HeroClix Rules Addendum- Visible Dials

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Dear HeroClix Players,

The Marvel HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man set is the first HeroClix set to utilize the new design for character cards that feature the stats and powers from that character’s combat dials printed on its character card.  One of the major goals is to provide information for the player that is piloting their character so they can see what is in store for them as they click down their dial.  Please see this article for more information as to the background of why it was implemented:  HeroClix Design Insight- Visible Dials.

The combat dial information is printed on the back of the card to keep the combat dial information hidden from your opponent. As indicated in the original article, we would require new rules to be made in order to keep the combat dial information a secret from opposing players while still allowing opposing players to see the rest of the information contained on the character’s card (which is public information).  Below are new rules that take effect immediately and will be added to the next edition of the HeroClix Core Rules as well as Tournament Rules:

HeroClix Core Rulebook Addendum- Character Cards with Visible Dials

Some game elements will have the information that is contained on their combat dial printed on their cards.  When using such a card, the face of the card with the combat dial information (typically the back face of the card) is only able to be viewed by the game element’s owner.  An opponent may view any other face of the card (including the interior faces on a fold-out card).

Official HeroClix Tournament Rules Addendum- Character Cards with Visible Dials

A player may ask to view another player’s card at any time but may never view the face of the card that contains the combat dial information.  If the player flips over a card to the face of the card containing the combat dial information a penalty may be given to the player at the judge’s discretion.  This may be a warning, game loss, disqualification, or another form of penalty depending on severity of the infraction and if the player has been given previous warnings/penalties for the same infraction.

In addition to and related to the above, the following rules regarding the Sideline are effective immediately for the HeroClix Core Rules and Tournament Rules. This addition is intended to keep the Sideline limited to elements that have a distinct purpose in a team build and to prevent the Sideline from being used as a “library” of figures for intent of being able to have access to their combat dial information.

HeroClix Core Rulebook Addendum- Sideline

A game element can only be added to your Sideline if there is a game effect on your force that can make use of that game element.

Official HeroClix Tournament Rules Addendum- Sideline

If a game element is on a Sideline and there is no game effect on that player’s force that can make use of that game element, the player must remove the game element from their Sideline. A penalty may be given to that player at the judge’s discretion.

We hope you enjoy the new Marvel HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man set and we look forward to all of the exciting new sets to come!


– The WizKids Team

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HeroClix Watch List — Q2 2015

The HeroClix Watch List is a mechanism by which we will communicate our intent to review elements of our games that may require refinement. This allows us to respond to elements that take away from the dynamic and exciting gameplay the HeroClix system has to offer.

The following figures/game elements are being added to the Watch List.

  • Felix Faust (WK #D-027)
  • Dr. Strange (WK #M-028)
  • Scarlet Witch (WK #M15-006)
  • Power Battery (Orange Lantern Corps) (WOL #R-103)
  • Power Battery (Sinestro Corps) (WOL #R-105)
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Important Marvel Heroclix: Captain America The Winter Soldier Starter Announcement



Greetings HeroClix Fans,

As you probably already know, Marvel HeroClix: Captain America – The Winter Soldier product released today and all stores should have product.

It was just brought to our attention that the Marvel HeroClix: Captain America – The Winter Soldier Starter (item #71420) is missing the 2014 HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card, a key component to HeroClix starter products.  In response, we will  be providing physical 2014 Powers and Abilities Cards in the near-future for distribution through standard channels.  More details to come very soon.

In the meantime, we have made the 2014 Powers and Abilities Card available on our HeroClix Rules page as a short-term solution while we work to provide the physical copies to stores.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you all for your continued support.

Thank you,
The WizKids Team