Marvel HeroClix: The Uncanny X-Men

Marvel HeroClix: All-New X-Men Fast Forces – Part 2

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome to Part Two of our preview of the Marvel HeroClix: All-New X-Men Fast Forces Pack which coincides with the Marvel HeroClix:Uncanny X-Men set available in 5-figure booster packs.

As we stated last time in the Marvel HeroClix: All-New X-Men Fast Forces – Part 1 article, all the figures in this Fast Forces come in at a svelte 50 points; easy for team building with a wide range of options.  All five of the original X-Men are represented and have the All New X-Men and Past keywords, the X-Men team ability and a trait; Time Locked, that prevents opposing characters from using Probability Control on attack rolls either made by or targeting themselves.

Continuing with the classic X-Men line up we have the telekinetically powered Jean Grey.

Marvel HeroClix: All-New X-Men Fast Forces- Jean Grey

Jean starts off with Willpower and a special attack power Coordinated Movement that lets her use Telekinesis normally, but also as a free action if she has no action tokens.  So, when she has no action tokens, she can potentially use Telekinesis twice– once as a free action then again as a power action.  This means she can reposition two friendly characters, make two different object attacks, attempt to reposition two opposing character— or any combination of these effects. A few clicks down she switches over to Super Senses and regular Telekinesis.

Completing the original five X-Men we have Iceman, who has a very straight forward dial design with no special powers or abilities aside from the Time Locked trait. Iceman has nearly a full dial of Sidestep to stay in motion as a free action and starts off as a competent ranged attacker with Energy Explosion to make the most out of his 6 range with two targets.  His utility shifts a little when he goes from Toughness to Barrier on defense and picks up Precision Strike in place of Energy Explosion.

 Marvel HeroClix: All-New X-Men Fast Forces - Iceman

The 6th and final figure in the All-New X-Men Fast Forces is a present day ally the team picked up on their travels through time to meet their future selves, X-23.

 Marvel HeroClix: All-New X-Men Fast Forces - X-23

Though she retains the X-Men team ability and the All-New X-Men keyword, X-23 lacks the Past keyword like her teammates, but gains Circle of Four, Weapon X, X-Force, and X-Men.  She also does not have the Time Locked trait but she does have Improved Movement: Ignore Hindering Terrain and the trait Let ‘em Bleed; when she damages an opposing character with a close attack you can attach the Slash marker to that character and they take 1 penetrating damage whenever they are given an action token, removing the Slash marker whenever the recipient heals or clears action tokens. Looking at her dial, she starts off ready to get into the fight with Charge, Blades/Claws/Fangs with a high attack value, and Toughness that is replaced with Combat Reflexes for the next two clicks.  Late dial she needs to step back and lick her wounds, so she has Stealth and Regeneration but still can be a close combat threat with Exploit Weakness.

Now let’s get to some team building and strategy.

Each of the figures in the  Marvel HeroClix: All-New X-Men Fast Forces Pack has a point value of 50 so all 6 can be included on a standard 300 point team.

50    Cyclops
50    Beast
50    Angel
50    Jean Grey
50    Iceman
50    X-23
All-New X-Men named themed team
+6 to map roll initiative, 3 uses of Themed Team Probability Control

This team makes up for any lack in durability with sheer volume of actions and options.  With 6 characters on your force you should be making use of all 3 of your actions a turn, and even more if you succeed with CyclopsLeadership rolls.  You will probably want to choose a map with lots of open space and clear lines of fire to make the most of Jean Grey’s TelekinesisJean Grey can move up half of your team with Telekinesis, and Angel can carry Jean to keep her close to the fight.  After that initial movement you may want to split your team up; have Jean place Cyclops or X-23 and make them ready for attack the same turn while Angel can swoop in and place Beast adjacent to an opponent and force that free attack for himself or a friendly to use.

If you need to be a bit more defensive (or perhaps sneaky), you can push Iceman to his Barrier clicks.  This will not only give you some cover but you also may be able to make use of Cyclops’ Force Blast powers to knock opposing characters back into Bobby’s Barrier markers.

Between the sheer volume of characters, beguilingly simple dial designs, preventing the use of an opposing character’s Probability Control, and having their own Probability Control access, this team can do so many things in one turn it will make your mutant-loving head spin.

