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Clix It Up – Magneto

Greetings, HeroClix fans! Welcome to another edition of Clix It Up, where we take an in-depth look at variations on classic characters throughout the history of the game. Today, we’re looking at a Mutant who has gone from the preeminent villain in the world of the Uncanny X-Men to one of the X-Men’s staunchest allies – we’re exploring the Master of Magnetism himself, Magneto!

 Clix It Up - Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men Magneto 029

Our first look at Magneto is one of the newest iterations of the character, from the recent Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men set. The Uncommon version of Magneto from that set is a bargain at 50 points, featuring a range of six squares, as well as the Brotherhood of Mutants team ability. While only having 5 clicks of life, this version of the character packs a lot of punch for his cost. The design of this figure is reflective of when Magneto was severely depowered, and nowhere is that shown more than in his trait – I Can Still Fly, but it Takes a Lot Out of Me. This trait states that, once per game, Magneto can use Running Shot as a free action, and has the Wing movement symbol for that action. He also has two special powers, the first of which is called Tracking Those Who Would Harm Mutants, featured on his middle three clicks of his dial, granting Magneto both Sidestep and Stealth. His second special power is called Magnetic Shielding, which allows Erik the use of Energy Shield/Deflection and Willpower. Also included on his dial are the standard powers Sidestep, Telekinesis, Pulse Wave, and Energy Shield/Deflection.

Clix It Up - Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men Magneto 040

Out next version of Magneto is also from Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men, and features Erik in his striking white costume from when he was recently a member of the X-Men. Coming in at 90 points, this version of Magneto features a range of 8 squares, as well as the X-Men team ability. He features one trait, called Magnetic Shield for My Allies, which allows you to give Magneto a power action to attach the Magnetic Shield ClixFX Base (marker) to another friendly character, removing it from anywhere else. That character can now use Energy Shield/Deflection as long as it is attached. However, when that character takes damage from a range attack, or Magneto is KO’d, the Magnetic Shield marker is removed. He also has a special power on the first three clicks of his defense called Magnetic Field, which allows Magneto to use both Energy Shield/Deflection and Toughness. He also possesses the standard powers Running Shot, Force Blast, Telekinesis, Precision Strike, Willpower, Enhancement, and Ranged Combat Expert. While not as low cost as our first entry, at 90 points you’d be hard pressed to find a better option to not only be able to move your X-Men around the map via Telekinesis, but still have the offensive punch with a printed 4 damage at the top of his dial to keep your opponent on their toes.

Clix It Up - Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men Magneto 062

Up next is one of the most requested and sought after versions of Magneto, hailing from the Age of Apocalypse, and one of the chase figures from the Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men set. At 150 points with a range of 8 squares, this version of the character is an Indomitable monster – attack values never dipping below 10, damage never dipping below 3 – with a myriad of powers and abilities to back up the cost. First is one of his two traits, This Entire World Is Dead Dreams and Scrap. This trait states that if there are no Scrap Metal markers attached to Magneto, you may give him a power action to destroy up to two walls or squares of printed Blocking terrain within 8 squares, and attach that many Scrap Metal markers to him, up to a maximum of 2. This trait also states that you can give Magneto a free action, and remove all Scrap Metal markers to make that many object attacks, as if he were holding a heavy object! His second trait is incredibly beneficial – called Creator of the X-Men in this Reality, this trait states that when building your force, you may choose a character of 150 points or less, granting them the X-Men keyword this game. Couple that versatility with his standard powers – Sidestep, Running Shot, Telekinesis, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Pulse Wave, Invincible, Impervious, Energy Shield/Deflection, Leadership, Outwit, and Perplex – and you have a Magneto that opens up the spectrum of team building with literally every character, 150 points and under, being able to be part of an X-Men themed team – while not endless, the options are nearly limitless.

