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Infinity Gauntlet Month 8 Shipment Update



Greetings HeroClix Retailers and Supporters!

We wanted to touch base with our stores and players participating in the Infinity Gauntlet Storyline Organized Play program and let everyone know that some stores may experience a slight delay in the receipt of their Month 8 Infinity Gauntlet kits due to a shipping issue on WizKids Games’ part .  As a result, while most U.S. stores will receive their kits on time  some U.S stores may receive their kits as late as August 1st, 2012.  International stores, including Canada, may be later in the month.  Please contact your local sales rep to best determine when you can expect your Month 8 kit, as well as schedule your final Infinity Gauntlet event accordingly.

We apologize for any inconvenience that may result, and thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm as we conclude the Infinity Gauntlet Storyline Organized Play series. Clix on everyone!


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Important WizKids Event System Update! Report Your Events Now!

Greetings Retailers and HeroClix Enthusiasts!

As we enter the third month of the Infinity Gauntlet Organized Play events, we are happy to report that this exciting tournament series continues to take the worldwide HeroClix scene by storm! Many of you continue to use the WizKids Event System to  schedule your Infinity Gauntlet events using the pre-generated templates, and we want to take a moment to remind you that all Infinity Gauntlet event templates have been fully uploaded into  the WES.

One question we’ve received from stores and players alike is “When will WizKids activate Event Reporting?” Well, we’re pleased to say that time is now! Ready to see the system in action? Let’s start with a pic of the Store Event Home page (click on image to enlarge):

Find the event you wish to run and report in your store’s Event list and select it by clicking on it (it’s important to note that sometimes you may have to select view “Past Events” on the dropdown menu if the event you want to report has already occurred).  This will bring you to a screen that looks like this  (click on image to enlarge):

One nw thing you’ll notice is the inclusion of a “Report Event” button on this screen, but before we get to that let’s add our players to the event using the “Add Player” button first (found by the Event Participants list).

When we click on the “Add Player” button, we re brought to this screen (click on image to enlarge):

On this screen we can search for players in the WizKids Event System database (as seen above).  Here we’ve entered part of the user name and found him.  We can now click on “Add to Event” to sign that player up.  If the participant is a new player and hasn’t registered in the WizKids Event System, you can register that player yourself! Simply fill in the new player’s information as you see here (click on image to enlarge):

Once you’ve filled in the player’s information, click on the “Create” button.  A username will be automatically generated (or it can be created now).  IMPORTANT: In order to set the password for this new account, the username and email address will be needed.  Repeat these steps as necessary until you have all of the participating players listed (like the screen below – click on image below to enlarge):

Occassionally you may have players listed that did not attend the event (they may have registered but failed to show for example).  Any players that are not present should be removed from the event by clicking the X next to their name. Once your player list is correct, click the “Report Event” button.  Once you do so you will be brought to this screen (click on image to enlarge):

Now click on the red button entitled “Seat Swiss” and your players will automatically be paired for you! (click on image below to enlarge)

After clicking on the “Seat Swiss” button, you’ll notice that one player was given the Bye, and everyone else was randomly seated with opponents.  Now play for Round One can begin!

As events complete, enter the score in the appropriate text box (click on image below to enlarge):

Notice that the check box to the left of the winner is automatically checked (but it can be overridden if necessary as there are some HeroClix scenarios where the person with less points actually wins the match). Once all scores are entered (including any for the Bye player), click the >> button to go to the next round.

PLEASE NOTE: The Save button can be clicked at any time so that this information is not lost.  If you close this window without saving, your information will be lost. By clicking save, you send the information to the database and it will still be there (on a different browser, a different machine, etc.) if you should close the window and/or return to finish at a later time.

Now, before we seat Round Two, let’s say our player, Klauss, has dropped himself from the event. We change the “Send Player To” button to “Drop” and then click on Klaus (click on image below to enlarge):

Once you drop Klaus from the event, we can now see him in the Dropped area (click on image below to enlarge):

Now that we’re ready to begin Round Two, let’s click on the “Set Swiss” button again and pair our players! (click on image below to enlarge)

Please note that as we enter Round Two of your event, we can see the current player standings to the right of the screen.  We continue this process for each round of your tournament and until we have a clear winner  (click on image below to enlarge):

After playing 3 rounds, we have a clear winner. Now it’s time to click the “Finalize” button (click on image below to enlarge):

 On the Finalization screen, one can review all of the previous rounds to make sure the games player were reported correctly. If something is wrong, simply click on the round number to go to that round, make the correction, and then click “Finalize” to return to this screen to review again.

  • Note that the winner of the event displays as read only. If an event has 2 players with the same “best” record, this will be a drop down list that will allow the judge to indicate who the winner was (among players with the best record).
  • Fellowship is available to any player that is not the winner of the event.
  • Once fellowship has been selected, click “Finalize”, and you’re done!