That’s all for today, HeroClix fans!  Remember to sign in or sign up on the WizKids Info Network to find local tournaments, including the Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men Pre-release tournaments at select venues.

Until next time, you miss all the attacks you don’t make, so keep those dice rolling!


Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-Men Preview

Marvel HeroClix Wolverine & the X-Men: X-Man!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we bring you another exciting preview from the most X-cellent upcoming set, Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-MenToday’s preview is an alternate reality version of Cable, brought to our world at the end of Age of Apocalypse.   A member of the most recent team of New Mutants; he is Nate Grey, X-Man!


X-Man has two traits.  The first is called I Don’t Really Belong in This World and makes up for his lack of printed team ability by making him a wild card.  This trait also gives X-Man the option to take a free action to copy an opposing figure’s team ability instead.  His second trait helps represent that he was one of the most powerful mutants in the AOA universe by allowing him to alter a standard power to his level of power.  TK Prodigy allows X-Man to use Telekinesis, replacing all instances of “8 squares” with “12 squares.”  Also, when he uses his Telekinesis to place an opposing character, if the attack is successful and the character is placed adjacent to blocking terrain or walls, that character is dealt 2 penetrating damage after actions resolve.

X-Man can be played at two point levels, 287 points, to represent the one man army he is, or a slightly more team friendly 175 points, giving him room for support to back up his still formidable might.   At his 278 point line, X-Man begins play taking the fight to most opposing figures with his 12 movement and Hypersonic Speed.  If a little more reach is needed, he also has a printed 8 range with 2 targets to get an additional 4 squares of targeting.  Protecting him from the inevitable counter attack are a couple opening clicks of Invincible.  A run of Probability Control will allow X-Man to manipulate die rolls to his advantage.  A couple clicks in; X-Man changes tactics a bit as he now has Running Shot to offer mobility while making range combat attacks.  Penetrating/ Psychic Blast will allow him to ignore opposing damage reducers.   At this point, X-Man sees a click of a defensive special power called Psionic Shields, allowing him to use Barrier and Energy Shield/ Deflection.   Additionally, when this power is revealed, X-Man can use Barrier as a free action, once actions have resolved.

At this point in his dial,  X-Man has his 175 point starting line, where he will continue on with both Running Shot and Penetrating/ Psychic Blast, now with a click of Invulnerability to give him some damage reduction.  At this point, X-Man switches things up a bit as he now has couple clicks of Mind Control, allowing him to use your opponent’s figures against him.   He also gains a good length run of another special power called Telekinetic Fury, which allows him to be given a free action at the beginning of your turn to knock back all opposing figures within range 1 square, no attack roll required.  This can create the space X-Man needs to make a range attack, or to use Support to heal an adjacent friendly figure.   Defensively, a click of Psionic Shields is here before switching back to a few clicks of Invulnerability. 

Getting near the end of his dial, X-Man reaches his lowest combat values, including a 16 defense and his only 9 attack, before ramping back up to his end dial.  To help offset his “low” defensive values, he now has Shape Change to try and avoid attacks, while Invulnerability will still reduce damage.   Telekinetic Fury still gives him the ability to move opposing figures around as a free action.   End dial, Invincible will again halve the damage dealt to him, and when Shape Change is done protecting him, a closing click of Probability Control will again allow him to force rerolls.  Offensively, Pulse Wave does 1 click of damage to every opposing figure within 4 squares, or allows him to deal 5 clicks of damage to one target.  Another click each of Running Shot and Hypersonic Speed will round out the last two clicks of his dial.

X-Man can be played in theme utilizing his Brotherhood of Mutants, Future, or New Mutants keywords.  No matter how you choose to play him, his strong combat values and aggressive power set will bring a powerful heavy hitter to your force.

Thanks for joining us for our latest Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine and the X-Men preview.  Wolverine and the X-Men is due out later this summer, but be sure to check back with us next week as we spotlight our first Team Base from this X-citing HeroClix release! Until then, keep your Clix off their K.O.’s and have a great weekend!

Marvel HeroClix 10th Anniversary Preview

From The X-Men to Cosmic Force of Nature: Marvel Girl and Dark Phoenix!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Our series of previews continues for the Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary set with a visit to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning (formerly the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning) as we spotlight the school’s namesake.  Please welcome one of Professor Charles Xavier’s original students, Marvel Girl!

