DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Green Arrow & Stargirl!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Welcome to another in our line of previews for the upcoming DC HeroClix Justice League: Trinity War set!  Today, we bring two representatives of the short-lived Justice League of America, Green Arrow and Stargirl!

Green Arrow comes in at 122 points, and is a seven-click ranged combat sharpshooter, sporting a native 8 range with two targets.  He couples that with his trait, Watch and Learn, which grants friendly adjacent characters with the Justice League of America keyword the Sharpshooter ability!  This will make characters like Stargirl, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter even more formidable in short-combat situations!

Being the master of ranged combat that he is, Green Arrow sports a movement power on every click but his final, bouncing in between Running Shot and Sidestep.  His attack powers include two clicks of Energy Explosion, two clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast, and two clicks of Pulse Wave, before giving way to a special power he possesses on his final click, called One-In-A-Million Shot.  Once per game, this power states Green Arrow may be given a power action, and on his next turn, he may use Ranged Combat Expert as a free action to target any character occupying outdoor terrain on the map.  With a printed 11 attack and 2 damage, you can easily see Ollie dropping 4 damage on his opponent from out of nowhere!

Defensively, Green Arrow comes equipped with alternating clicks of Super Senses and Combat Reflexes over his first four clicks.  On his damage, he has a special power on his first three clicks called Sharp Eyes and Sharp Arrows, which allows Green Arrow to use both Enhancement and Ranged Combat Expert.  He follows that special power with one click of standard Ranged Combat Expert on his fourth click.

Green Arrow will only find a home on Justice League of America theme teams, as that is his only keyword, but the utility he offers to teams based on that keyword is vast.  And that utility is on display when you take into consideration our second preview today, the teenage celebrity superhero Stargirl!


At 95 points and six clicks of life, Stargirl is a flyer who brings 7 range with 2 targets to the table.  Her trait, Inspirational Ally, states that when a second action token would be given to a friendly adjacent character, you roll a d6.  If that character has the Justice League of America keyword, add 2 to the result.  If the result is a 6 or higher, they can use Willpower this turn – while the odds for getting that 6 on a d6 is a 16.6 percent chance of happening, with the additional +2 to the roll, you’re looking at a 50 percent chance of it hitting if they have the Justice League of America keyword!

Don’t think, though, that Stargirl is only there for support.  She brings a lot to the table over her dial!  On movement, she alternates click for click between Running Shot and Force Blast.  On her attack, she begins with two clicks of Energy Explosion, followed by one click of Penetrating/Psychic Blast, before alternating between Energy Explosion and Penetrating Psychic/Blast on clicks 4 and 5.  Her final click grants her Pulse Wave,  which is a powerful way for California’s finest to close out her dial!

On her Defensive front, Stargirl begins with two clicks of Toughness, followed by two clicks of Energy Shield/Deflection, and closes out with two clicks of Willpower. On offense, she brings Ranged Combat Expert on her second, fourth and sixth clicks.

You’ll be able to run Stargirl on the aforementioned Justice League of America as a theme team, as well as with the generic keyword Cosmic, meaning she’ll partner well with powerhouses like Parallax, Mr. Majestic, Starfire and Ganthet to be a great secondary attacker for higher point teams.

That’s it for today, HeroClix fans!  Be sure to join us next time as we look at two more wonderful pieces from the DC HeroClix Justice League: Trinity War set.  Until then, don’t be afraid to push!

DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview Prime Figures

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Dr Light!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Our latest preview from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War is an A.R.G.U.S. scientist and (reluctant) member of the government sanctioned Justice League of America.  We  are of course referring to Arthur Light, better known as Doctor Light!


Doctor Light’s metahuman powers are all centered around his ability to control light.  Offensively, this is represented by some opening clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast, which allows Doctor Light to bypass damage-reducing powers on any successfully hit targets.  Mid-dial, Doctor Light switches tactics as he becomes more involved in the fray (he is a scientist first and foremost after all) as he replaces Penetrating/Psychic Blast for the more explosive Pulse Wave, allowing Doctor Light to attack multiple foes simultaneously.