After events have been reported, you can see the results on the event screen (click on image below to enlarge):

Now your event has been completed and reported! Repeat this process for all of your events for easy tournament management, and continue to register your events to ensure maximum player attendance at your events!

Thank you everyone for your continued support of WizKids Games and HeroClix.   The Infinity Gauntlet has been an incredible way to start  the year and it’s not over yet! Schedule your events and fight it out for the greatest prize in the Marvel Universe!

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Important Infinity Gauntlet Organized Play Series Update!


Greetings Retailers and HeroClix Enthusiasts!

As you read this we are making an important update to the Infinity Gauntlet OP series that affects everyone!

When we first envisioned the Infinity Gauntlet event series, we expected that offering the kits at the beginning of their respective months was the best way to proceed in order to ensure an even footing for all.  However, what sometimes looks good on paper leaves a little to be desired when actually executed.  Essential feedback from you, our retailers and players, has demonstrated a clear need for us to re-evaluate the Infinity Gauntlet prize kits’ shipping schedules.

With that in mind, we are very happy to announce that Infinity Gauntlet prize kits will now be shipping the last week of each month, for events scheduled the following month! Starting this month, April’s Infinity Gauntlet’s OP kits will begin shipping to stores on March 28th, 2012.  Now stores will be able to schedule their Infinity Gauntlet events anytime during the repsective month and feel confident that they will have the necessary elements for their tournaments!

The new Infinity Gauntlet OP kit shipping schedule is as follows:

IG OP Kit 4 – April 2012 Kit: Releases 28 March 2012

IG OP Kit 5 – May 2012 Kit: Releases 25 April 2012

IG OP Kit 6 – June 2012 Kit: Releases 30 May 2012

IG OP Kit 7 – July 2012 Kit: Releases 27 June 2012

IG OP Kit 8 – August 2012 Kit: Releases 25 July 2012

As always, thank you to all of our stores and players for your continued support, dedication, and feedback.

Announcements Heroclix Infinity Gauntlet Retailers WizKids Event System

Important Infinity Gauntlet and WizKids Event System Update!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Happy New Year of the Dragon! We are pleased to share with you that the Infinity Gauntlet Organized Play program has taken the worldwide HeroClix scene by storm! With January 2012 soon coming to a close, we wanted to share with you all some exciting information!

Many of you have availed yourselves to the WizKids Event System to schedule your Infinity Gauntlet events using the pre-generated templates for Months One and Two, and we are pleased to announce that all Infinity Gauntlet event templates have been fully uploaded into the WES.  That’s right, you can now schedule your Infinity Gauntlet Months Two through Eight events now using our recommended event templates.

Of course, Venues are still free to digress from our recommended templates and schedule their own Infinity Gauntlet event ideas but we wanted to let everyone know they had the option!

One thing eagle-eyed Venues and players will notice is that we’ve re-branded the summer Marvel HeroClix release.  Formerly announced as Mighty Avengers, our summer Marvel HeroClix set will now be known as Marvel HeroClix: Chaos War.  Chaos War will be the third Marvel HeroClix installment of the Infinity Gauntlet Organized Play program, and we will have more information in the weeks and months to come.

Last but not least, we wanted to officially share with you all what you’ll be fighting for in February during your Infinity Gauntlet Month Two events! We are happy to share with you all The In-Betweener!

The In-Betweener is the competitive prize for the Month Two Infinity Gauntlet events.  The participation prize for February Infinity Gauntlet events is the Soul Gem!

Many of you have also inquired when we will turn on Event Reporting in the WES.  Our current plan is to activate this feature in mid- to late-February so stay tuned! In the meantime, please continue to register and schedule your events and attendance and we will be sure to announce when EVent registration will go live officially!

Thank you everyone for your continued support of WizKids Games and HeroClix.  The Infinity Gauntlet has been an incredible way to start the year and it’s not over yet! Schedule your events and fight it out for the greatest prize in the Marvel Universe!

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Some Friday Updates And a Sneak Peek at the New Guy’s Desk!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

There are a lot of really exciting things happening here at WizKids/NECA and we thought we’d take a moment to share some of the buzz with you all.

Infinity Gauntlet

Many of you have certainly heard of the newest addition to Organized Play but for those who may not have, the Infinity Gauntlet is a special OP program that will arc over three separate Marvel HeroClix releases! Beginning in January of 2012, the Infinity Gauntlet will be a once-monthly event concluding in August 2012 and will offer players the opportunity to win prizes never before offered in HeroClix, including the Infinity Gauntlet itself!

Each month players will receive a participation prize and play to win one of the competitive prizes offered.  Month one starts this OP series off with a bang as the competitive prize is the Adam Warlock with the Infinity Gauntlet limited edition figure, and the participation prize is none other than the Infinity Gauntlet itself! The Infnity Gauntlet special object confers various powers upon its wielder even without the Gems, and for a mere 15 points it offers front loaded Telekinesis for your force!