As a charter member of the very first HeroClix set, Infinity Challenge, the 10th Anniversary incarnation of Marvel Girl pays homage to her original appearance in the game.  Marvel Girl comes into play at 54 points and has the X-Factor and X-Men keywords, along with the X-Men team ability.

Marvel Girl begins her dial with Telekinesis on each of her five clicks.  She also has a full run of Energy Shield/Deflection to show her defensive use of TK.  On Marvel Girl’s first click she has Support to heal any teammates who need help.  At the end of her dial, Marvel Girl gains Mind Control as she mentally nudges opposing characters into doing her bidding.

Like other characters in the Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary set, Marvel Girl has a Battlefield Promotion trait that allows her to be replaced with a Modern Age version of herself.  With the Battlefield Promotion: Dark Phoenix trait, when Marvel Girl hits one or more opposing characters, place a Promotion Token on her character card after actions resolve.  When Marvel Girl is KO’d, you may then roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled and add 1 for each Promotion Token on her character card.  If the result is 8 or higher, you may replace her with #021 Dark Phoenix on her yellow starting line.  On a result of 10 or higher, the replaced character begins on the blue starting line.  If you roll a six and the result is 12 or more, Dark Phoenix begins on the green starting line.

The cosmic entity known as Dark Phoenix can be played at 300, 200, and 100 points.  Dark Phoenix’s 200-point starting line is on click four.  Her 100-point starting line is on click seven.  Regardless of where she starts, Dark Phoenix has a range of 10 and can target three characters with her ranged attacks.  She also has a trait, The Darkness Within, which lets her use Super Senses but she only evades attacks on a result of 6.  In addition, when Dark Phoenix KO’s an opposing figure you may heal her of 1 damage.

Dark Phoenix is fire and life incarnate and therefore begins her dial with Hypersonic Speed in her movement slot.  She then switches to two clicks of Running Shot that announce her status as a space-born entity!  This series of powers repeats itself on clicks four to six.  On click seven, the cycle reverses itself as Dark Phoenix retains Running Shot for two clicks and follows up with a click of Hypersonic Speed.  On Dark Phoenix’s last click, she gains Earthbound/Neutralized as she realizes the end is near.

When the Phoenix Force took control of Jean Grey’s body, it amplified the powers Marvel Girl already possessed and introduced some new ones.  Dark Phoenix begins her attack slot with a click of a special power, Jean’s Not Here Anymore, which allows her to use Pulse Wave and Telekinesis and represents this boost in offensive abilities.  Jean’s Not Here Anymore also appears on her fifth, seventh, eighth, and tenth clicks.  On Dark Phoenix’s second and fourth clicks she revels in the rapture of destruction (Energy Explosion) she has brought upon her enemies.  On Dark Phoenix’s last click, her Marvel Girl persona regains control and is represented via Telekinesis.

In Dark Phoenix’s damage slot, she picks up Outwit on her second click.  Outwit also appears on her fifth, seventh, and eighth clicks.  On her last click, Dark Phoenix gains Battle Fury as the Phoenix Force struggles with Marvel Girl for control of the host body.

Defensively, Dark Phoenix begins with two clicks of Impervious, then follows with a pair of Invulnerability clicks.  That’s followed by two clicks of Toughness.  At the halfway point of Dark Phoenix’s dial, two more clicks of Invulnerability appear, followed by another pair of Impervious clicks.  A special power, My Sacrifice Saves You All, appears on Dark Phoenix’s last click.  When this special power is revealed, stop turning the dial.  Dark Phoenix can’t use Super Senses.  When she takes damage, heal all other friendly characters that share a keyword with Dark Phoenix of 2 damage.

Dark Phoenix has the Cosmic, Deity, and X-Men keywords and the Power Cosmic team ability.  She can be a force of one on her 300-point level but leaves some room for teammates on her 200- and 100-point incarnations.  Dark Phoenix is also a Unique, as noted by the silver ring around her base and on her character card, so only one may be added to your force.

That’s all we have today!  Join us for our next Marvel HeroClix: 10th Anniversary preview as we visit with another member of the X-Men who has been worshipped as a deity.  Until then, keep on Clixing!