Clix It Up - Marvel HeroClix: Giant Size X-Men Magneto

Finally, from the Marvel HeroClix: Giant-Size X-Men set, we come to what is equally one of the most stunning sculpts we’ve ever seen in the game of HeroClix, and one of the most powerful versions of Magneto that has ever been produced. At 189 points, he’s a heavy investment for your team, but the range of 10 squares with 2 targets helps make up for that, as does his absolutely astounding power set. Up first is his trait Magnetic Field, which allows Magneto to use Energy Shield/Deflection. Additionally, when he uses the Carry ability, he can carry up to 4 characters. Finally, if Magneto occupies a square that contains a debris marker, his combat values are modified by +1; at top dial, that puts him at a base 9/12/19/5! Aside from that trait, he has two special powers, both of which appear on his first six clicks of life. The first, on his attack, is called Magnetic Mastery. This ability states that Magneto can be given a power action to use Telekinesis twice as a free action. Additionally, if Magneto uses Telekinesis to attack with an object, damage dealt is increased by 2. Finally, on his defense is the special power Magnetic Shield, allowing Magneto to use Toughness. More importantly however, is that opposing characters halve their range value when Magneto is one of the targets of their attack. He also has the standard powers Running Shot, Pulse Wave, Leadership, Ranged Combat Expert, and Perplex. This is the definitive version of the character, a powerhouse of epic proportions that controls the game in nearly every way just by being on the map.

As a truly classic Marvel character, Magneto has decades of history behind him, and we feel we’ve represented some of the best versions of the character with these four figures. And while we couldn’t cover every version of Magneto – just check out the figures from the Marvel HeroClix sets: Days of Future Past, Marvel 10th Anniversary, Wolverine and the X-Men, and Avengers Vs X-Men for more options. These new figures, as well as a classic from the past are incredible options to either center your team around or have on your team in a support capacity. Thank you, as always, for joining us for this edition of Clix It Up, and we’ll see you next time! Until then, don’t be afraid to push!

Marvel HeroClix: The Uncanny X-Men

Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men – Age of Apocalypse

Greetings, HeroClix fans! Last week we released the Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men set, so we wanted to take the opportunity to play with some of the figures in the set and put together what we feel is a fun team! And, since we’ve revisited the long requested Age of Apocalypse, we’re going to center our team with one of the characters from those chase figures!

Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men - Age of Apocalypse - Sabretooth and Wild Child

To start off, we have the chase Sabretooth and Wild Child! At 130 points, this figure clocks in at 8 clicks of life, and is Indomitable. He has no special powers, but has two traits that more than equal that out. His first is called Leashed or Unleashed? This power states that Sabretooth and Wild Child begin the game with Wild Child attached, and can use Flurry while he’s attached. Additionally, at the beginning of your turn, if Wild Child is within 3 squares of Sabretooth and Wild Child, you may reattach him. Of course, you can give Sabretooth and Wild Child a free action if he hasn’t used Flurry this turn to place an attached Wild Child adjacent.  We’ll take a look at the individual Wild Child shortly, but first let’s look at their second trait, Healing Factor. This traits states that when Sabretooth and Wild Child clear action tokens, you may heal him of 1 click – so, while it’s beneficial to push him since he’s Indomitable, you can take advantage of his trait to heal him up slightly after one action! He also brings the standard powers Charge, Sidestep, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Toughness, Combat Reflexes, Regeneration, Battle Fury, and Exploit Weakness. Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men - WIld ChildThe Wild Child bystander token is only one click long, but packs a punch, with the standard powers Charge, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Combat Reflexes, and Exploit Weakness – so while that base 1 damage isn’t much to write home about, having a printed 11 attack with Blades/Claws/Fangs paired with Exploit Weakness is an incredible benefit to have on your team!

Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men - Age of Apocalypse - Magneto

Up next on our X-Men Age of Apocalypse team we have our primary ranged attacker with the rare Magneto. Featuring a range of 8 squares, Magneto brings a lot of both support and board control that the team needs. First is his trait, Magnetic Shield for My Allies. This trait states that you can give Magneto a power action to attach the Magnetic Shield to another friendly character, removing it from anywhere else. That character can now use Energy Shield/Deflection as long as it’s attached – however, when that character takes damage from a ranged attack, or Magneto is KO’d, remove the Magnetic Shield marker. And for that Magnetic Shield marker, Magneto comes packed with his own ClixFX Base that you can use to represent this marker! Additionally, he has a special power called Magnetic Field that appears on his first 3 clicks of defense that allows him to use both Energy Shield/Deflection and Toughness! He also has the standard powers Running Shot, Force Blast, Telekinesis, Precision Strike, Willpower, Enhancement, and Ranged Combat Expert.