Subsequent months will offer the various Infinity Gems as participation prizes as well as more cosmic entities (such as the Elders of the Universe!) as competitive prizes.  Play every month and you will be able to build a fully powered Infinity Gauntlet to use in your games!

Even better, while the Infinity Gauntlet OP series will arc over the Incredible HulkGalactic Guardians, and Mighty Avengers, each release will continue to enjoy its own OP series as well! That’s right, each month as you count down the days until the next Infinity Gauntlet event, you will still be able to participate in standard Organized Play as well! Once event scheduling is turned on in our system, your registered Venue will be able to post all of its events online for easy tracking and store location!

More details can be found on the Infinity Gauntlet website.  Since we announced the program earlier this month, more than 600 Venues worldwide have already registered with us.  Make sure your Venue registers today!Stay tuned as we reveal more in the weeks to come!

HeroClix Supremacy League

There’s been an air of mystery around the HeroClix Supremacy League since it was recently announced at the Alliance Trade Show at Ft Wayne, IN.  The HeroClix Supremacy League is a casual play format for stores that exists outside of standard Organized Play.  Armed with a leaderboard displayed in their Venues, players compete with each other for the center “Top Spot” of the board as they challenge each other for the chance to advance from one ring to the next, making their way from the outside of the board to the inside.

Players on the outer rings of the Supremacy League leaderboard earn “Fight” tokens which they use to challenge a player on the next innermost ring.  If the challenging player succeeds, they exchange places with their defeated opponent.  If the defending player succeeds, they earn the “Fight” token from the challenging player and can then challenge another player themselves! Again, the goal is to fight one’s way to the center spot of the leaderboard, and then once there, defend their position and earn three additional fight tokens.  Once this is accomplished the player in the center spot has won the Supremacy League and a new League can begin!

(Lightning added for dramatic effect!)

The HeroClix Supremacy League is intended to be a fun format where players can engage in a more casual play style, and is not tied to any specific Organized Play program.  The board is designed by Gale Force 9 and is a wonderful way to display to the public that “HeroClix is played here!” when they walk into your Venue, and the prizes included with the Supremacy League leaderboard are none other than the Convention figures announced earlier this year!

That’s right.  When we first announced the Horsemen of Apocalypse (War, Famine, and Pestilence), Moonstone, and Wonder Woman we promised there would be another way for Venues to obtain these highly coveted prizes outside of the 2011 convention circuit.  The HeroClix Supremacy League is that vehicle and we are very pleased with the initial response enjoyed at the recent Ft Wayne show.

We will have more to come regarding the Supremacy League in the weeks to come so stay tuned!

DC FanVote:

The votes are in and we are pleased to announce that Big Barda has won the very first FanVote competition!

With less than one hundred votes between first and third choice, and just over 50 votes separating first and second place, the voting was very, very close in this final round.  Congratulations to all that voted for Big Barda and a big “Thank You” to all who participated!  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we!

Some Guy’s Desk:

Last but not least, while Jerome wasn’t looking the other day we took a picture of his desk.  You can see some figures from Superman, HALO, and perhaps one or two from the upcoming release of the Incredible Hulk (as well as some other goodies)! Eagle-eyed fans may also be able to spot a few easter eggs as well!

Be sure to post your discoveries and guesses on our Facebook page.  That’s all we have for you today, happy HeroClix’ing to you all and best wishes for a great weekend!




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Important Incredible Hulk and Infinity Gauntlet Update!

Greetings HeroClix Fans,

With all of the exciting announcements recently about Infinity Gauntlet and the Incredible Hulk, we wanted to update everyone with the latest news:

Sales for HeroClix continue to exceed all of our expectations, particularly with the recent announcement of the 2012 Infinity Gauntlet. Because of the unprecedented response, WizKids will be reserving an additional 10%-15% of supply that will be available for shipment beginning in January to support event participation.

Please contact your Sales Rep with any questions, and be sure to register your store online! Thank you everyone for your continued support!









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The Infinity Gauntlet

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we are very pleased to announce the official launching of our Infinity Gauntlet webpage here on! We encourge everyone to take a look and peruse all of the incredible information therein.

One thing that everyone should note is that this special Organized Play program is in addition to the standard OP program that accompanies the release of a new set, meaning that the Incredible Hulk, Galactic Guradians, and the Mighty Avengers will all still have their own OP kits! However, because this is a separate arcing OP program, it is important that all retailers pay special attention to both the Requirements and FAQ sections of the Infinity Gauntlet webpage.

Players, be sure to let your venues and stores know that you’re interested in prticipating in this special Organized Play event! Since the Infinity Gauntlet OP program is tied to sales of all three sets (Incredible Hulk, Galactic Guradians, and the Mighty Avengers) you’ll want to be certain that your Venue orders sufficient quantities in order to qualify for participation!

Lastly, be certain your Venue registers on the WizKids Events System as this is the other retailer requirement for participation!

Prepare for the greatest challenge of them all!

The Battle for the Infinity Gauntlet begins in January 2012!