Doctor Light’s offensive capabilities are further enhanced thanks to a couple of clicks of Running Shot which parallel the occurrence of Pulse Wave on Doctor Light’s combat dial. This potent combination enables Doctor Light to maneuver into the best position available (thanks to Running Shot) and unleash his Pulse Wave against opposing figures within range.

Defensively, Doctor Light gains a bonus against ranged combat attacks targeting him thanks to Energy Shield/Deflection.  Mid- to late dial, Doctor Light’s new energy-based existence is represented by his ability to potentially recover from attacks courtesy of two clicks of Regeneration.

As we mentioned earlier, Doctor Light is a scientist and his keen understanding of metahuman energy-based abilities allows him to help his allies strike where they can do the most good.  This is represented by three clicks of Enhancement which will add one to the damage dealt by any friendly character’s ranged combat attack who happens to be adjacent to Doctor Light.  Late-dial, Doctor Light’s energy-based existence is represented by two clicks of Shape Change, potentially adding to his defensive capabilities (after all, if his opponent’s cannot target him, they cannot damage him!)

Doctor Light is not a powerhouse by any means, but he is a team player and will make a great back-up or tertiary attacker for any A.R.G.U.S., Justice League of America, or Scientist themed teams.  At 56 points, Doctor Light will be an easy addition to most team builds and strategies.


After being seemingly killed in battle by Superman during the Trinity War, Doctor Light was soon after found to still be alive, albeit changed dramatically into a fully energy-based metahuman! The Prime version of the character brings a host of offensive capabilities to the table.

The Prime Doctor Light begins play more aggressively than his flesh and blood counterpart; his combat dial opens with Running Shot and Penetrating/Psychic Blast!

Running Shot is enhanced by the Prime Doctor Light’s trait, Bouncing Around the World at Light Speed.  This trait allows Doctor Light’s player to roll a six-sided die at the beginning of their turn and replace Doctor Light’s speed value with the die result plus his printed speed value! Further adding to Doctor Light’s mobility is his Enhanced Mobility: Blocking Terrain combat ability; when Doctor Light decides to attack someone with Running Shot, his opponent’s will be hard-pressed to find a safe spot to hide!

Mid- to late-dial, Doctor Light exchanges Running Shot for Phasing/Teleport which further enhances his mobility by allowing him to bypass virtually every obstacle in his path.  Doctor Light also picks up a couple of clicks of Ranged Combat Expert as well as Pulse Wave; two fantastic and potent ranged combat options depending on whatever the situation at the moment calls for.

Initially, Doctor Light receives some potential protection from being targeted and attacked thanks to the combination of Shape Change and Super Senses.  Mid-dial, Doctor Light gains the use of Invincibility which halves half of the damage dealt to him from attacks! Late-dial, Doctor Light’s defense-based special power, Reforming Myself, grants Doctor Light Energy Shield/Deflection and, if Doctor Light is given a move action during your turn, he can also use Regeneration to get him back to earlier clicks in his combat dial.

The Prime Doctor Light is a potent addition to any lineup – his array of offensive capabilities and consistent combat values makes him an easy choice for inclusion on any A.R.G.U.S., Justice League of America, or Scientist themed teams (just like his common counterpart in fact).  The Prime Doctor Light is more expensive at 108 points, but still leaves enough room in a standard 300-point team build to include a host of options regardless of one’s HeroClix strategy.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak-peek at the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set.  Stay tuned as we share more exciting characters in the days and weeks to come!

Preview SwitchClix Team Bases

HeroClix on the Road: Trinity of Sin!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome to another preview from the 2013 HeroClix Convention Season. Today we reveal the final HeroClix piece to be offered during the 2013 convention season which just happens to be our for-sale DC HeroClix piece, the Trinity of Sin!

Their origins shrouded in mystery, these three characters had little in common other than being known as “Earth’s greatest transgressors” and were summoned to the Rock of Eternity to face judgement.  The first to be sentenced today is Pandora!


