Mage Knight: Resurrection Preview

Mage Knight HeroClix Resurrection: Altem Sentinel and Wolfhawk!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We travel to a far a distant place, a place of magic and wonder. We sneak a peek at the WizKids HeroClix: Mage Knight Resurrection set. Today we look at two members with the Phoenix Concord team ability.

What does the Phoenix Concord team ability do? Well, once per turn when a power or ability of a character using this team ability or an adjacent friendly character would be countered, roll a d6, on a result of 5 – 6, the power or ability is not countered.


First up is Altem Sentinel at just 50 points. The Altem Sentinel has a trait called I Undertake A Duty To Defend The Guild. This will allow Altem Sentinel to deal 1 damage to any character that fails to break away from him. With Plasticity down his entire dial, this will make for a nasty combination.

Altem Sentinel has a 6 click dial with 3 clicks of Toughness followed by 3 clicks of Willpower. On clicks 3 and 4 he is also able to use Exploit Weakness.

Altem Sentinel has a 2 range and the Armor, Atlantean and Soldier keywords.

Next we look at Wolfhawk. She has an epic action called Wolf’s Taunt that allows Wolfhawk to use Incapacitate as a free action once for each 150 points of the game’s build total, as if she had a range value of 8.


Wolfhawk’s trait is called Beastbond and at the beginning of your turn, choose one standard power or combat ability possessed by a character on the map with the Animal, Monster, or Mystical keyword; Wolfhawk can use the chosen power or combat ability until your next turn.

Wolfhawk starts off with a special power called On My Own. This will allow her to use Perplex; when she is not adjacent to a friendly character and uses Perplex, Wolfhawk can modify a target opposing character’s combat value by -2. The rest of her starting dial has Leap/Climb, Blades/Claws/Fangs, and Super Senses.

On click 2 Wolfhawk’s defense switches to Toughness and she can now use Shape Change. On click 3 she gains the use of Flurry. On click 5 she regains the use of Blades/Claws/Fangs and can still use Flurry for a deadly combination. Wolfhawk ends her dial with 3 clicks of Battle Fury.

With having the Indomitable combat ability Wolfhawk is 150 points of female fury. Her keywords are Amazon, Mage Knight, Solonavi, and Warrior. Wolfhawk would be fun to play alongside other HeroClix: Mage Knight Resurrection characters or in Gold Age game and join forces with other Amazons.

Thanks for reading and although that is all for today, but be sure to continue to come back for more exciting and upcoming figures from the WizKids HeroClix: Mage Knight Resurrection set. Until then, Shape Change for the Win!!

Mage Knight: Resurrection Preview

Mage Knight HeroClix Resurrection: Bonebreaker Shaman and Solonavi Domineer!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Today’s Mage Knight HeroClix: Resurrection continues its previews with two more characters sure to break your opponent’s resolve, coming soon to a store near you!

Let’s begin our preview with Bonebreaker Shaman!


Bonebreaker Shaman possesses the trait Hear Their Bones Grind. It states “When an opposing character takes damage from Bonebreaker Shaman’s attack and the result of the attack roll is doubles, the target can’t move until your next turn.” It says if the result is doubles, not that the target is hit so this happens even if you roll a critical miss!

Bonebreaker Shaman has an 8 range with a single target. He begins his dial with Phasing/Teleport, Telekinesis, Barrier, and the special power Mend the Tribe which states that Bonebreaker Shaman can use Perplex and Support. At 80 points, this figure packs a lot of support powers for his team. He also has the stats to be a good secondary attacker. Lets take a look.

On his second click, Bonebreaker Shaman trades Telekinesis for Psychic/Penetrating Blast. This will pair well with his 8 range. On click 3, he replaces Barrier for Willpower for the rest of his dial, so don’t be afraid to push!

With click 4 we see a change from his special power to Enhancement, and as a support character, you may have kept him close to his teammates already, well, you might want to change strategies because click 5 changes from Psychic/Penetrating Blast to Pulse Wave.

If you have managed to KO an opposing character with Bonebreaker Shaman, his team ability Dominion Pact may help keep him and his teammates in the battle a little longer. It states when and opposing character within 4 squares is KO’d, characters using this team ability are healed 1 damage.

Next up on our tour is the Solonavi Domineer, lets see if his stats fit his name!


Solonavi Domineer possesses the Flight Symbol, Indomitable, and has an 8 range with a single target. At 165 points, Solonavi Domineer will be the most expensive piece on a 300 point team, is he worth it?

He begins his first click of eight with Phasing Teleport, Invulnerability, Outwit and the special power, We Are All Pawns of the Pact. This special power grants that Solonavi Domineer can use Mind Control and, when he does, the hit target modifies either its attack or damage value by +1 until actions resolve. Solonavi Domineer can use Mind Control as a free action and, when he does, instead modify his attack value by -1.

On his second click, he drops Invulnerability and gains Super Senses until click 4 when he swaps Outwit for Probability Control, which can help with the -1 to attack for his special power that grants free action Mind Control.

Solonavi Domineer on click 5 is ready for more battle when he changes his attack power to Penetrating/Psychic Blast and regains Invulnerability. On click 6 he loses Phasing/Teleport, but perhaps the Flight Symbol can still get him and perhaps the Bonebreaker Shaman around? For his last 2 clicks Solonavi Domineer replaces his defense with Super Senses.

Solonavi Domineer has good attack numbers, and at times, high damage output. On his top clicks, he can move across the map and use Mind Control as a free action. He can definitely  domineer the battle with the right support, and with his Team Ability Dominion Pact, he’ll be hard to remove from the game!

Thanks for reading todays preview and stay tuned for our next Mage Knight Resurrection preview!