowing for a greater damage potential and then finally Perplex as Captain America first feints and fakes out his opponents, and gives a little extra where it will do the most good in battle!

with a 100% HeroClix fully compatible dial, Captain America is ready to action! With his Avengers, Past, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Soldier keywords, including Captain America on your next HeroClix force will be a snap, or download HeroClix TabApp and play the solo game for some real-time heroic action!

Next we are happy to spotlight the God of Thunder, Thor!

Thor begins play with a Trait entitled The Mighty Avenger which allows him to use Super Strength.  This Trait is very useful as Thor moves into position for the attack (thanks to his Mjolnir’s Song special power), enabling to grab an object while preparing for his ranged attack (again, thanks to the Mjolnir’s Song special power).

Early- to mid-dial Thor trades his special power for straight up Charge as he puts his Super Strength (and strategically placed objects) to best use – IN MELEE! And if close combat isn’t really your thing, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, and later Pulse Wave, give you plenty of ranged combat options thanks to Thor’s 7 range value!

Toward the end of his dial, Thor exchanges Charge for Flurry as he lets the full fury of his Asgardian might loose upon his foes! With a full dial of the Indomitable ability, Thor can also act two turns in a row ensuring that he will always be ready for battle!

Thor is first protected by a single click of Impervious.  After that initial click, Thor enjoys damage reduction from both Invulnerability and then Toughness.

At 155 points, Thor is a great asset to your HeroClix force, particularly on teams utilizing the Asgardian, Avengers, Diety, or Warrior keywords!  And like Captain America above, Thor is fully compatible for both the HeroClix TabApp game as well as traditional HeroClix games!

Completing our trio of Avengers is none other than the “Armored Avenger” –  Iron Man!

HeroClix TabApp Iron Man is ready for battle!  Iron Man speeds onto the battlefield attacking his enemies thanks to both Running Shot and the Sharpshooter ability! Early-dial Penetrating/Psychic Blast allows Iron Man to bypass the damage-reducing powers of opposing figures while Outwit, Perplex, and Ranged Combat Expert all give Iron Man the option to do the greatest damage where it will do the greatest good!

Mid- and late-dial Iron Man demonstrates his resiliency with two clicks of his Armor Self-Defense special power.  Armor Self-Defense allows Iron Man to use Energy Shield/Deflection, Toughness, and Regeneration (!) allowing him to stay in the fight longer! And if Iron Man would rather fight than attempt to heal, Exploit Weakness ensures that if he hits, he’s bypassing the damage-reducing powers of his targets!

Initially, Iron Man enjoys the damage reduction afforded by Impervious, but later trades that for first Invulnerability and then finally Toughness.

At 149 points, Iron Man is a bargain with both the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. team abilities as well as the Armor, Avengers, Illuminati, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Scientist keywords!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first look at the HeroClix TabApp and combat dials for the Marvel Super Heroes HeroClix TabApp pack! HeroClix TabApp packs will be available at Toys ‘R Us, Wal Mart, you friendly local game and comic stores later this month, and you can get the HeroClix TabApp app FOR FREE  in the iTunes App Store!

Thanks for joining us for this exciting look at HeroClix TabApp.  Be sure to take a moment and check out the preview for the Marvel HeroClix Wolverine and the X-Men TabApp pack as well!