Marvel HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man

Marvel HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man – Devil Dinosaur Champion Figure

Greetings HeroClix Fans,

The Marvel HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man set is almost here! Today, we continue to reveal another figure found in the set, designed by the 2015 HeroClix Team World Champions, Tim Bold, Nick Peterson, and Derek Thompson. This former partner of Moon Boy, hails from the Savage Land, was an enemy of Nextwave, a member of H.A.T.E., and…ok, look, let’s cut to the chase – he’s a gigantic talking red tyrannosaurus wearing a smoking jacket and carrying a revolver. We are excited to introduce Team Fail Boat and their new figure, Devil Dinosaur! 

Name: Tim Bold

WES ID: TheEvilCapitalist

Location: Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Favorite Local Venues: Empire Game Center2015FailBoat

Name: Nick Peterson

WES ID: NOPeterson

Location: Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Favorite Local Venues: Empire Game Center, Critical Hit

Name: Derek Thompson

WES ID: JDThompson

Location: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Favorite Local Venues: Empire Game Center

What first brought you to the world of HeroClix?

Most of us were either comic book fans or enjoyed strategy games and this is a great combination of both.

How long have you been playing HeroClix? 

Tim has been playing the longest, as he started back in Clobberin’ Time. Derek started back in the Sinister days and Nick has been playing since Avengers.

How often and where do you play HeroClix?

 We get together to play frequently, at least twice a month. When we get together and play, we very rarely play the meta; we generally play fun, thematic teams. There are a ton of venues in Northeast Ohio and for most of the big events, we all play at Empire Game Center. A lot of times we will meet up at someone’s house after a tournament to play a few fun games. We alternate where we play, but generally play at Tim’s “ginger mansion”.

What is your favorite thing about HeroClix?

 HeroClix as a game is incredibly deep and flexible. Players can build highly competitive teams, to compete at Regional, National, or World Championships, but also build a lot of thematic teams, to play casual games with friends. As a group, we take advantage of both aspects of the game.

What inspired you to choose the character you designed?

Nextwave is one of our favorite comics and we were disappointed that Devil Dinosaur was never created from that series. We also liked all of the minion characters from Nextwave and wanted to find a way to incorporate both into HeroClix. 

Marvel HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man - Devil Dinosaur Champion Figure

What were the challenges or considerations you faced while conceptualizing your dial design?

We have been talking about creating this dial for years now, so most of the groundwork was already in place. The hardest part was making a dial that is fun so everyone can enjoy, but balanced so that it isn’t game breaking.

Please walk us through your dial design.

Devil Dinosaur is the mastermind behind Beyond Corp and S.I.L.E.N.T, but is also the fierce final fight against the heroes. We wanted to incorporate both of these aspects into the dial.

For the first three clicks of the dial, Devil Dinosaur is working behind the scenes sending out “waves” of minions to attack. There are so many minions to choose from in Nextwave, that it took some time to decide on the drop bears, Rockabilly M.O.D.O.K., and homicide crabs. The drop bears are iconic from the series and our favorite, so that was an easy choice. The Rockabilly M.O.D.O.K. almost won a fan poll a few years back, so we felt like we had to add them. For the last bystander, we decided on homicide crabs over broccoli men simply because we thought we could design a more enjoyable bystander dial for the crabs.

The defensive special ability is representative of the heroes finally approaching Devil Dinosaur so that he goes on a long winded monologue that they can’t stop. From a gameplay standpoint, we wanted to incorporate this with the bystander ability in order to give players an opportunity to bring most of the bystanders into play instead of having the opponent quickly hit Devil Dinosaur past that ability.

For the final four clicks of the dial, the stop click represents Devil Dinosaur losing control and transforming into an aggressive dinosaur that attacks. We didn’t think it would be appropriate for him to go back to working behind the scenes after becoming enraged, so we put the can’t heal past this click into the power. The rest of the dial is simply an out of control dinosaur attacking the heroes with charge, flurry, B/C/F, and battle fury.

Devil Dinosaur can’t carry because he has tiny arms and he no longer wants to carry another after eating Moon Boy.

Any parting thoughts?

We wanted to thank the WizKids team for giving us this opportunity and for being great to work with throughout the process.

Hopefully we get another opportunity to design a figure again. We came close again this year, placing third in team world’s and with Derek placing second in singles. We have a few other ideas in store for some unclixed characters, so hopefully we get another shot at making a figure in the future.