Pandora begins play with a special movement power called Always in the Background which allows Pandora to use Stealth. As an additional benefit,  you may give Pandora a power action and place her in any square that has an opposing figure within line of fire! This aspect of Always in the Background pairs nicely with Pandora’s opening 10 attack value and Penetrating/Psychic Blast, and can easily make up for her average 6 range value as you maneuver her around the map and line her up for a killshot.

Pandora also begins play with another special power called Open Pandora’s Box.  This special power allows Pandora to use Probability Control not once, but twice per turn with the caveat that she does not target the same character with both uses.  Open Pandora’s Box also penalizes your opponents’ character’s when they use Probability Control by forcing them to place an action token!

Mid-dial Pandora briefly alternates between Penetrating/Psychic Blast and Energy Explosion, while Running Shot and Phasing/Teleport allows Pandora to maneuver around the battlefield.

Defensively, Pandora relies on Super Senses initially and ends her dial with Energy Shield/Deflection.  Her defense values are solid throughout her dial (especially against ranged attacks) but two powerless defense clicks early on mean you want to keep Pandora away from the melee whenever you can.  Of course, if your opponent does happen to catch up to the elusive Pandora, her Sharpshooter ability allows her to take best advantage of her ranged powers (since she can ignore opposing characters for line of fire purposes).

For 100 points Pandora is a solid investment; the Mystic team ability and the Mystical and Trinity of Sin keywords make for some great thematic team building, especially when you look at her fellow Trinity members like the Phantom Stranger!


The second sinner to be brought to the Rock of Eternity today is the man known as Phantom Stranger. The first thing we notice about this Stranger is that he possesses two traits: “Mystical Cloak” allows the Stranger to use Phasing/Teleport and Shape Change while “Thirty Pieces of Silver” allows the Phantom Stranger a free action to modify any of his combat values by +1 until your next turn, but only if you modify another friendly character’s same combat value by -1 until your next turn.

The Phantom Stranger begins play with Mind Control and his Destined to Betray special power, and both pair nicely with his natural 8 range.  Similar to Pandora’s Open Pandora’s Box special power above, Destined to Betray allows the Phantom Stranger to use Outwit twice per turn, provided he does not target the same character twice and opposing characters using Outwit must receive an action token!

The Phantom Stranger’s Outwit also works well with his Poison which we find on his first few clix, while Mastermind and Super Senses helps protect him from damage and attacks.  Mid-dial The Phantom Stranger begins to alternate his Destined to Betray special power with Exploit Weakness, allowing him to bypass his opponents’ defenses in close-combat.

Mid- to late-dial the Phantom Stranger enjoys an uptick in his defense values while Regeneration gives him the potential to return to his top clix, and Smoke Cloud allows the Stranger to further obfuscate his opponents’ paths.

The Phantom Stranger also possesses both the Mystics and Quintessence team abilities and like Pandora and the Question, the Stranger has the Mystical and Trinity of Sin keywords.

Speaking of the Question, here he is!


The final member our Trinity of Sin is the Question. He possesses the Improved Movement ability which will allow him to ignore elevated and hindering terrain during movement. His trait is called “Past Lives” and at the beginning of your turn you may choose a standard power from the Question’s character card; he can use that power until your next turn. However when you do, choose a power Question possesses and it is lost until your next turn. This trait simple makes him the Swiss Army knife of characters, just consider the possibilities!

The Question, like Pandora, has a constantly changing dial.  The Question is able to use Charge, Plasticity, Stealth, and Flurry all at various points in his dial. With his attack he will be able to use Smoke Cloud, Incapacitate, and Quake. The Question’s defense has the use of Combat Reflexes, Super Senses, and Toughness.  The Question will also have the use of Shape Change and Close Combat Expert.

The cool thing about the Question is his trait, you want to use Charge and Flurry go ahead just get rid of Smoke Cloud for the turn. You feel an attack is imminent from range gain Shape Change and discard Combat Reflexes for the turn. You can even stack powers, say you’re next to someone with Poison, swap out Charge for Toughness and you still gain the use of your Combat Reflexes.

