DC HeroClix: Batman - Arkham Origins Preview

DC HeroClix Batman Arkham Origins: Joker Thug and The Joker!

Greeting Heroclix fans!

We bring you another preview today from the DC HeroClix: Batman – Arkham Origins set with two characters with sure to make you smile, The Joker Thug and The Joker! Let start with the happy henchman!


The Joker Thug starts at a comical 40 points. For this you get 5 clicks of life, a 5 range single target, and the Batman Enemy team ability.  As his attack value for his first 3 clicks is an 8, hooking up with another that can use his team ability is no laughing matter.

The Joker Thug starts his dial with Stealth, Willpower, and the minion power Joker Says I’m Expendable that states when a friendly character named The Joker is within 8 squares, The Joker Thug can use Poison. When he does, The Joker Thug is dealt 1 unavoidable damage. This could represent inferior gas masks The Joker gives his thugs for his different laughing gases.

On his second click, The Joker Thug gains Blades/Claws/Fangs and drops Willpower both for every other click. On his 3rd click The Joker Thug trades Stealth for Plasticity for the rest of his dial. This can help keep opposing characters close to you for when you use the minion power Joker Says I’m Expendable.

Up next is the comedian that kills with laughter, The Joker!


The Joker for 140 points has a 6 range with a single target. He has Improved Movement ignores other characters for movement purposes and the trait Origins of a Madman that states The Joker can use Poison. If he has KO’d an opposing character this game, when he uses Poison, damage dealt is penetrating damage. He has the Calculator team ability as well.

His top click starts with Stealth, Combat Reflexes, Shape Change, and the special attack power Joker Gas. Joker Gas grants the use of Smoke Cloud. When he uses Poison, The Joker may treat all opposing figures which ended the previous turn adjacent to one of his hindering terrain markers as adjacent. On his 2nd click, The Joker trades Shape Change for Outwit, so if you haven’t managed to KO an opposing character yet, this can help Poison get through their defenses.

On his 3rd click he changes to Sidestep, Psychic Blast, and Toughness while retaining Outwit. He gets a nice stat boost as well with an 11 attack and 18 defense. This is a great time for headlining at the local comedy club with a few of the henchmen with The Joker wild carded to the Batman Enemy Team Ability. We’re sure you’ll make them die with laughter! Also, with the Sidestep, Psychic Blast, and  Outwit combination, you can potentially move, attack and then counter a power before or after the attack. Say goodbye to someone’s pesky Invincible and see who gets the last laugh!

On click 5 through the end of his dial, The Joker changes to Blades/Claws/Fangs. That’s because sometimes he likes to tell his jokes in a more intimate setting. He also gains the special power I’ll Test Your Code that allows you to give The Joker a free action and choose an opposing character within range and line of fire. Until your next turn, if that character makes an attack, it may only target The Joker.

For his last 2 clicks, The Joker possesses Mastermind. This is the time to make sure your henchmen are close by so that they can be the punchline of The Joker’s Mastermind, and they can use their special Poison power Joker Says I’m Expendable. 

For 300 points you can make a theme team with the keyword Gotham City Underworld with The Joker and 4 of The Joker Thugs. The thugs can provide a valuable theme prob and most likely use Willpower when they push to do so. Push The Joker into his higher attack values to share his wild-carded attack value with The Joker Thugs, because if you don’t, the jokes on you.

That’s the end of this preview, but turn that frown upside-down because there will be another preview soon!