Marvel HeroClix: The Uncanny X-Men - Emma Frost 005a

Finally, we have the 80-point version of Emma Frost. Emma has only one special power, but it’s incredibly beneficial to the team. The power, called Teaching the Next Generation, states that Emma Frost can use Perplex. When she uses it, you may use it normally, or instead choose a combat value other than damage, and modify that value on each friendly character that shares a keyword with her within her range, regardless of line of fire! She also has an interesting duality in her dial – the top end is all about control and team boosting, with Mind Control, Super Senses, and the special power, while the second half of her dial is far more offensively based, featuring Running Shot, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Energy Shield/Deflection, and Shapechange.

So there you have it, HeroClix fans! We’ve taken our stab at building an X-Men team  around one of the Age of Apocalypse chases in the new Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men set– how would you build your team, and which chase would you feature? Let us know on social media! Until next time, ‘Clix for the win!

Marvel HeroClix: The Uncanny X-Men

Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men – Magneto

Greetings HeroClix fans, and welcome to another preview for the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men set! Today, we’re taking a look at a man who has been both the biggest enemy and greatest ally of the X-Men, Magneto!

Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men - Magneto

With a complex, emotional backstory, Erik Lehnsherr has seen his nature evolve from something truly combative and villainous, to a man intent on repenting for his past actions against man and mutant-kind alike.

First, Magneto has a trait that makes use of the a ClixFX base— which is included with his figure— called Magnetic Shield for my Allies. This trait allows you to give Magneto a power action to attach the Magnetic Shield (represented by the ClixFX base) to another friendly character by placing it under that character’s figure. As long as it is attached, that character can use Energy Shield/Deflection. However, when that character takes damage from a ranged attack or Magnetois KO’d, the Magnetic Shield marker is removed from that character.

In addition to that trait, Magneto has a special power called Magnetic Field on his first three clicks of defense. This power states that Magneto can use both Energy Shield/Deflection and Toughness. In addition to that special power, he also possesses the following standard powers – Running Shot, Force Blast, Telekinesis, Precision Strike, Willpower, Enhancement, and Ranged Combat Expert. There’s no doubt that Magneto is a ranged combatant, so take advantage of his high attack and damage values with his range of 8 squares to rain down destruction on your opponents!

That’s all for today, HeroClix fans! We hope you enjoy this take on the Master of Magnetism. Join us next time for another exciting preview from upcoming sets. Until then, shape change for the win!


Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-Men Preview

Marvel HeroClix Wolverine & the X-Men: Professor X and Magneto!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we continue our previews of the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-Men set by taking a closer look at the two architects of the Mutants Rights movement in their earlier years.  We are pleased to present none other than Professor X and Magneto!

053-Professor-X_MagnetoThe first thing we notice about Professor X and Magneto is that they possess a trait that will definitely  impact your team-building strategies.  The Origin of the Split grants characters with either the Brotherhood of Mutants or the X-Men team abilities those same keywords and team abilities! Talk about options: adding free action move of ability to exchange health in the game at no additional cost to the affected figures can be quite beneficial in-game!

Professor X and Magneto begin play maneuvering into position thanks to healthy stretch of Running Shot early-dial, which pairs nicely with their 7 range and 3 damage value.  And once you’re happy with Professor X and Magneto ‘s positioning, Outwit allows you to counter an opposing character’s power or combat ability as well!

And if that weren’t aggressive enough, Professor X and Magneto also possess a special power titled You’re a Mutant, Too? which allows them to use both Penetrating/Psychic Blast (which works quite well with the aforementioned Running Shot and 7 range) as well as Mind Control! Even better, when you use one of these powers and hit your target, you can then use the other power as a free action! (once the original action has completed that is)

Mid-dial, Professor X and Magneto switch tactics slightly as they attempt to infiltrate none other than Baron Von Strucker’s hidden Hydra base.  While Professor X and Magneto are not sculpted in the co-opted Hydra uniforms they wore in Uncanny X-Men #161, two clicks of Stealth ought to help them sneak past the sentries and into the secret Hydra lair! At this point in their dial, Professor X and Magneto exchange their You’re a Mutant, Too? special power for Incapacitate and Outwit for Shape Change.  (hmmmm, perhaps they found a pair of Hydra uniforms after all!)

