WizKids HeroClix Toy Soldiers Holiday OP

Greetings, HeroClix fans! It’s getting to that time of year again – the air is a little colder, the music a little cheerier, and in some places, we’ve even seen our first snowfall! The holidays are right around the corner, and that means it’s time to take a look at one of our traditional holiday figures that you can win at your friendly local game store’s organized play events! This year, we’re pleased to bring you the Toy Soldier, straight out of Santa’s Workshop!

WizKids HeroClix Toy Soldiers Holiday OP

The Toy Soldier is a 60-point piece, with a range of six squares with one target – he’s also Indomitable, so you can push him without concern. The first thing you’ll notice about the Toy Soldier is the trait, Set Up the Rifle Line. This trait states that at the beginning of your turn, you may choose a row, column, or diagonal that includes Toy Soldier. If the chosen line includes all friendly Wooden Soldier bystanders, place a friendly Wooden Soldier bystander in that line, either adjacent to Toy Soldier or adjacent to another Wooden Soldier bystander. However, you can’t place it if there are already 6 friendly Wooden Soldier bystanders on the map. He also has a second trait called They Won’t Listen!, which states that Toy Soldier and friendly Wooden Soldier bystanders can’t be carried or placed.

One important thing to note with both the Toy Soldier and Wooden Soldier bystander is that both have a 0 movement value, but they possess Sidestep. So, while they’re not instantly mobile, they can both effectively build a wall as well as reposition slightly to protect the rest of your team. The Toy Soldier and Wooden Soldier bystander also have full dials of Toughness, meaning they’ll be able to stick around to protect those behind their wall of wood.  The Toy Solder also has a special power called Rifle Formation Rally which states that Toy Soldier and friendly Wooden Soldier bystanders can use Enhancement, but only to affect other friendly characters named Toy Soldier or Wooden Soldier. And, when they hit with a ranged combat attack, you may add one action to your action total this turn.

Toy Soldiers can be played on Mystical, Santa’s Workshop, Soldier, or Toy themed teams, so the possibilities for using the Snowfall team ability to wildcard onto a beneficial team ability are endless. Use the Mystics team ability, for example, and now every time your Toy Soldiers take damage, they’ll be dealing it right back!

That’s all for today, HeroClix fans! Be sure to visit the WizKids Info Network to find WizKids HeroClix Toy Soldiers Holiday OP events near you.

We wish you nothing but the happiest of holidays, no matter what you celebrate. May the season bring you peace, love, and joy. Until next time, don’t be afraid to push!