Now the Question’s only non-standard power is called “They Hold the Answers” which will look very familiar by now; The Question can use Perplex twice per turn, but he can’t target the same character with it more than once per turn. When opposing characters use Perplex, they must be given a power action instead of a free action.

To round out the rest of the Question’s 100 point dial, you have Indomitable, the Mystic team ability, and the keywords Mystical and Trinity of Sin.

Now what happens when all 3 members come together? You get the Trinity of Sin Team Dial.


Like all Team Dials the Trinity of Sin gets to use Improved Movement for elevated terrain and characters, but they also get additional bonus of ignoring hindering terrain as well.  Trinity of Sin is allowed to “break” the Team Base rules and have as few as 2 characters on the base via their trait called “Destined to Walk Alone”!

As with it’s individual characters, the Trinity of Sin team dial possesses the Mystics team ability.  On top of that, the Trinity’s second trait “Damned Together” deals 2 unavoidable damage instead of 1 when they use the Mystics team ability and all team members are attached .  (And if that weren’t enough, the Trinity of Sin also has the Quintessence team ability which will allow them to use Willpower and their powers cannot be countered.)

Finally, the “Onslaught of Energy” trait grants the Sharpshooter symbol as a combat ability for the Trinity of Sin.

As with other team bases, the Trinity of Sin will have 3 different starting lines, the Veteran costs 385 points and is 16 clicks long. Starting with Running Shot and Penetrating/Psychic Blast for the first two and then switching to Mind Control and Incapacitate. Defensively, the Trinity of Sin enjoys some high defense values and Super Senses and then switches to Toughness. We also see a sprinkling of Exploit Weakness, which brings us to the Experienced dial:

The Trinity of Sin’s Experienced dial starts on click 5 and costs 285 points. They have Mind Control, Incapacitate, Toughness with a 19 defense and Exploit Weakness, and a few clix later we see Running Shot and Penetrating/Psychic Blast return while the Trinity of Sin enjoys some protection from ranged attacks thanks to Energy Shield/Deflection.

The Trinity of Sin’s Rookie dial starts on click 8 for a cost of 185 points; they still having Running Shot, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, and Energy Shield/Deflection but then switches to Plasticity and Energy Explosion. With an 8 range, three targets, and the Sharpshooter ability, whenever the Trinity of Sin uses Energy Explosion the effects should be devastating! Dealing 3+ damage to the intended target(s) and then also having an area of effect for 3 damage as well.

On click 11, the Trinity of Sin regains Super Senses on defense. On click 12 they now have the use of Charge, Quake, and Exploit Weakness. On click 14, the Trinity of Sin can use Phasing/Teleport for Movement and gains Regeneration for Defense. Regeneration, Probability Control and Willpower are always a good combination.  Finally, theTrinity of Sin ends with 2 clicks of Exploit Weakness.

Wow! What a dial packed full of options for the value! The team possesses Mystical and Trinity of Sin which are the same keywords as their Solo Adventure counterparts.

The  Trinity of Sin Asset Dial is a reflection of what each member brings as an individual to the team:

  • Pandora will allow Trinity of Sin to use Phasing/Teleport and Probability Control.
  • Phantom Stranger will allow Trinity of Sin to use Outwit and Poison.
  • Question will allow Trinity of Sin to use Combat Reflexes and Perplex.

Greatest Transgressors of Mankind is the special power on the Asset Dial, and it allows the Trinity of Sin to choose a standard power that you did not choose during your last turn; until your next turn, opposing characters that are given an action to use that power are dealt 1 unavoidable damage after that action resolves.  Talk about versatility! Greatest Transgressors of Mankind can give your strategy exactly what it needs, when you need it!

Available at select 2013 conventions for $24.99, you can swing by the WizKids area at Origins Game Fair for your first opportunity to get your own Trinity of Sin team base. The Trinity of Sin will also be available at the NECA booth at San Diego Comic Con, and then again at the WizKids booth at  Gen Con Indy.  Until then, Shape Change for the Win!!