Toward the end of their dial, Professor X and Magneto also go on the offensive thanks to a run of Pulse Wave and Sidestep.   (which can be used either before or after their attack if you so choose!) At this point, we also encounter Professor X and Magneto’s second special power: Leaders of Two Movements allows Professor X and Magneto also to use Leadership.  However, instead of the normal effects of Leadership, this special power allows Professor X and Magneto also to remove action tokens form up to two adjacent figures with whom they share a keyword, and one figure may modify its attack value by +1 (but must then lower its defense value by -1), and the other figure may modify its defense value by +1 (and, you guessed it, then lower its attack value by -1).

Defensively,  Professor X and Magneto also possess Super Senses initially, which then gives way to Barrier and then Energy Shield/Deflection respectively.

At 133 points, Professor X and Magneto also will work on a variety of team builds while readily leaving enough room for other figures in a 300 point game.  The Brotherhood of Mutants, New Mutants, Scientist, and X-Men keywords also allow for some great thematic team builds as well!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this latest preview from the upcoming Wolverine and the X-Men set.  Stay tuned next week as we spotlight a young mutant who is considered Homo Superior’s last, greatest Hope! Until then, keep your Clix off their K.O.’s!

Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-Men Preview

Marvel HeroClix Wolverine & the X-Men: Legion!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we X-amine another X-hilarating preview from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-Men Today we bring you the architect of the Age of Apocalypse timeline as well as the unwitting creator of the Age of X alternate reality, the son of Professor Charles Xavier, Legion!


Legion suffers from multiple personality disorder, with each personality controlling different powers he possesses.  His powers set shows this off very well, and adding to its effectiveness, and again showing his fragmented mind, is a trait called Hidden Personalities.  This trait allows you to give Legion a free action to choose a standard power that he can now use until your next turn.  When choosing this power, Legion’s controller also rolls a d6 that can’t be rerolled, and Legion gains the personality quirk assigned to the result along with the chosen power. 

  1. “Cowardly” Legion modifies his attack value by -2.
  2. “Confused” Legion modifies his speed and defense values by -1.
  3. “Grounded” Legion can use Earthbound/Neutralized
  4. “Enraged” Legion can use Battle Fury
  5. “Compassionate” Immediately heal all adjacent characters 1 click.
  6. “Savant” Legion modifies his combat values by +1. Choose another standard power and he can also use that power.

As you can see, this trait has the advantage of giving Legion access to any power that will be immediately useful to your force, but can come with a price.   

Legion begins play with two of his strongest personalities represented.  Stealth represents Marci, a little girl trapped in Legion’s mind after he returned from the Age of Apocalypse, who was able to comfort him as the only other non violent personality within him.  The other personality to open his dial is that of Jack Wayne, an adventurer who provides Legion with Telekinesis.  Toughness will provide some damage reduction for any counter attack that comes his way.

A click into his dial, Legion has another of his strongest personalities emerge, this time that of Jemail Karami, a terrorist leader who was absorbed when his terrorist attack left Legion as the only survivor.  As one of the most dominant personalities fighting for control within the mind of Legion, this individual brings Outwit to the dial for a couple of clicks.  Another click into his dial, Legion begins to take solid advantage of his 7 range with Running Shot.  Also at this time, the last of his dominate personalities reveals herself.   Cyndi is a temperamental, rebellious pyromaniac who brings Penetrating/Psychic Blast to the dial.   As Legion should be at a distance to opposing figures, Energy Shield Deflection will make him a harder target to make range attacks against.  After another couple of clicks, Legion attempts to gain some control over reality by manipulating dice rolls with Probability Control. 

At the end of his dial, Legion showcases a couple of abilities that helped make him the hero he always wanted to be in the Age of X as one of the Force Warriors, a group of mutants responsible for the protection of Fortress X.  The Force Warriors were tasked daily with repairing the force walls, represented with Barrier.  Also at this time is a special power called Endgame, the Counter, allowing Legion to use the Mystics team ability.  And he again has a couple clicks of Outwit to close out his dial. 

Though never formally a member of any superhero team, using his keywords, Legion can be played in theme with heroes he has spent a lot of time with, notably the X-Men, the team who helped recover him once it was discovered he had survived the Age of Apocalypse, the New Mutants, as well as Age of X.  Clocking in at 119 points, Legion can be a solid attacker on whatever force you choose to include him.

Thanks for joining us for our latest preview from the ever X-citing Marvel HeroClix release, Wolverine and the X-Men.  Check in with us next week as we take a closer look at some of Legion’s most frequent adversaries!  


Marvel HeroClix 10th Anniversary Preview

The X-Men’s Mutant Master of Magnetism: Magneto!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

The subject of today’s Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary preview is a man who has been one of the X-Men’s oldest foes and has at times been one of the group’s strongest allies.  Please welcome the master of magnetism, Magneto!


First we’ll start with a version of Magneto that reflects his early appearances in HeroClix.  This Magneto (#015) starts with a range of 8 and a click of Running Shot to help him bring the fight to the Homo Sapiens.  Defensively, Magneto’s dial starts with a click of Impervious as his magnetic shields protect him from harm while Leadership shows in his damage slot.

Once Magneto is off his first click, he loses Running Shot but gains three clicks of Pulse Wave in his attack slot.  Defensively, he downgrades from Impervious to two clicks of Invulnerability.  On Magneto’s last Pulse Wave click his defensive power drops even further to Toughness, which he retains for two clicks.

On Magneto’s last two clicks, he stands his ground although there’s no guarantee his opponents will do the same: In his movement slot he gains Force Blast while Quake occupies his attack slot.  Outwit is in his damage slots, which represents the wisdom he’s gained through age.  Toughness makes way for Barrier on his last click.

This version of Magneto hits the map at 113 points and has the Brotherhood of Mutants team ability and keyword.  He also has the Acolytes, Ruler, and X-Men keywords.  Like other characters in the Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary set, Magneto has a Battlefield Promotion trait that allows him to transform into his Modern Age version.  When #015 Magneto hits one or more opposing characters, you may place a Promotion Token on his character card after actions resolve.  You may then roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled and add 1 for each Promotion Token on the character card.  If the result is 8 or higher, #015 Magneto may be replaced with #019 Magneto on the same click number!


This version of Magneto can be played at 250 or 125 points.  The figure also hits the battle map with a trait, Magnetic DebrisMagneto begins the game without the Magnetic Debris attached.  We’ll discuss how the Magnetic Debris attaches itself to Magneto shortly.  In the meantime, let’s talk about what Magneto gains when the Magnetic Debris is attached:  With the Magnetic Debris attached, Magneto modifies his defense and damage values by +1 and when he is hit b a close combat attack, the attacker is dealt 1 unavoidable damage after the attack is resolved.  The Magnetic Debris remains attached to Magneto until he takes damage from an opponent’s attack.

Magneto begins his dial with a range of eight and can target two characters.  He starts with Running Shot in his movement slot and a special power, Master of Magnetism, in his damage slot.  Master of Magnetism appears on all but Magneto’s last two clicks and allows him to use Pulse Wave and Quake.  When he uses either power and hits, you may attach the Magnetic Debris to him.  Running Shot appears on all but Magneto’s second and sixth clicks.

Telekinesis occupies Magneto’s attack slot and also appears on all but his last two clicks.  Defensively, Magneto starts with three clicks of Invulnerability, then follows up with three clicks of Toughness to show that he is naturally strong.  On Magneto’s last two clicks, Toughness makes way for Willpower as he keeps fighting for a cause which he feels is righteous.  In his attack slot he gains Ranged Combat Expert to remind others that he’s most dangerous when focused on one opponent.  However, he can deal with multiple adjacent opponents by using Quake on his last click.

The Modern Age Magneto has the same keywords as his #015 counterpart and also possesses the Hellfire Club and New Mutants keywords.  Instead of the Brotherhood of Mutants team ability, #019 Magneto has the X-Men team ability!

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary preview when we crash a closed poker party hosted by a palooka with a clever catchphrase.  Until then, keep your Clix off their KOs!